MindManager 13.2.132 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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MindManager 13.2.132 Mac

MindManager 使您可以掌控有關您的工作,業務和世界的信息 - 而不是被它所控制,迷惑或不知所措。 Mac 驚人的視覺工作管理和思維導圖工具!更有效地處理和組織信息!為計劃和項目帶來結構和清晰度。

剛性,線性的工具可以使您在桌面上保持最佳思維。 MindManager for macOS 可讓您的大腦快速,動態地以其設計的方式來處理信息,因此您不會丟失任何出色的見解或關鍵細節。



MindManager 將分散的數據集成到單個結構化的儀表板中,將其呈現為一個統一的整體,因此一切都被連接和考慮在內,這一切都說得通,就可以完成。


Mindjet MindManager 的工作就像一個虛擬白板。它使您可以快速捕獲想法和信息,然後在同一位置對其進行整理和關聯。拖曳主題,在不同想法之間建立聯繫,並將相關的註釋,鏈接和文件存放在它們所屬的位置–所有這些都保留在一個清晰,易於導航的地圖中。

與 easy612organization 一起使用
MindManager for Mac 地圖是進行規劃的理想方法項目,分析過程以及鞏固和轉移知識。您可以在共享的可視上下文中跟踪可交付成果,截止日期,優先級,資源,依存關係等。而且,當事情發生變化時,您可以迅速進行調整,並立即向所有人清楚。



注意:30 天試用版.

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 MindManager88988923

檔案版本 MindManager 13.2.132
檔案名稱 mm-mac-dmg
檔案大小 179 MB
系統 macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Corel Corporation
更新日期 https://www.mindjet.com/mindmanager-mac/
軟體類型 2020-09-23

What's new in this version:

MindManager 13.2.132
- Change log not available for this version

MindManager 13.1.115
- Change log not available for this version

MindManager 13.0.181
- Change log not available for this version

MindManager 13.0.180
Gantt and More:
New tools for project managers:
- Gantt charts are widely used by project managers for the detail and visibility they provide. We’ve added Gantt functionality and many more new project management features into MindManager for Mac to easily plan, coordinate, and execute your projects.
- Add, edit, and view project elements, and track general project costs within Gantt view
- Easily adjust your view based on project size or timeline
- Move projects, remove slack time, roll up tasks, view critical paths, set milestones, and more

Project Cost Tracking:
Get a more complete project picture:
- Whether your project budget is massive or modest, keeping costs in sight is the key to successfully managing it. Our new Project Costing tool lets you quickly add individual costs into your project maps, easily update them, and sum totals with a simple click, for instant visibility into one of your project’s most critical elements.
- Define and view general costs and resource costs within maps
- Tailor maps for budget-focused conversations by rolling up costs
- Manage exceptions and ensure budget adherence by creating SmartRules that trigger when costs exceed set amounts

Tag View:
Keep your projects on track:
- Projects succeed when they stay in forward motion. Tag View gives you a clear picture of a project’s overall progress towards completion, and where each individual task is in the process, so you can make the right changes to keep things on track and on time.
- See and update the status of tasks & action items in a progressive, Kanban-style columnar view
- Instantly identify backlogs, bottlenecks, and resource issues
- Define processes with custom column tags that are automatically applied in Map View

MindManager Snap:
Snap up great content the moment you find it:
- Inspiration and ideas can show up at any time. With MindManager Snap, you’ll be ready to grab them! Capture map-worthy content in seconds when you’re away from MindManager, then drop it into your maps the next time you open it up — so no on-the-go brainstorm or 2 a.m. ‘aha!’ ever slips through the cracks.
- Capture images, links, and text notes any time, from anywhere, through your Chrome browser or mobile device
- Expand, enrich, and improve your maps in exciting new ways
- Snapped content stays safe and secure in a cloud-based queue until you’re ready to add it to your map

MindManager Snap Chrome extension available in the Chrome Web Store:
- Capture via mobile device requires the MindManager Go mobile app
- New! MindManager Go
- Take your maps places your Mac can’t go
- Your thinking doesn’t end when you walk away from your desktop. Now your maps don’t either. Our fully-redesigned MindManager Go mobile viewer app lets you review, show, discuss, and even capture content for your maps anywhere and anytime you want to.
- View and navigate MindManager maps on your iPhone or iPad
- Filter maps on tags, icons, priority & progress to easily focus on the information you need
- Send images and text notes to your MindManager desktop with the NEW MindManager Snap capture tool

Tools for Mac:
Built natively for Mac users:
- Mac and Windows machines are not created equally. That’s why we’ve created this version with Mac users in mind. In addition to our existing Dark Mode option, MindManager for Mac now comes with added enhancements.
- Store your maps and access them from anywhere using your iCloud account
- Extend or mirror your desktop on your iPad for meetings and presentations with Sidecar support
- Touch Bar support now includes tag functionality

Flowcharting Tools:
Keep processes flowing smoothly:
- Clear, well-defined processes lead to smooth, glitch-free workflows. Our new flowcharting enhancements enable you to quickly build visual flows that bring shape and clarity to complex processes, are easy for others to understand and follow, and are easily adapted as needs change.
- Define topic relationships clearly with improved relationship control and styling
- Work more efficiently with improved line placement precision

Visualization & Productivity Tools:
Make a bigger impact faster:
- It’s now easier than ever to build and navigate MindManager maps and diagrams, bringing greater value to your day, work, and world.
- Make your diagrams richer and more engaging with NEW image thumbnails
- Better manage and make sense of complex maps with powerful NEW sorting capabilities
- Improve project management efficiency with NEW resource management options
- Quickly access most-used key features and functions with ENHANCED ribbon control
- Organize and update topics fast & intuitively with ENHANCED drag & drop functionality
- Manage your diagrams more effectively with ENHANCED shapes and SmartShapes!

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