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MacFamilyTree 10.1.1 Mac

MacFamilyTree 對家譜進行了翻新:現代,交互式,方便,快捷。在世代相傳之前,先探索一下您的家譜和家族史。該應用程序可幫助您記錄您的家族史,並將數據和事實轉化為結論性報告和直觀的圖表。探索您的個人家族史並發現您的起源!

MacFamilyTree 提供了多種選擇,可以捕獲和直觀顯示您的家族史。現在,無論您要如何說明家庭關係,該工具都能為您提供正確的解決方案,提供不同類型的報告,圖表或創新的 Virtual Tree 3D 視圖。可能性幾乎是無窮無盡的 - 可以選擇通過 iCloud 同步數據,訪問龐大的家譜在線檔案庫以協助您進行研究,創建網站和家庭書,或者使用 MobileFamilyTree 隨時隨地進行研究,MobileFamilyTree 可以單獨用於 iPhone,iPad 和 iPod touch。

快速,可靠,流暢 - 真正讓您大飽眼福:您馬上就會注意到 MacFamilyTree 是本機 macOS 應用程序,專門針對 Mac 量身定制。該工具專為 macOS 開發,利用了 Apple 最新操作系統的先進而強大的核心技術。多虧了 CoreAnimation,該界面在提供大量動畫和交互式元素的同時,工作異常流暢。 CoreData 確保最高的處理速度,SceneKit 是視覺上引人注目的 Interactive Tree 的技術。由於 Mac 家族樹作為 64 位應用程序運行,因此它使用了每一個處理能力。這是世代歷史學家只能夢想的家譜!

注意:未註冊版本的功能受限。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 MacFamilyTree 10.1.1
檔案名稱 MacFamilyTree 10.1.1 Demo.dmg
系統 macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Synium Software
軟體類型 2022-11-27

What's new in this version:

MacFamilyTree 10.1.1
- New Smart Filter added to filter persons by the count of person events
- Issue renaming family tree files corrected
- Issue merging family trees with sources corrected
- Localization enhancements

MacFamilyTree 10.1
- Create stories about events and people in your family tree
- Stories can be read directly with text-to-speech
- A new report type displays recorded stories clearly and printable
- Stories are divided into individual sections, to which you can also add media such as images, PDFs, sound or videos
- Assign entries such as events or persons from your family tree to your stories, which appear in the stories
- See world-historic events, which happened in the period of your story
User Interface:
- If you prefer a less colorful user interface, a gray or blue color scheme for icons can now be selected via the preference setting
- World history events are now also accessible from the person and family event views
- It is now possible to call the linked person or family from the person or family event view
- The relationship diagram can now be opened directly from the person or family view to show the relationship to the starting person
- Speed optimizations
- "Public Links": Optionally create links that allow other MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree users to join your tree directly. It is no longer mandatory to specify recipients' mail addresses in advance
- The management of participants on CloudTree has been significantly improved
- If you have received an invitation link, you can now enter it directly into MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree, in case there were problems with joining
Change Dates of Entries:
- The handling of change dates has been completely revised: For example, the person's change date is also updated when an event of the person has been changed
- Change dates are now reliably matched via CloudTree
- New citation options introduced when quoting sources: Single and double quotation marks as well as colon and semicolon
GEDCOM support:
- Some improvements in importing GEDCOM 7 files
- Unknown tags in GEDCOM files are now better recognized and processed
- Speed of diagrams increased significantly: Most diagrams are now displayed between 5 and 40 percent faster, depending on the file size

MacFamilyTree 10.0.7
- Source citations are now ordered correctly in reports
- Merging families now works as expected
- Improved merging of event types
- Sorting families bei marriage date now works as expected
- Fixed an error uploading places with spaces in their names to FamilySearch
- Configuration of source citations is now correctly exported to GEDCOM files
- Localization improvements

MacFamilyTree 10.0.6
- Virtual Tree: Compatibility with various GPUs improved
- Sources list report: Sorting by reference number fixed
- Option added to filter todo's by label
- Ancestor chart now displays correct kinship relationships
- Ascending/descending sorting option added to the changes list report
- Relationship types (adopted, biological) are now evaluated correctly in the statistics chart
- Parents, partners and children now display birth and death date when shown in the edit section

MacFamilyTree 10.0.5
- Events entered after the death of a person no longer display the persons age
- Searching ToDo lists improved
- The Timeline report now correctly displays world history events
- Selecting associated persons improved
- Sorting of person and family events improved
- Importing GEDCOM files with invalid UTF characters now works correctly

MacFamilyTree 10.0.4
- Connection line width may now be adjusted in the Interactive Tree
- Improved display of persons from FamilySearch in the Interactive Tree
- Same-sex relations are now displayed correctly when editing families
- Display issue of the Virtual Tree on Macs equipped with an Nvidia graphics card fixed
- Dialog while adding media now fits on smaller screens
- Memory management when using FamilySearch improved
- Labels for events are now displayed while editing places
- Labels are also displayed in the source list when editing persons or families
- Issues adding persons to person groups fixed
- Issues exporting reports as text files fixed

MacFamilyTree 10.0.3
- Copy & paste for source citations added
- Labels are now displayed on person boxes in the edit mode
- The sidebar can now be hidden when displaying the Virtual Tree
- Person Report now displays additional names correctly
- Sorting of person and family events improved
- Stability improvements
- Localization updates

MacFamilyTree 10.0.2
- Improved sorting of partners in the person report
- Performance of the event list report improved if many events are present
- Issues in the Tree Chart fixed
- Improved reliability of CloudTree sync
- Localizations improved

MacFamilyTree 10.0.1
- Corrected error message from CloudTree at first start
- CSV Export of Reports improved
- Distribution Chart now displays Illness and Occupation correctly
- Performance editing charts improved

MacFamilyTree 10.0
New: Edit Section:
- Completely new edit section – redeveloped from scratch for macOS and iOS
- MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree now come with the exact same feature set in the edit section
- Automatically adjusts to small and large screen to make the best use of the available screen estate – from an iPhone screen to a large 4K screen
- Edit most information directly in lists: A click on a list expands a specific row and reveals a form to enter data
- Completely configureable: Specify what forms should be present when editing a specific entry and where they should appear
- Separate edit and display mode: In display mode, only forms with information present will be displayed. In edit mode, all forms are shown (you may specify in the preferences what mode will be used as default)
- Use speech recognition to fill in long texts
- Customizable additional name types: When entering further names (for example, the stage name of a person) you may now add your own, custom types of additional names
- Improved auto-complete: When entering data in forms, automatically see a list of suggestions of previously entered data from other entries
- When adding media like pictures and videos, you may now specify a recording date
- Reference numbers can now be viewed and edited directly for each entry
- Child-Parent-Relations: Much easier to specify if children are adopted by which parent
- Much easier to specify Sources of person and family events and facts
- Mark persons as dead, even if no further information is available (like a date or place of death)
- Bookmarks for places for often use place names
- You may now specify a time of an event in addition to the date
- Vastly enhanced to do management: Add media (pictures, PDFs, websites, audio or video) to to do’s as well as notes
- Edit places with either a vertical or horizontal layout
- Copy person events: Simply copy an event from one person to another – useful for events like the place of residence when persons moved to a new living place together
- Media of events and facts are now displayed as thumbnails in the event and fact lists
- All questions if a certain entry should be deleted may now be suppressed

New & Improved: User Interface:
- Redesigned function selection list in the sidebar
- Assign unique colors for genders and function categories for dark and light appearance
- Specify the appearance (dark/light) separately from the macOS appearance

Improved: Interactive Tree:
- Greatly enhanced appearance: New person symbols, new generation sections and connections
- Vastly improved performance, especially on M1-based Macs
- Improved editing of persons and families – all forms present in the edit section are now present in the Interactive Tree as well
- Parent-Child-Relations (for example, for adopted children) may now be edited directly in the Interactive Tree
- Customizable font size for forms in the Interactive Tree
- New camera orientations added
- New lighting modes added
- Improved display of numbering systems in the Interactive Tree

New: Virtual Tree:
- Vastly improved appearance
- Simulates depth of field for impressive visuals
- Greatly enhanced alignment of persons in the Virtual Tree – even for elaborate family trees
- Faster performance: Most of the family trees will be displayed instantaneously without delay
- Relationship paths: Display, how two persons are related directly in the Virtual Tree – like in the the Relationship Chart
- Completely rewritten from scratch – now based on Apple Metal for increased performance and efficiency

New: Numbering Systems:
- Henry, D’Aboville and Kekulé/Sosa numbering systems are now supported
- Correctly handles complex relationships, like incest relationships
- Automatically updates the assigned numbers for the current numbering system if new persons or relationships are added – and the specified numbering system is now saved in the family tree
- Improved user interface to specify what numbering system should be used

New: Person Groups:
- Branches and specific parts of your family tree may now be separated using Person Groups
- Option to only display members of specific person groups in charts – this way, you may only display a chart for a specific group of persons
- Also, the Statistics Chart may be limited to specific person groups allowing only the evaluation of specific branches or set of persons
- Person Groups consists of a description, media (like a family crest), to do’s and notes
- The Interactive Tree as well as all charts may now show persons in the colors of their person group

New: Support for GEDCOM 7:
- Specify if a GEDCOM file should be exported using GEDCOM 5.5.1 or GEDCOM 7
- On import, it is automatically detected if the file is a GEDCOM 5.5.1 or GEDCOM 7 file
- Support for GEDZIP: Export and import GEDZIP files that contain a GEDCOM file as well as all media like pictures in a single file

Improved: Import from Address Book:
- Greatly improved selection of persons from the Address Book that should be imported
- Imports person images, relationships and the place of residence
- Simultaneously import multiple persons at once

New: Virtual Globe:
- Improved appearance
- New timeline control: See when events took place and adjust the date range of what should be displayed on the Virtual Globe
- Pictures of places are now displayed on the Virtual Globe
- Augmented Reality: Walk around the Virtual Globe using AR – place it in front of you on a table or in your room
- Completely redeveloped from line one – also based on Apple Metal for increased performance and efficiency

New: Sources:
- Completely new template system for sources
- Large number of included source templates for all commonly used sources – but you may also add your own, custom source templates
- Fully configureable source templates: Add your own or remove seldom used fields from source templates
- Completely configurable source citations: Specify how source citations should be displayed in reports. Edit the used fonts, separators, order and brackets of each field in a source template
- Record further informations: Add fields to a source even if the field is not part of the currently selected source template
- Source repositories may now contain a complete postal address, web site address, phone number and email address
- Unknown GEDCOM tags may now be added as new source template fields when importing a GEDCOM file
- Duplicate source templates or source fields may be merged to avoid duplicates

Improved: Reports:
- The event list report may now be limited to a specific date range so only events from this date range will be displayed
- Vastly improved source citations for all reports

Improved: Charts:
- Many new chart styles and templates added
- Improved Double Ancestor Chart: Compact mode added for better space usage
- New options for text colors in charts: By gender and by generation added
- Performance enhanced when used in macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey
- Icons of custom person fact types are now displayed in all charts

New: Scan using the iPhone or iPad camera:
- Take pictures of photos or documents and import them into your family tree
- Documents and photos will be automatically straightened and cropped
- No scanner required – the camera of your iPhone and iPad is all you need
- Also usable directly from your Mac: Using the special menu item, your iPhone and iPad camera may be used to scan documents and photos

Improved: Cloud Tree:
- Vastly improved performance allowing you to edit your family tree while syncing is in progress
- Syncing will now be much faster than before while using considerably less processing power

Improved: Performance:
- Restructured family tree database resulting in greatly enhanced performance
- Zooming in larger pictures is now much more responsive
- Vastly improved performance when using FamilySearch – especially in larger family tree with many found results
- Performance of media slideshows improved, now using the build-in fullscreen mode of macOS
- Reports are now displayed using considerably less processing power, especially when a report includes many pictures
- Improved performance when adding media from the photo library

Improved: Welcome Window:
- Sections: Local family trees, family trees on Cloud Tree and iCloud and family trees from previous versions are now displayed in separate sections

- Share media using share sheets with other persons
- When scanning documents on a Mac, directly specify the title of the scanned document
- When managing bookmarks, the search feature has been vastly improved
- Greatly enhanced search & replace feature: To Do’s, media, person facts and person groups are now supported
- Specifying the location of where to save your family trees on your hard drive has been improved
- Configureable AirPlay mode: Select if the whole display should be shared on an AirPlay screen or if only the content of a report or chart should be shown on the big screen

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