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LogMeIn Pro Mac

LogMeIn Pro for Mac 是一款出色的 macOS 遠程訪問工具,適用於那些希望隨時隨地以低廉的價格訪問其辦公計算機的用戶。使用 LogMeIn Pro for macOS,您可以從瀏覽器,台式機和移動設備快速輕鬆地訪問 PC 或 Mac,就像坐在電腦前一樣。一次可以在兩個地方自由!

除了遠程訪問之外,文件傳輸,文件共享,遠程打印和遠程聲音等高級功能還可以使您無論身在何處都能保持聯繫並保持高效。訪問您的所有文件,並使用 LogMeIn 與其他人共享。無需防火牆,路由器或代理配置。為了獲得更快的體驗,LogMeIn Pro 提供了一個桌面應用程序,因此您可以在沒有 Web 瀏覽器的情況下快速連接到遠程計算機。

LogMeIn 的遠程訪問和高級功能在 iOS,Android 和 Windows 設備上也可用。只需免費下載 4 星 LogMeIn 應用即可將計算機連接到手機或平板電腦。擁有對遠程計算機的完全訪問權限,您可以隨時隨地從 iPad / iPhone 使用 PC / Mac 應用程序,甚至包括專有業務應用程序。




快速,輕鬆地訪問從 Web 瀏覽器,台式機或 iOS 和 Android 設備訪問 PC 或 Mac。



免費訪問 LastPass 將所有帳戶存儲在安全的密碼庫中。

1TB 文件存儲


在本地屏幕上查看 1:1 呈現的多個遠程顯示器

注意:30 天試用版

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 LogMeIn Pro

檔案版本 LogMeIn Pro
檔案名稱 LogMeInInstallerMAC.zip
檔案大小 16.5 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 LogMeIn Inc
更新日期 https://www.logmein.com/pro
軟體類型 2020-02-20

What's new in this version:

LogMeIn Pro
- Improved Event Viewer filters on the Dashboard to easily include and exclude rules
- The MSI installer now has a nomirrordrv option to disable the installation of the mirror driver
- A notification is no longer displayed now when you turn off LogMeIn Antivirus in the local console

- On macOS, the LogMeIn Client App was not properly removed when you closed the client after remote control, which caused the next remote control attempt to fail
- Fixed a connection issue between LogMeIn Antivirus and the LogMeIn host when updating the Antivirus engine
- The LogMeIn Client App closed unexpectedly when you tried to log in with Duo SSO
- On macOS, when entering your email address to sign in to the Client App, in some cases the @ character was replaced by %40

LogMeIn Pro
- macOS 10.15 (Catalina) is now fully supported

- For Windows, the host software is now compatible with the upcoming feature that will allow LogMeIn Central Premier users to deploy LogMeIn Antivirus to Windows hosts
- Cryptographic protocol enhancements (OpenSSL 1.0.2q)

- Fixed an issue when taking remote control of a macOS Mojave host that caused the host screen to display incorrectly
- Fixed an issue when taking control of hosts from a macOS Mojave client that caused the options menu to stop displaying correctly
- Fixed an issue when taking control of hosts with touch capabilities that caused the touch capabilities to stop working.
- Fixed an issue with the chat functionality during remote control
- Fixed an issue with alerts that caused CPU and Memory alerts to trigger prematurely
- Fixed an issue that caused the LogMeIn Client App to stop working when trying to check for updates.
- Fixed an issue on the LogMeIn Client App that caused the chat and command prompt options to stop working

LogMeIn 4.1.9795
- OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) is no longer supported
- macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is now fully supported
- Cryptographic protocol enhancements (OpenSSL 1.0.2p)

- Fixed an issue in the LogMeIn Client App for Mac that caused the screen to blank when exiting full-screen mode
- Fixed display issues when taking remote control of hosts with 4k screens
- Fixed an issue with the LogMeIn Control Panel crashing when opened

LogMeIn 4.1.9593
- The LogMeIn Central website can now be opened from the LogMeIn Client App
- A new report for Remote Control sessions is now available
- Improved remote control speed and quality for LogMeIn Central Basic
- LogMeIn Central Basic customers can now copy and paste between host and client computers
- LogMeIn no longer supports TLS 1.0/1.1
- Other Security Improvements

- Fixed an issue in the LogMeIn Client app that caused an error message to appear when opening the Main Menu
- Fixed an issue that prevented the host computer from restarting when a LogMeIn application was open
- Fixed an issue that prevented LogMeIn from pushing Windows Updates to computers that are in a domain
- Fixed an issue that prevented the host screen from blanking on Windows computers

LogMeIn 4.1.9399
- The version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business that is packaged with LogMeIn is updated to version 11
- Updated the Application Updates feature to better conform with GDPR compliance

- Fixed an issue during installation that caused the LogMeIn .msi installer to lock local Windows user accounts
- Fixed an issue that blocked the ability to copy and paste files between Windows hosts and Windows clients
- Fixed an issue on the LogMeIn Client app for Mac that allowed a user to take remote control of hosts after the user logged out
- Fixed an issue that prevented the LogMeIn software from installing on hosts running the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update operating system
- Fixed an issue when taking remote control of a Windows host from a Mac client that stopped the magnifier from refreshing in real time

LogMeIn 4.1.9313
- An indicator is displayed on the host screen when View Monitor (HTML5) is being used during a remote session
- In OpenSSL, removed medium and lower ciphers

- Fixed a logging issue with the Internet Explorer plugin
- Fixed an issue that stopped Windows 7 hosts from appearing on the Computers tab
- Stability improvements when restarting the LogMeIn host software
- On the Anti-virus tab, added available actions for Webroot anti-virus software installed on hosts

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