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Little Snitch 4.0.1 Mac

防火牆保護您的計算機免受來自 Internet 的不需要的訪客的侵害。但誰保護您的私人數據不被發送出去?小飛賊做!

當程序試圖建立一個傳出互聯網連接時,Little Snitch 會通知你。然後,您可以選擇允許或拒絕此連接,也可以定義規則來處理類似的未來連接嘗試。這可靠地防止在您不知情的情況下發送私人數據。 Little Snitch for Mac 在後台運行不顯眼,還可以檢測網絡相關活動的病毒,木馬等惡意軟件.


靜音模式– 稍後再決定

Research Assistant
您是否曾想知道為什麼您突然想要連接到 Internet 上的某個服務器之前,您從來沒有聽說過某個進程?研究助理可以幫助你找到答案。研究助理數據庫只需點擊一下研究按鈕即可匿名索取當前連接的附加信息.


小流氓不僅顯示任何傳出的網絡連接嘗試,以確保敏感的數據不會未經您的同意離開您的計算機。 Little Snitch 中的入站防火牆為您提供了與傳入連接相同級別的控制.

注意:需要 64 位處理器。演示運行三個小時,並且可以隨時重新啟動。網絡監視器 30 天后過期.

檔案版本 Little Snitch 4.0.1
檔案名稱 LittleSnitch-4.0.1.dmg
檔案大小 47.08 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Objective Development Software GmbH
軟體類型 2017-07-25

What's new in this version:

General Improvements:
- Improved TouchBar support
- Improved handling of FTP connections
- Improved upgrade from version 3 to preserve an active Silent Deny Mode
- Domains and search-domains that are explicitly configured in macOS System Preferences > Network Preferences > Advanced > DNS are now considered
- Fixed some spelling errors, improved wording and localization
- Fixed a crash of Little Snitch Agent when turning off the Network Monitor while Silent Mode was active
- Fixed an issue when creating a new rule or profile in Little Snitch Configuration while the Known Networks window was open
- Fixed a possible kernel panic
- Many minor bug fixes

Connection Alert:
- The connection alert now shows a warning when the connecting application is affected by Gatekeeper Path Randomization (which indicates that the app was not correctly installed)
- The alert now also shows a plain text representation of internationalized domain names containing special characters which require encoding; this makes it possible to identify homograph domain name attacks
- It’s now possible to get the port and protocol specific option preselected in the connection alert (See Little Snitch Configuration > Preferences > Alert)
- The connection alert now allows to create rules for an entire Content Delivery Network domain
- Fixed the ordering of minimized alerts: When maximizing the alert, the last minimized alert is opened first

Menu-Bar Icon:
- Improved indication of active silent mode in menu bar
- The menu bar icon is now always shown while “Silent Mode — Deny Connections” is active, regardless of the “Show status in menu bar” preference option

Network Monitor:
- Added preferences option to show the Network Monitor when the mouse hovers the menu bar icon
- Added “Help” menu item
- Improved Top Countries summary statistics in Connection Inspector
- Fixed a bug where Network Monitor became unresponsive when Little Snitch Daemon crashed
- Fixed an issue causing Network Monitor to start with an empty list instead of showing the stored previous connections

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