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install4j 9.0.5 Mac

Lyn for Mac 是為攝影師,圖形設計師和網頁設計師設計的輕量級,快速的 Mac OS X 瀏覽器和瀏覽器.

Lyn 提供了一個非常靈活和美觀的界面,提供了一個易於使用的地理標記技術,圖像編輯和共享的完整解決方案你的照片。

Lyn for macOS 原生支持所有流行的圖像格式,如 JPEG,TIFF,JPEG 2000,PNG,TGA,RAW,HDR,OpenEXR,PPM,動畫 GIF 和 Mac OS X 支持的任何其他圖像格式。它還集成了一個電影播放器攝像機錄製.


Lyn for Mac 功能:
瀏覽器 - 具有用戶可配置預設的四個預定義視圖無損編輯 - 更改以特殊屬性記錄,直到保存分享 - 在 Facebook,Flickr,Dropbox,SmugMug,500px 和 Picasa 網絡相冊上共享您的圖像兼容性 - 探索 Aperture,iPhoto 和 Lightroom 庫 FullScreen - 在完全沉浸式環境中瀏覽,查看,比較圖像或使用音樂開始幻燈片放映元數據 - 檢查員與廣泛的信息和 IPTC 領域的編輯地圖 - 地理標記您的照片和編輯位置用一個簡單的拖放顏色校正 - 顯示圖像具有正確的配置文件和軟打樣功能編輯 - 專用檢查器顏色編輯:直方圖,曝光,B& W,棕褐色,小插曲,和更多!視頻 - 集成的 QuickTime 電影播放器!智能文件夾 - 創建您的個性化搜索文件夾!注:15 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 install4j 9.0.5
檔案名稱 install4j_macos_9_0_5.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7.4 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Mirko Viviani
軟體類型 2021-09-14

What's new in this version:

- Added a JDK provider for Adoptium. This is now the default JDK provider
- Added an option to collect file association actions for macOS installer media files at compile-time on the "Executable info->macOS options" step of the launcher wizard. This is required on the ARM architecture where the Info.plist file cannot be modified after the installation. This will become the default behavior in install4j 10.

- Regression in 9.0.3: Leading or trailing spaces in the default launcher arguments produced empty arguments
- Regression in 9.0: Blocking in-process launcher integrations did not set the Look and Feel anymore
- Regression in 9.0: The "Insert variables" action in editors did not work in contexts where i18n messages are not supported
- Regression in 9.0: If no JRE bundle and no maximum Java version was configured, the minimum Java version was incorrectly used as the maximum version
- Regression in 9.0: Windows installers did not work with IBM 9+ JREs
- "Load a response file" and "Create a response file" actions: The variable selection in the edit dialog of properties for excluded variables inserted the replacement syntax instead of the variable names
- "Create a file association" action: Compiler variables were not supported in the "Icon file for macOS" property
- Empty directories in the distribution tree with an uninstall policy "Never" were deleted by the uninstaller
- Fixed a StackOverflowException in the communication with the elevated helper process
- macOS: The configured native library directories had no effect for command line launchers
- macOS: JAR files with an & in their file name did not work
- MSI installers: Temporary files were not always deleted
- MSI installers: Starting an already installed per-machine installation again did not work as expected
- RPM archives: Signed RPMs were considered source packages by older RPM releases

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