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Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.3 Mac

通過 Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac,您可以從任何地方連接到遠程 PC 和您的工作資源。在遠程桌面客戶端中使用 RemoteFX 體驗 Windows 的強大功能,旨在幫助您在任何地方完成工作.

Microsoft 遠程桌面功能:
通過遠程桌面網關訪問遠程資源通過突破性網絡層身份驗證(NLA)技術簡單管理來自連接中心的所有遠程連接高質量的視頻和聲音流,改進了壓縮和帶寬使用可輕鬆連接多台顯示器或投影儀進行演示從 Windows 應用程序打印到 Mac 上配置的任何打印機 Access 本地文件從您的 Windows 應用程序在您的 Mac 上註意:需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.3
檔案名稱 RDC_10.3.3.dmg
檔案大小 19.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microsoft Corporation
軟體類型 2019-09-30

What's new in this version:

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.3
Added user defaults to disable smart card, clipboard, microphone, camera, and folder redirection:
-  ClientSettings.DisableSmartcardRedirection
-  ClientSettings.DisableClipboardRedirection
-  ClientSettings.DisableMicrophoneRedirection
-  ClientSettings.DisableCameraRedirection
-  ClientSettings.DisableFolderRedirection

Bug fixes:
-  Resolved an issue that was causing programmatic session window resizes to not be detected
-  Fixed an issue where the session window contents appeared small when connecting in windowed mode (with dynamic display enabled)
-  Addressed initial flicker that occurred when connecting to a session in windowed mode with dynamic display enabled
-  Fixed graphics mispaints that occurred when connected to Windows 7 after toggling fit-to-window with dynamic display enabled
-  Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect device name to be sent to the remote session (breaking licensing in some third-party apps)
-  Resolved an issue where remote app windows would occupy an entire monitor when maximized
-  Addressed an issue where the access permissions UI appeared underneath local windows
-  Cleaned up some shutdown code to ensure the client closes more reliably

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.2
- Fixed a bug that was causing a low resolution to be used when connecting to a session

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.1
- Addressed connectivity issues with RD Gateway servers that were using 4096-bit asymmetric keys
- Fixed a hang that would randomly occur while downloading feed resources
- Got rid of a crash that was preventing the client from starting up
- Resolved a crash when importing connections from Remote Desktop 8
- If you encounter any errors, you can always contact us via Help > Report an Issue

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.0
- Camera redirection is now possible when connecting to Windows 10 1809, Windows Server 2019 and later
- We've added a new dialog that requests your permission to use the microphone and camera for device redirection
- The feed subscription flow has been rewritten to be simpler and faster
- Clipboard redirection now includes the Rich Text Format (RTF)
- When entering your password you have the option to reveal it with a "Show password" checkbox
- Addressed scenarios where the session window was jumping between monitors
- The Connection Center displays high resolution remote app icons (when available)
- CMD+A maps to CTRL+A when Mac clipboard shortcuts are being used
- CMD+R now refreshes all of your subscribed feeds
- Added new secondary click options to expand or collapse all groups or feeds in the Connection Center
- Added a new secondary click option to change the icon size in the Feeds tab of the Connection Center
- A new simplified and cleaner app icon

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.13
- Fixed a hang that occurred when connecting via an RD Gateway
- Added a privacy notice to the "Add Feed" dialog

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.12
- Resolved random disconnects (with error code 0x904) that took place when connecting via an RD Gateway
- Fixed a bug that caused the resolutions list in application preferences to be empty after installation
- Fixed a bug that caused the client to crash if certain resolutions were added to the resolutions list
- Addressed an ADAL authentication prompt loop when connecting to WVD deployments

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.11
- In this release we refined the fix we made in version 10.2.10 that addressed instability caused by the recent macOS 10.14.4 update

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.10
- In this release we addressed instability caused by the recent macOS 10.14.4 update. We also fixed mispaints that appeared when decoding AVC codec data encoded by a server using nVidia hardware

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.9
- In this release we fixed an RD gateway connectivity issue that can occur when server redirection takes place. We also addressed an RD gateway regression caused by the 10.2.8 update

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.8
- Resolved connectivity issues that surfaced when using an RD Gateway
- Fixed incorrect certificate warnings that were displayed when connecting
- Addressed some cases where the menu bar and dock would needlessly hide when launching remote apps
- Reworked the clipboard redirection code to address crashes and hangs that have been plaguing some users
- Fixed a bug that caused the Connection Center to needlessly scroll when launching a connection

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.7
- In this release we addressed graphics mispaints (caused by a server encoding bug) that appeared when using AVC444 mode

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.6
 - Added support for the AVC (420 and 444) codec, available when connecting to current versions of Windows 10
- In “fit to window mode”, a window refresh now occurs immediately after a resize to ensure that content is rendered at the correct interpolation level
- Fixed a layout bug that caused feed headers to overlap for some users
- Cleaned up the Application Preferences UI
- Polished the Add/Edit Desktop UI
- Made lots of fit and finish adjustments to the Connection Center tile and list views for desktops and feeds

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.4
- Added dark mode support for macOS Mojave 10.14
- An option to import from Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 now appears in the Connection Center if it is empty
- Addressed folder redirection compatibility with some third party enterprise applications
- Resolved issues where users were getting a 0x30000069 RD Gateway error due to security protocol fallback issues
- Fixed progressive rendering issues some users were experiencing with fit to window mode
- Fixed a bug that prevented file copy and paste from copying the latest version of a file
- Improved mouse-based scrolling for small scroll deltas

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.3
- Added support for the "remoteapplicationcmdline" RDP file setting for remote app scenarios
- The title of the session window now includes the name of the RDP file (and server name) when launched from an RDP file
- Fixed reported RD gateway performance issues
- Fixed reported RD gateway crashes
- Fixed issues where the connection would hang when connecting through an RD gateway
- Better handling of full-screen remote apps by intelligently hiding the menu bar and dock
- Fixed scenarios where remote apps remained hidden after being launched
- Addressed slow rendering updates when using "Fit to Window" with hardware acceleration disabled
- Handled database creation errors caused by incorrect permissions when the client starts up
- Fixed an issue where the client was consistently crashing at launch and not starting for some users
- Fixed a scenario where connections were incorrectly imported as full-screen from Remote Desktop 8

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.2
- A brand new Connection Center that supports drag and drop, manual arrangement of desktops, resizable columns in list view mode, column-based sorting, and simpler group management
- The Connection Center now remembers the last active pivot (Desktops or Feeds) when closing the app
- The credential prompting UI and flows have been overhauled
- RD Gateway feedback is now part of the connecting status UI
- Settings import from the version 8 client has been improved
- RDP files pointing to RemoteApp endpoints can now be imported into the Connection Center
- Retina display optimizations for single monitor Remote Desktop scenarios
- Support for specifying the graphics interpolation level (which affects blurriness) when not using Retina optimizations
- 256-color support to enable connectivity to Windows 2000
- Fixed clipping of the right and bottom edges of the screen when connecting to Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and earlier
- Copying a local file into Outlook (running in a remote session) now adds the file as an attachment
- Fixed an issue that was slowing down pasteboard-based file transfers if the files originated from a network share
- Addressed a bug that was causing to Excel (running in a remote session) to hang when saving to a file on a redirected folder
- Fixed an issue that was causing no free space to be reported for redirected folders
- Fixed a bug that caused thumbnails to consume too much disk storage on macOS 10.14
- Added support for enforcing RD Gateway device redirection policies
- Fixed an issue that prevented session windows from closing when disconnecting from a connection using RD Gateway
- If Network Level Authentication (NLA) is not enforced by the server, you will now be routed to the login screen if your password has expired
- Fixed performance issues that surfaced when lots of data was being transferred over the network
- Smart card redirection fixes
- Support for all possible values of the "EnableCredSspSupport" and "Authentication Level" RDP file settings if the ClientSettings.EnforceCredSSPSupport user default key (in the domain) is set to 0
- Support for the "Prompt for Credentials on Client" RDP file setting when NLA is not negotiated
- Support for smart card-based login via smart card redirection at the Winlogon prompt when NLA is not negotiated
- Fixed an issue that prevented downloading feed resources that have spaces in the URL

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.1
- In this release we enabled connectivity to Azure Active Directory (AAD) joined PCs. To connect to an AAD joined PC, your username must be in one of the following formats: “AzureADuser” or “[email protected]
- In addition, we addressed some bugs affecting the usage of smart cards in a remote session

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.0
- Incorporated updates for GDPR compliance
- [email protected] is now accepted as a valid username
- Clipboard sharing has been rewritten to be faster and support more formats
- Copy and pasting text, images or files between sessions now bypasses the local machine’s clipboard
- You can now connect via an RD Gateway server with an untrusted certificate (if you accept the warning prompts)
- Metal hardware acceleration is now used (where supported) to speed up rendering and optimize battery usage
- When using Metal hardware acceleration we try to work some magic to make the session graphics appear sharper
- Got rid of some instances where windows would hang around after being closed
- Fixed bugs that were preventing the launch of RemoteApp programs in some scenarios
- Fixed an RD Gateway channel synchronization error that was resulting in 0x204 errors
- The mouse cursor shape now updates correctly when moving out of a session or RemoteApp window
- Fixed a folder redirection bug that was causing data loss when copy and pasting folders
- Fixed a folder redirection issue that caused incorrect reporting of folder sizes
- Fixed a regression that was preventing logging into an AAD-joined machine using a local account
- Fixed bugs that were causing the session window contents to be clipped
- Added support for RD endpoint certificates that contain elliptic-curve asymmetric keys
- Fixed a bug that was preventing the download of managed resources in some scenarios
- Addressed a clipping issue with the pinned connection center
- Fixed the checkboxes in the Display property sheet to work better together
- Aspect ratio locking is now disabled when dynamic display change is in effect
- Addressed compatibility issues with F5 infrastructure
- Updated handling of blank passwords to ensure the correct messages are shown at connect-time
- Fixed mouse scrolling compatibility issues with MapInfra Pro
- Fixed some alignment issues in the Connection Center when running on Mojave

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.8
- Added support for changing the remote resolution by resizing the session window
- Fixed scenarios where remote resource feed download would take an excessively long time
- Resolved the 0x207 error that could occur when connecting to servers not patched with the CredSSP encryption oracle remediation update (CVE-2018-0886)

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.7
- Made security fixes to incorporate CredSSP encryption oracle remediation updates as described in CVE-2018-0886.
- Improved RemoteApp icon and mouse cursor rendering to address reported mispaints
- Addressed issues where RemoteApp windows appeared behind the Connection Center
- Fixed a crash that occurred when editing local resources after an import from Remote Desktop 8
- Pressing ENTER on a desktop tile will now initiate the connection
- When full screen, CMD+M will now correctly map to WIN+M
- The Connection Center, Preferences and About windows now respond to CMD+M
- Pressing ENTER from the "Adding Remote Resources" sheet now starts feed discovery
- Fixed an issue where a new remote resource feed would show up empty in the Connection Center until refresh

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.6
- Fixed an issue where RemoteApp windows would reorder themselves
- Resolved a bug that was causing some RemoteApp windows to get stuck behind their parent window
- Addressed a mouse pointer offset issue that affected some RemoteApp programs
- Fixed an issue where starting a new connection would give focus to an existing session and not open a new session window
- The correct error message is now displayed when a gateway server could not be found
- The Quit shortcut (CMD + Q) is now consistently shown in the UI
- Improved the image quality when scaling in "fit to window" mode
- Updated the default icon for desktop tiles

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.5
- Connecting to a remote app no longer gets stuck at the "Configuring remote session" prompt
- Added UI in General Preferences to specify the default redirected folder when launching RDP files or remote apps
- A port number can now be specified when subscribing to remote resources
- Fixed a number of bugs affecting RDP file import and export scenarios
- The Preferences shortcut (CMD + ,) is now consistently shown in the UI

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.4
- Improved the reliability of downloading remote resources
- Fixed scenarios where the incorrect error code was returned when name resolution failed
- Added an option to set the color quality of the connection
- Fixed a number of bugs affecting RDP file launch scenarios
- Addressed scenarios where the mouse cursor would disappear
- Fixed graphical issues with some apps running in the remote session

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.3
- Remote resource feed downloads now support load-balanced servers without showing a certificate warning
- The 0x908 licensing error during auto-reconnect scenarios has been resolved
- The mouse cursor used to disappear in some scenarios, but we fixed it to stay visible
- The RDP file "alternate shell" property is now honored
- Dragging and dropping emails within Outlook in RemoteApp scenarios now works
- Menu items related to saved desktops no longer disappear when switching between pivots
- Added a hotkey for the "Add Remote Resources" action (CMD + S)
- Improved reliability when connecting through an RD Gateway
- The RD Gateway port number can now be specified as part of the gateway name
- Connecting via an RDP file no longer creates a bookmark in the Connection Center
- Quicken backup now works over redirected folders
- Wildcard specifiers now work against redirected folders

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.2
- We fixed a crash that occurred when subscribing to or refreshing inaccessible remote resource feeds

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.1
- Small tweak and fixed the settings migration feature (Connections > Import from MS Remote Desktop 8) to detect the data from version 8.0.43 of MS Remote Desktop 8 (versus detecting if the app is installed)

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.0.1
- Change log not available for this version

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