Element 1.9.8 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Element 1.9.8 Mac

Mac 的 MEGAsync 客戶端(MegaDownloader)是在計算機和 MEGA 雲驅動器之間輕鬆實現的自動同步軟件。 Mac 版 MEGA 是一個直觀的應用程序,可讓您輕鬆地同步多台計算機上的文件夾。您只需要在雲中上傳數據,然後在幾秒鐘內就可以在自己的 Mac 上瀏覽相同的文檔。立即下載並安裝適用於 macOS 的 MEGAsync Client!

變得無法追踪且安全在線嗎?然後,您需要 HMA! Pro VPN!

在不同的位置和設備之間安全地訪問和使用數據。它始終處於打開狀態,並且是全自動的。您可以選擇同步整個 MEGA 帳戶,或在計算機上的文件夾和 MEGA 帳戶中的文件夾之間配置多個選擇性同步。

可以從 MEGAsync 傳輸管理器中方便地管理所有傳輸。從計算機手動將特定文件上傳到 MEGA 或導入 MEGA 鏈接以下載到計算機。該應用程序將已刪除的文件移動到本地計算機和帳戶中的特殊文件夾中,以便在需要時可以將其還原。 MEGA sync(MegaDownloader)與您的 Internet 瀏覽器安全地進行交互,處理文件傳輸以提高性能。



將 Mac 中的任何文件夾同步到雲中的任何文件夾。並行同步任何數量的文件夾。

,充分利用 MEGA 的強大基礎架構和多連接傳輸。

可免費存儲多達 50 GB!

注意:要使用 MEGAsync,您需要創建一個帳戶。

也可:下載用於 Windows889 的 MEGAsync 23889

檔案版本 Element 1.9.8
檔案名稱 Element-1.9.8-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
更新日期 https://mega.nz/sync
軟體類型 2021-12-21

What's new in this version:

- Include Vietnamese language
- Simple static location sharing
- Add support for the Indonesian language
- Always unhide widgets on layout change (pinning a widget)
- Update status message in the member list and user info panel when it is changed
- Iterate space panel toggle collapse interaction
- Spotlight search labs
- Put room settings form elements in fieldsets
- Add descriptions to ambiguous links for screen readers
- Make tooltips keyboard accessible
- Iterate room context menus for DMs
- Update space panel expand mechanism
- Add CSS variable to make the UI gaps consistent and fix the resize handle position and
- Custom location sharing
- Simple static location sharing
- Finish sending pending messages before leaving room - Dropdown follow wai-aria practices for expanding on arrow keys - Expose PL control for pinned events when lab enabled - In People & Favourites metaspaces always show all rooms
- Don't allow calls when the connection the server has been lost
- Analytics opt in for posthog
- Don't inhibit current room notifications if user has Modal open - Remove the Screen sharing is here! dialog
- Make composer buttons react to settings without having to change room
- Decorate view keyboard shortcuts link as a link
- Improve ease of focusing on Room list Search Fixes matrix-org/element-web-rageshakes#7017
- Autofocus device panel entry when renaming device
- Update Space Panel scrollable region
- Replace breadcrumbs with recently viewed menu
- Tweaks to informational architecture 1.1

- [Release] Fix inline code block nowrap issue
- don't collapse spaces in inline code blocks
- Fix accessibility regressions
- Debounce User Info start dm "Message" button - Fix thread filter being cut-off on narrow screens
- Fix upgraded rooms wrongly showing up in spotlight
- Show votes in replied-to polls (pass in getRelationsForEvent)
- Keep all previously approved widget capabilities when requesting new capabilities
- Only show poll previews when the polls feature is enabled
- No-op action:join if the user is already invited for scalar
- Don't show polls in timeline if polls are disabled
- Don't send a poll response event if you are voting for your current c…
- Don't show options button when the user can't modify widgets
- Add vertical spacing between buttons when they go over multiple lines
- Improve accessibility of opening space create menu
- Correct tab order in room preview dialog
- Fix favourites and people metaspaces not rendering their content
- Make clear button images visible in high contrast theme
- Fix html exporting and improve output size
- Fix textual message stripping new line
- Fix issue with room list resizer getting clipped in firefox
- Fix wrong indentation with nested ordered list unnesting list on edit
- Fix input field behaviour inside context menus
- Corrected the alignment of the Edit button on LoginPage
- Allow sharing manual location without giving location permission
- Make emoji picker search placeholder localizable
- Fix jump to bottom on message send
- Fix: Warning: Unsupported style property pointer-events. Did you mean pointerEvents?
- Add edits and replies to the right panel timeline & prepare the timelineCard to share code with threads and #19928
- Fix labs exploding when lab group is empty
- Update URL when room aliases are modified nd
- Render mini user menu for when space panel is disabled
- When accepting DM from People metaspace don't switch to Home
- Fix CallPreview room is null  #19972, matrix-org/element-web-rageshakes#7004 matrix-org/element-web-rageshakes#6991 and matrix-org/element-web-rageshakes#6964.
- Fixes more instances of double-translation
- Fix video calls
- Fix broken i18n in Forgot & Change password
- Fix setBotPower to not use .content
- Break long words in pinned messages to prevent overflow
- Disallow sending empty feedbacks
- Fix wrongly sized default sub-space icons in space panel
- Hide clear cache and reload button if crash is before client init Fixes matrix-org/element-web-rageshakes#6996.
- Fix automatic space switching wrongly going via Home for room aliases
- Fix links being parsed as markdown links improperly

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