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MindNode 2022.2.4 Mac

MindNode 的清潔界面可讓您輕鬆捕捉並連接您的想法。不論多大或複雜,不斷擴大的畫布和精巧的佈局都會與您的想法保持一致。當你想說超過一千個字,你的照片和我們的時尚貼紙就在手邊。用 MindNode for Mac 大腦筋急轉彎!

MindNode 讓你保持組織,輕鬆地重新排列你的想法和折疊任何分心。使用筆記來獲得更多細節,在大綱視圖中快速找到想法,並通過將想法轉化為任務來完成任務。借助 iCloud Drive,您可以在所有設備上獲得所有文檔。如果您覺得需要共享,MyMindNode 讓您上傳文檔的交互式版本。最後,MindNode 支持多種文檔格式,您可以導入和導出。

Smart Layout
沒有什麼比思維導圖更糟的了,因為你看不懂它。通過智能佈局,您的思維導圖將自動保持整潔,MindNode 的無限畫布將跟上您的所有想法.

表達壓力 Visuals

MindNode 的界面是一個模範公民。通過支持全屏模式,iCloud Drive 和文件版本,VoiceOver 以及更多的系統功能,MindNode 可以無縫地融入您的世界.

將您的想法轉化為任務非常簡單。一旦你知道你的任務是什麼,你可以輕鬆地將它們導出到諸如 Things,OmniFocus 和 Reminders 等專用的 ToDo 應用程序中。



輕鬆實現 Sync
無論您是否在旅途中想要使用 Apple Watch 或 iPhone,或者想要執行此操作在 iPad 或 Mac 上進行創意工作。您可以使用 iCloud Drive 從您的所有設備訪問所有思維導圖的最新版本.

我的 MindNode
您可以公開共享交互式文檔。最重要的是,他們可以通過我們的 MyMindNode 服務通過網絡獲得。因此,無論您將誰發送給他們,他們都能夠在無需安裝任何內容的情況下探索您的想法.

導入 / 導出
無論您的數據來自何處,或者您想繼續使用數據,您都可以導入從和出口到廣泛的文件,如 FreeMind,OPML,OmniFocus,東西,PDF 和 Markdown.

注意:每個文件 30 個節點的限制。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 MindNode 2022.2.4
檔案名稱 MindNodeMacDemo.zip
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 IdeasOnCanvas GmbH
更新日期 https://mindnode.com/mindnode/mac
軟體類型 2022-07-05

What's new in this version:

MindNode 2022.2.4
- Added support for a larger font size in the Outline
- Added the ability to cancel MindNode ID registration
- Improved creating a new document from Quick Entry by ensuring that the whole mind map is visible
- Improved the appearance of the node well during Focus Mode & Tag Highlighting
- Fixed a bug where an empty node would be deleted in the Outline if it was the only existing node
- Fixed a bug which would not allow font styles to be adjusted if the cursor was in the middle of the modified text
- Fixed an issue where Quick Entry popovers would be incorrectly positioned when using an app in Full Screen mode
- Fixed an issue which would happen when moving nodes by using the arrow key + Option (⌥) keyboard shortcut

MindNode 2022.2.3
- Improved how new child nodes are created when dragging the node well
- Improved the animation when switching between sections in the Preferences panel
- Updated the visual appearance of knobs on the canvas

- a crash that could occur when moving MindNode to an external screen
- a visual glitch which resulted in a light colored Candidate window even if dark mode is enabled
- an issue where branches would be misplaced after unfolding multiple nodes at once
- an issue which caused the folding indicator to be missing
- importing of CSV documents that are missing the column header line

MindNode 2022.2.2
- Added support to start editing in the outline by simply typing
- Improved the node well to folding indicator animation
- Fixed an issue where the sidebar and outline widths would change when changing tabs
- Fixed an issue with creating nodes using the node well when using cloud-shaped nodes

MindNode 2022.2.1
- the appearance of the fold/unfold button in the menu bar
- the behavior of closing a window by not showing a save dialog for new, unedited documents
- the behavior of pasting links using the "Paste and Preserve Style" action to create a new child node
- the visual appearance of the outline when changing font sizes

- a bug where smart text shortcuts would always be interpreted when pasting text, even if they were not active in preferences
- a crash that would happen when closing a document
- an incorrect link to a support article
- an issue where an alert would be displayed stating that a document could not be saved
- an issue where the "Ignore Spelling" command would not work in the outline
- an issue with copying links that have custom text attributes
- the MindNode ID screens

MindNode 2022.2
Dynamic Node Well:
- Precisely create nodes in between pushed-away nodes. Automatically connect to the nearest node when dragging the node well. Experience the same dynamic behavior on Macs and iPads with Magic Keyboard.

Quick Entry PLUS:
- Refreshed to look & behave like the editable outline. Use the same powerful shortcuts to quickly jot down your ideas.

MindNode ID PLUS:
- Access your MindNode Plus subscription on all your devices, even if iCloud is not available on your device

- Added a new Shortcuts app action to add text to the current Quick Entry text
- Added an action to the context menu to select all nodes with a tag
- Added the ability to assign tags to a node in the context menu in the outline
- Adjusted the behavior of the "Show on Mind Map" action in the outline to make the canvas appear active
- Improved the animation of dragging & dropping a node in the outline
- Improved the appearance of notes when imported from OPML files
- Improved the search engine for Sticker Search: results will match queries better, and suggested results will be ordered according to relevance
- Improved the use of available horizontal space in the outline for text when the sidebar is very narrow
- Fixed a crash that would happen when closing a window with the ⌘+W shortcut while making a rubber-band selection
- Fixed a crash that would happen when toggling the "Include Filename" option in the Print dialog
- Fixed an issue in the outline where the wrong node would be selected after finishing editing text while navigating with the keyboard
- Fixed an issue where the "Ignore spelling" autocorrect option would be ignored when editing on the canvas and text would still be underlined

MindNode 2022.1.2
- Adjusted the behavior of the keyboard shortcut for exporting files on macOS 11 in order to fix a crash

MindNode 2022.1.1
- Added translations for the Shortcuts app actions
- Adjusted the behavior of control-clicking a row in the outline to not activate the outline
- Improved the behavior of copying and pasting an image from a web browser
- Fixed an issue that could result in the canvas and outline appearing active simultaneously
- Fixed an issue which would cause macOS to report MindNode as damaged
- Renamed the main menu action "Copy URL Scheme" to "Copy Link for Opening This Document"
- Changed default font alignment for subnodes in rainbow theme

MindNode 2022.1
Notes in Outline:
- Create & edit notes directly in the Outline. Notes can be displayed inline below the title, or inside a popover.

Medical Sticker Pack:
- 25 brand new stickers to add to your mind maps, featuring: woman with mask, scale, virus, microscope & more!

Refreshed & New Themes:
- We've adjusted all of our themes to increase contrast and added two new themes: Blackberry & Swing.

- Added a slight delay before tasks disappear after being completed when viewing the outline with the "Show only open tasks" filter
- Added support for automatically changing URLs pasted in nodes into links
- Added the "Tasks" section to the export screen
- Added the option to reveal tasks in Things after exporting them by using the Shortcuts app
- Disabled the zoom control for the canvas when the outline is in full-size mode
- Improved automatic scrolling to the text cursor in the outline with long texts
- Improved the appearance of exported images by adding padding around the edges of the canvas
- Improved the appearance of the node well so that it's aligned with the branch
- Improved the behavior of the canvas when removing or folding a node in the outline to display the next selected node
- Improved the legibility of outline text when exporting or printing a PDF
- Improved the performance of the outline with large documents
- Improved the scrolling behavior in the outline to keep selected or visible rows on the screen when adjusting settings like filtering or zoom
- Fixed a bug where it was not possible to copy in the outline when using the free editor
- Fixed a delay that would occur when switching between formats in the "Export to" dialogue with large documents
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to split a title in the outline with the return key while text is selected
- Fixed an issue where the canvas would flicker when triggering "zoom to fit"
- Fixed an issue with the "Find and Replace" action, where text would not be replaced
- Fixed some visual glitches and reduced lag when resizing the outline
- Fixed visual glitches that were visible on nodes when scrolling and zooming

MindNode 2022.0.1
- the layout of the Notification Center widget
- Increased the size of the document preview image in the Notification Center widget
- the "successful import" notification when importing via URL scheme to make it clearer which type of file was imported
- the color of a selected node to make it clearer whether a window is active or not
- the context menu "Search with" action to use the user's preferred search engine

- a bug where selecting the footer area in the outline would always create a new node
- an issue in the outline where a node would not change color to indicate it has been selected
- an issue that prevented undo/redoing while filtering in the outline
- an issue where a selected node on the canvas would be displayed with sharp corners rather than rounded when the outline is open
- an issue where mind maps imported from Markdown files would have an incorrect layout
- an issue where the canvas would shift when opening the outline
- an issue while dictating where text would only appear at the end of a statement

MindNode 2021.5
- Added a tooltip with a sticker's name when browsing stickers
- Fixed a bug that prevented the editing of main node titles created by using the Force-Touch gesture or the Option-click shortcut
- Fixed a bug where a node title could be accidentally edited while not in edit mode in the outline
- Fixed a crash which would happen when an autosave popover would try to be displayed
- Fixed an issue in the outline when adding subnodes to a node that has tasks, new subnodes will now also have tasks
- Fixed an issue where nodes would be incorrectly ordered and overlap each other on the canvas after merging in the outline
- Improved an animation in the outline when moving a row up
- Improved compatibility with MindManager files
- Improved the appearance of the outline in full-size mode on large screens. Full-size outline is now wider on large screens.
- Improved the behavior of copying and pasting nodes from a mind map into the outline
- Improved the performance of editing node titles on the canvas while the outline is visible in large documents
- Removed the "Share" menu for built-in MindNode themes

MindNode 2021.4.1
- Fixed a crash that would happen when adding images to empty main nodes
- Improved the alignment of nodes with several lines of text and stickers
- Improved the performance of editing large documents in the outline

MindNode 2021.4
Optimized for macOS Monterey:
Enjoy macOS Monterey's new features in MindNode. Use the Shortcuts app to export documents and share tasks without launching MindNode.

Sticker Search:
- Sticker search has been supercharged to take advantage of natural language processing, and improved localization support

- Added support for the "Duplicate", "Duplicate Single Node", & "Copy Single Node" actions in the outline
- Added the ability to start editing the top selected node in a multi-selection
- Fixed a bug that disabled the font picker when the node was using an unknown font
- Fixed a bug which made emojis disappear when adding them at the beginning of a node title
- Fixed a bug where dragging nodes to the same location could result in an undoable action
- Fixed a bug where folded nodes could not be unfolded after having been duplicated
- Fixed an issue where mind maps would be cut off in exported PDFs
- Fixed an issue where text-editing would end unexpectedly after performing a merge/undo/delete action
- Fixed an issue where the color of the main branch would change when child nodes were folded
- Fixed an issue with the Jump to Selection action in the outline, ensuring that node is not covered by the search bar
- Improved cursor navigation in the outline with keyboard arrows around empty lines
- Improved sticker search to be more tolerant of queries with typos
- Improved the behavior of the outline to prevent merging nodes if notes, tags or images are present to prevent data loss
- Improved the display of pill shaped nodes so that they do not cut off image attachments
- Improved the interaction with folded nodes when tapping the footer below them, indenting nodes when the parent node is folded, & adding a node to a folded node
- Improved the performance of selecting a node in the outline
- Improved the performance of the outline with long segments of text
- Improved the placement of the folding indicator with cloud shape nodes
- Improved the placement of the text cursor when clicking on a node title
- Improved the preview image of themes
- Prevented automatic scrolling to the last edited node in the outline after scrolling & folding another node
- Updated the MindNode team credits images & added our newest team member
- Updated the minimum required OS version to macOS 11

MindNode 2021.2.3
- This update adds support for smart text shortcuts in the outline, improves several keyboard shortcuts, and much more.
- Adjusted the Option (⌥) + Delete (⌫) shortcut to perform the "Delete Single Node" action in the outline
- Added support for smart text shortcuts for tasks, notes, & tags in the outline
- Added the ability to fold multiple selected nodes in the outline

- dragging tags by making it possible to drag them by their color indicators
- legibility of text in the outline by ensuring that the color is adjusted if the theme background has changed
- manual width adjustment of multiple nodes
- the performance of editing large documents in the outline

- a bug where the title of a node would be replaced when trying to fold a child node with the Option (⌥) + . shortcut
- a bug where the knobs could become frozen on the canvas
- an issue where MindNode would freeze while creating a node with a Force click
- an issue where Emojis would disappear after adding them to a node
- an issue with the sticker picker which would make it look empty after searching
- a bug where creating links with Command (⌘) + K would sometimes not work
- an issue where highlighting a tag not assigned to any nodes resulted in all nodes being highlighted in the outline
- Refined the appearance of a dragged node making it simpler to see where it will be dropped

MindNode 2021.2.2
- Ensured that a row stays selected in the Outline after deleting the last empty row
- Ensured that adjustments made to the mind map layout are saved while editing a title in the Outline
- Ensured that clicking on a node while searching in the Outline marks it as selected

- performance when editing large documents in the Outline
- performance when folding, selecting, & editing in the Outline of large documents
- the "Show on Mind Map" action to center the Canvas to the relevant node
- the undo action while editing a title in the Outline

- a bug where the move up/down action in the Outline would not work when the Canvas was set to manual layout
- a crash that would happen when deleting characters in the Outline
- a crash which happened changing spellchecking settings
- an issue where Sticker Search would not use localized keywords
- an issue where using Focus Mode in the full-size Outline would break scrolling
- an issue with drag & drop with RTL languages
- an issue with alphabetically ordering child nodes on the left side in manual layout

MindNode 2021.2.1
- Correctly hid unsupported features in Legacy Mode
- Continued to improve Outline performance
- Disabled node sorting actions during text editing
- the layout of the Quick Entry draft popover
- the Outline context menu
- searching in the outline by adding a hint to remove filters to view more results
- Drag & Drop in the Outline by allowing spring-opening of folded nodes

- a layout glitch on the screen shown after successfully subscribing
- a crash when creating a new document while "show only open tasks" is enabled
- an issue where text formatting would be lost when ending text editing
- an issue where the hierarchy was lost when dragging nodes in the Outline
- an issue where new nodes at the end of the Outline would be deleted if they had an image, but no text
- an issue where filtering settings would not work in the Free Editor and Legacy Mode
- app freezes when the Outline is open
- how main nodes are sorted after undo
- the Outline Drag & Drop indicator for right-to-left languages
- visual glitches when using MindNode in High Contrast Mode

- Prevented triggering most outline actions during Drag & Drop
- Unified the Outline Drag & Drop indicator
- Ensured that the last selected node is centered when exiting the full-size Outline
- Ensured that a document cannot open in the full-size Outline if the Editable Outline feature is disabled
- New documents created in full-size Outline will not immediately start in edit mode

MindNode 2021.1.5
- We've updated the Outline search filter preferences in this update. Now MindNode will remember your settings for showing open tasks or hiding inline tags

- Made the loupe icon in the Outline search bar responsive to clicking when starting a search
- Fixed an issue where the canvas would not update its layout when text was edited in the Outline

MindNode 2021.1.4
- This update has a few improvements for the Outline, and fixes several issues.

- Added support for starting rearranging of a node from a folding indicator in the Outline
- Changed the appearance of the folding indicator in the Outline to indicate that it can be interacted with
- Disabled the task indicator for unfocused nodes in the Outline when using Focus Mode or Tag Highlighting
- Disabled the folding indicator in the Outline for unfocused nodes
- Fixed a crash which happened when creating a new child node from a folded main node in the Outline
- Fixed an issue where the Zoom-to-Fit feature would not work correctly when the left sidebar was open

MindNode 2021.1.3
- the ability to indent and outdent multiple lines in the Outline
- a tooltip when hovering over the Notes indictor in Outline
- spacing after the last Outline entry to make it easier to add new nodes

- renaming a tag using Voice Control
- expanding the selection using the keyboard
- a bug that prevented editing Notes in the sidebar
- a crash when deselecting an object
- a crash when filtering in the Outline
- a crash when closing a document

- Greatly enhanced the performance when filtering in the Outline

MindNode 2021.1.2
- This update adds a new gesture, improves keyboard shortcuts, fixes a few bugs, and much more
- Changed the keyboard shortcut for toggling the full-size outline: Shift (⇧) + Command (⌘) + 7

- a new gesture to indent & outdent in the Outline: swipe two fingers to the left or right on a selected row
- support to enable "Smart Dashes" on the Canvas and in the Outline
- a shortcut to show a node on the Canvas: Option (⌥) + click a node in the Outline
- support for folding nodes by using the toolbar button while editing in the Outline
- keyboard shortcuts for "Delete" and "Delete Single Object" in the Edit Menu
- animations in the Outline to show changes like adding, removing, and folding nodes
- support for spell check in the Outline
- Improved the appearance of the scrollbar

- the way nodes are sorted when copy & pasting subnodes
- an issue where nodes would become scrambled after activating manual layout
- an issue related to copy & pasting text in the Outline
- an issue where fonts would change after symbols or emojis
- a visual glitch that appeared when selecting another row in the Outline

MindNode 2021.1.1
- This update has several small improvements and fixes a few bugs.

Adapted several keyboard shortcuts:
- Select Previous Main Node: Shift + Alt (⌥) + P
- Select Next Main Node: Shift + Alt (⌥) + N
- Justify Text: Alt (⌥) + Command (⌘) + |
- Improved the "Show on Canvas" action in the Outline to correctly show folded nodes
- Added text hyphenation for long entries in the Outline
- Improved performance when resizing the Outline and displaying large documents
- Improved how nodes with links are synced with Apple Reminders
- Improved several menu item titles
- Fixed an issue where the text cursor would disappear in the Outline when using certain fonts
- Fixed a bug related to pressing the Command (⌘) key
- Fixed several crashes related to the Themes Panel and font names
- Fixed an issue where the "Create Connection" action was disabled while editing a node

MindNode 2021.1
Outlining [plus]:
- Capture your thoughts in a hierarchical form directly in the Outline. Add, remove, indent, and outdent Nodes. Rearrange your ideas by dragging and dropping. Edit your mind map and outline side-by-side.

- The Outline has been updated with a fresh visual design. The new, linear representation makes it easier to distinguish node levels and identify the structure of your thoughts.

- Improved color pickers in the Inspector
- Improved support for files from other apps that use Markdown
- Fixed an issue where the Inspector would close when the icon of the open section was clicked

MindNode 2020.6.1
- Improved how Tag names are exported in text-based file formats
- Improved how the Node Well looks while nodes are being dragged
- Fixed an issue with opening links while editing node titles
- Fixed an issue with how links are highlighted after being added
- MindNode has been fully localized in Thai. With this addition we now support 15 languages

MindNode 2020.6
- MindNode 2020.6 adds support for macOS Big Sur with a refreshed user interface, updated App Icon, and a brand new Widget

Refreshed Interface:
- Fits right into the new macOS Big Sur user interface design and adopts a custom Accent color. New fully resizable Sidebar.

App Icon:
- A shiny new App Icon that fits perfectly in the macOS Big Sur Dock

- Add the new MindNode Widget directly to your Notification Center. Quickly access your pinned and recent documents.

- Added support for exporting to plain text, RTF, and TextBundle when using Apple Script
- Added the option to restore default settings in Shortcuts preferences
- Added the option to reopen the "What's New" screen
- Improved the parsing of Notes when using the "--" Shortcut in the Node Title
- Improved how the Sticker Picker behaves when using MindNode in full-screen mode
- Improved the appearance of Outlines when exporting to PDF
- Improved the order of Nodes after alphabetic sorting
- Fixed a few layout issues with the Newsletter Signup screen
- Fixed an issue where Nodes would disappear after zooming
- Fixed a layout problem with the "Empty Tags" placeholder
- Fixed an issue where MindNode would try to import a Theme that is already installed
- Made it easier to distinguish active and inactive states of the Notes sidebar
- Updated the description of the MindNode Legacy Format on the export screen

MindNode 7.3.3
- Improved the placement of the Sticker Picker when the toolbar is not visible
- Fixed a branch drawing issue
- Fixed a few bugs related to outline mode, drop-down menus, and the inspector button for RTL languages
- Fixed a crash that happened when a document was reloaded from iCloud Drive
- Fixed a bug where XMind files could not be imported

MindNode 7.3.2
Improved visual tags:
- Highlighting a tag now also indicates nodes that are folded

- Adjusted the preferences panel to ensure all supported languages are legible
- Improved rubber-band selection color in Dark Mode
- Fixed a bug where new nodes could not be created after cancelling dragging
- Fixed an issue which made branches look tangled after pasting
- Fixed an issue where straight branches in an embedded, top-down layout had an unnecessary curve
- Fixed a problem with exporting files to Ulysses which resulted in an empty share sheet

MindNode 7.3.1
- Fixed a crash in the onboarding tutorial

MindNode 7.2.1
- Added support for characters from any language in tags
- Ensured that the node width updates after changing the image position
- Fixed an issue with pasting in the Free Editor
- Fixed a drawing glitch when exporting mind maps with underlined nodes to PDF or image
- Fixed the positioning of title resizing knobs after toggling the width manually
- Fixed a crash when interacting with the color panel after hiding/closing the inspector
- Fixed an issue which would cause MindNode to freeze when showing notes via the popover

MindNode 7.2
- This release improves keyboard navigation and fixes several longstanding issues. On iPad, this version adds full trackpad support
- Added the ability to move and mirror multiple nodes at once via keyboard shortcuts
- Improved importing of photos
- Optimized storage size of newly added photos
- Reduced the blurriness of node text in lower zoom levels on non-retina screens
- Improved tags to be displayed in the same order on a node as they are in the sidebar
- Improved sticker & image alignment for nodes with long titles
- Improved zoom performance on large documents
- Fixed a bug that triggered showing the save dialog when closing a new, unchanged document
- Fixed a bug when resizing title and sticker/image
- Fixed a bug which led to transparent main nodes after dragging
- Fixed a typo in the Things export window & made various export windows non-resizable
- Fixed a crash when renaming a personal theme
- Fixed a glitch in the newsletter sign-up window

MindNode 7.1.1
- Fixed a crash when displaying the outline
- Fixed a crash when applying a theme

MindNode 7.1
New Node Shapes:
- Use the all new hexagonal and octagonal node shapes for a fresh way to highlight your ideas

Image Position:
- Arrange sticker and images where you want them, below or next to your idea

- Added information overlays to replace modal dialogs
- Improved the description of advanced text shortcuts
- Improved importing of text lists
- Improved the drag-and-drop feedback when dragging items onto the canvas
- Fixed a bug where the color picker in the border inspector would show the wrong state
- Fixed a bug where "Fold All Completed Tasks" did not fold parent nodes with a single child node
- Fixed a bug which resulted in pixelated images when exporting
- Fixed a bug which turned anchors in URL links into tags
- Fixed a glitch when pasting nodes in vertical layout
- Fixed a layout issue when importing several images in manual layout
- Fixed an undo bug related to toggling tasks

MindNode 7.0.4
- Fixed "Copy URL Scheme" when a document is stored in a subfolder
- Fixed a drawing glitch in the Quick Entry window
- Fixed auto-dismissing of the dictionary popover when using "Look up…" during text editing
- Improved the width of the tag-popover
- Improved the resizing behavior of the Quick Entry window
- Improved the layout of the welcome screen

MindNode 7.0.3
- Fixes a bug that caused missing stickers in sticker picker
- Align '+'-buttons in sidebar with content

MindNode 7.0.2
- Improves "Select All" in tag highlight mode
- Fixes Spotlight integration for MindNode documents
- Ensures the welcome tutorial is not shown above all other windows

MindNode 7.0.1
- Adds support for including tags when printing or exporting an outline
- Fixes a crash when deleting or renaming personal themes
- Fixes paragraph spacing on the upgrade screen
- Improves contrast of unfocused nodes in Focus Mode
- Ensures the tags view is correctly refreshed after a document update
- Improves the newsletter screen in dark mode
- Improves the tag sidebar in dark mode
- Improves Quick Entry introduction screen
- Fixes a bug where selecting text would end text editing
- Fixes a crash when trying to open a linked file
- Fixes previews of MindNode documents in QuickLook
- Ensures tags aren't renamed to have no title

MindNode 7.0
Visual tags:
- Categorize and add more context to your thoughts. Use tags to prioritize ideas and bring focus to a related group of ideas that are otherwise not connected. Using our tag-highlight mode you can focus on selected tags to discover new connections.

More styles:
- Personalize your mind map with a fresh batch of stickers and a new theme

Mindnode plus:
- MindNode 7 is a free update for existing customers. New customers can unlock our full feature set with our new cross-platform MindNode Plus subscription

Free editor:
- Our free version now allows basic editing operations like adding nodes, reordering and folding

- Improves advanced text shortcuts to support tasks, notes and tags, and adds a new setting to toggle them
- Improves performance when opening and editing documents
- Fixes a mind map display issue when zooming a document on macOS Catalina
- Fixes an issue where leaving Focus Mode would scroll to the wrong position
- Fixes an issue where note indicators would stay visible after scrolling the canvas
- Fixes a hang in the on-boarding tutorial
- Fixes an issue where node wells would stay visible after unfolding
- Fixes a notes data loss issue when changing appearance

MindNode 6.1.2
- Fixes a crash when importing XMind documents
- Ensures correct branch rendering after deleting a child node with a task
- Fixes a crash when exporting Markdown documents with Asian characters
- Fixes a crash when clearing the Sticker Picker search field
- Removes blurriness when switching from small zoom levels into Focus Mode
- Fixes a bug where the bold and italic buttons in Style Inspector were disabled

MindNode 6.1.1
- Adds support for Quick Entry drafts
- Adds full Dark Mode support for notes in sidebar and popover
- Improves previews of themes with bordered nodes
- Ensures all controls in style inspector are correctly aligned

MindNode 6.0.6
- Supports opening and saving of documents using upcoming new MindNode features
- Correctly center main node of newly created documents when a sidebar is visible
- Fixes "Zoom to Fit" when a sidebar is visible

MindNode 6.0.5
- Allows using "Center Main Node" during node title editing
- Adds a new shortcut "Center Selection" that can be triggered using "Ctrl + Cmd + R"
- Retains text formatting, when exporting the outline as a PDF document
- Fixes a crash when exporting documents

MindNode 6.0.4
- The Notes popover now remembers it's last size
- Doesn't include spell-checking indicators in exported images
- Dragging a detached notes popover moves it above other notes panels
- Fixes a bug where notes could get lost when resetting style
- Improves sticker search reliability by ignore whitespaces

MindNode 6.0.3
- Improves zooming behaviour when ending Focus Mode
- Allows to change text alignment of Connection titles
- Adds keyboard shortcuts for "Hide Connections" and moving nodes to one side
- Improves first launch screens

- Fixes blurry text on retina screens during on-boarding
- Fixes a bug where the "What's New" screen would be shown too often
- Ensures the canvas color control is updated when changing themes
- Shows a detached sticker popover when the toolbar is hidden

MindNode 6.0.2
- Improves performance when adding images to a document
- Fixes the order of nodes after rewiring
- Fixes a crash when searching in outline
- Fixes a crash when creating nodes via node well
- Allows to enter Focus Mode when in Viewer Mode
- Improves the performance when editing a document with many images
- Ensures only visible nodes are selected after pasting
- Fixes blurry nodes during zooming
- Improves the display of connection titles
- Allows to create new main nodes in Focus Mode
- Improves performance when interaction with cloud-shaped nodes
- Fixes a crash when closing a document
- Uses the correct cursor when panning the canvas
- Improves the sharpness of nodes on non-retina displays
- Correctly updates toolbar images and labels based on current selection

MindNode 6.0.1
- Fixes a crash when closing a document
- Fixes a visual glitch related to branch drawing
- Fixes a crash when opening certain documents
- Fixes importing of XMind documents created with Lighten
- Fixes an issue where branches got stuck during node folding
- Fixes an outline height issue for nodes with tasks
- Improves the selection animation
- Fixes an issue that caused an incorrect node-well size
- Fixes spell checking of connection titles
- Allows to use Paste Style when Focus Mode is enabled
- Fixes a performance issue when saving or exporting documents

MindNode 6.0

Focus mode:
- Put a spotlight on one part of your mind map and fade out all the rest. Focus Mode helps you minimize distractions and stay focused to finish your thought

Hide connections:
- Reduce distractions even further by hiding all connections on the canvas

Sticker search:
- Quickly find the right sticker to make your document even more appealing

Traditional chinese:
- MindNode is now available in Traditional Chinese, increasing overall localizations to 14

- Unifies selection highlighting of nodes and connections across iOS and macOS
- Further unifies keyboard shortcuts across iOS and macOS, including shortcuts for folding, zooming and changing font size
- Supports importing of new Mind Zen documents

New shortcuts including:
- Enhances the open text link keyboard shortcut (Option-Command-K) to now also open file links
- Moves the myMindNode settings to a dedicated window (Window > Show myMindNode)
- Improves zooming and scrolling performance on large mind maps

- Ensures nodes, branches, connections and knobs are correctly animated
- Ensures correct animations during folding and unfolding
- Allows undoing node creations with Command-Z and 2-finger tap
- MindNode now correctly reopens the last open document if the app was closed in the background
- Ensures correct positions of orthogonal branches when using cloud shapes
- Fixes the "mindnode://newDocument" scheme when no filename was supplied
- Fixes jumping arrows when connections are animated
- Disables shift-click to add a node to a selection as it interfered with shift-drag to create a new connection
- Fixes drag & drop of images from external applications
- Improves sidebar resize cursor behavior
- Fixes a crash when opening the sticker picker on High Sierra
- Ensures correct text alignment, when first opening the inspector
- Ensures correct display of nodes during resizing
- Fixes animations when dragging an image out of a node at a high zoom level

MindNode 5.2.6

- Allows to extend the selection with Shift-Click
- Shows purchase state in About window

- Improves the resolution of tinted stickers in exported PDFs
- Improves performance when zooming
- Better retains the selection after undo operations
- Fixes a glitch where a node branch would still be displayed after deleting a node
- Prevents jumping of text when starting to edit a connection title
- Fixes a bug that led to lost notes when dragging & dropping an image onto a node
- Improves Little Snitch hints
- Fixes a bug that caused a slight increase of the apps memory footprint

MindNode 5.2.5
- Fixes a crash on MacBook Pros with Touch Bar when using Chinese as the system language

MindNode 5.2.3

- Adds 'Size to Fit Content"'to main menu
- Adds ability to include notes in PDF export
- Adds shortcuts for sticker (CMD-5) and media picker (CMD-6)
- Adds actions to scroll to the start and end node of a connection
- Improves performance when selecting a node
- Improves performance during text input

-  Correctly enables cross connection end point controls, when changing the selection
-  Fixes using single file format when exporting documents via the export menu
-  Fixes a bug where the Outline would scroll to the selected node, when the task state of an other node was changed
-  Fixes a bug where paste and preserve style didn't work in context menu
-  Fixes Dark Mode support in About window
-  Fixes a crash when exporting as PDF
-  Fixes an issue with 'Open Quick Entry' not correctly working
-  Retains strike-through text when applying a theme
-  Tries to recover when sticker is not part of the document
-  Fixes a bug which lead to wrong branch layouts in manual layout
-  Ensure that a node in text editing or resizing state isn't covered by any other node
-  Selects a cross connection when clicking on it's title
-  Fixes a bug which prevented the selection of cross connections after folding
-  Fixes a drawing glitch when resizing a node
-  Fixes a crash when dragging first level nodes
-  Fixes a crash when changing selection after text editing
-  Prevents zooming the canvas when pressing the CMD-key during scrolling
-  Improves the dialog that appears when a document has missing images

MindNode 5.2.2

- Refines Dark Mode appearance on export sheet
- Greatly improves search performance
- Parses bold and italic font traits when importing iThoughts or Markdown documents

- Uses the correct font size when importing notes from Markdown documents
- Fixes an image import issue when importing MindManager or iThoughts documents
- Fixes a hang when creating connections during node editing
- Uses the correct paste behaviour when pasting text into notes
- Fixes an issue that prevented creating a new document from Quick Entry when MindNode wasn't running
- Fixes not working URL Schemes when MindNode was launched by a URL Scheme
- Fixes a style inheritance issue when "Inherit style when reconnecting" is disabled
- Fixes a crash when selecting a node
- Fixes an image loss issue when duplicating a document
- Fixes an issue with opening linked documents in right-to-left languages

MindNode 5.2.1
- Fixes slowdowns when selecting nodes or connections
- Fixes text alignment in Slate theme
- Fixes several memory usage issue
- Fixes a bug that prevented node dragging in certain situations

MindNode 5.2
Dark Mode:
- MindNode is now fully optimized for macOS Mojave's Dark Mode
- In MindNode's preferences you can adapt the appearance to your needs: use the system default or choose light or dark mode
- One new Dark Mode optimized theme (Slate) to help you better focus on your ideas

Resize Outline:
- You can now increase the size of the outline to give mind map and outline the same space
- The outline is not the only sidebar you can resize, earlier this year we also added the ability to resize the Notes sidebar

URL Schemes:
- Launch Quick Entry or import documents using new URL-Schemes - Learn all the details in our User Guide
- Use "Copy URL Scheme" in the Share-menu to create a URL to the document

Continuity Camera:
- Use your iPhone or iPad to snap photos, scan documents and import them directly into your document
- You can use Continuity Camera to add photos of presentation slides when taking notes or to add images when preparing for an exam

- Adds 5 new stickers (Apple, Cake, Clock, Pie, Tree)
- Adds support to export your tasks to OmniFocus 3
- Improves Marked 2 integration by including images in the preview
- Improves text legibility for custom highlight colors during text editing
- Allows to disable the background during printing
- Changes the "Show Notes Inspector" context menu to "Show Notes Popover"
- Highlights nodes on canvas when changing selection in outline
- Improves the sidebar layout to offer a more consistent look
- Adds a shortcut to clear the current selection (Control-Option-Command-A)

- Improves error reporting when opening a document with missing images
- Fixes a crash during node resizing
- Ensures that selected nodes stays visible, when moving them using the arrow keys
- Outline entries with a lot of text content are sized correctly
- Fixes an issue related to syncing task stats with Reminders on Mojave
- Fixes an issue that allowed giving a theme an empty title
- Shows hints for all toolbar items
- Fixes a crash when opening the photo picker

MindNode 5.1.7
- Fixes a crash when attaching a node to a main node
- Opens a new document when launching the app when iCloud Drive is disable

MindNode 5.1.6

- Ensures future compatibility of Things integration
- Fixes a Quick Entry crash
- Uses correct toolbar icons

MindNode 5.1.5
- Fixes a crash on launch on macOS Sierra

MindNode 5.1.4
- Improves Markdown export of notes to enhance Marked 2 support
- Allows to resize Quick Entry window
- Adds the ability to create a reversed cross connection when holding Option+Shift when dragging a node
- Adds ability to share a document to myMindNode and Reminders from the "File > Share" menu

- Fixes a crash when replacing text in a selection using "Replace All in Selection"
- Fixes a bug where a tinted sticker would not be updated during a dragging operation
- Fixes an issue that caused incorrect ordering of undo operations
- Fixes an issue related to duplicate images when printing an outline
- Fixes a hang when closing the print "Page Setup" dialog
- Uses correct stroke width when "Level Dependent Style" is disabled
- Fixes overlapping of branches when exporting as a PDF or an image
- Fixes an issue with xMind import
- Fixes a performance issue when selecting nodes
- Fixes a display issue when using arabic characters

MindNode 5.1.3
- Improves Quick Entry performance

- Fixes a crash when closing a document
- Hides menu items for not yet released features
- Fixes a crash when an open documents gets modified on an other device
- Fixes a crash during saving when a document is open on an other device
- No longer request two undo operations when adding an image
- Fixes a crash when pasting or dragging an image onto a node

MindNode 5.1.2
- Improves task inheritance in Quick Entry mode
- Adds Help menu item to sign up for newsletter

- Allows to add a link to the current selected text and not only to the entire title
- Removes animation when changing connection end points
- Improves error messages during document loading
- Fixes a branch thickness issue when creating nodes using the + sign
- Fixes a sticker display issue in outline
- Fixes a data loss issue when using asian characters with different attributes
- Fixes a crash when pasting text with custom fonts
- Correctly reload sticker picker when changing selection
- Makes it easier to tear off sticker picker
- Removes ability to provide an email address in crash reporter
- Fixes a crash when starting editing of a connection title using the context menu

MindNode 5.1.1
- When zooming to “Actual Size”, ensure the current selected node stays visible
- Fixes a hang when undoing multiple fold operations
- Fixes a crash when opening a document with images
- Improves color well interaction when using a Magic Mouse
- Remembers scroll position in sticker picker when switching between sticker styles
- Fixes a crash when printing a document
- Fixes a crash when exporting a document as PDF

MindNode 5.1
- This release increases the overall performance when using MindNode. Document save and load is considerable faster; almost every direct interaction on the canvas is smoother. Especially when working with large documents, MindNode is now more responsive.

- Set a system-wide shortcut to open Quick Entry
- Resize the notes sidebar to give more room to your notes
- Allows to select the default MindNode format to increase compatibility with third-party sharing services (Use package for local/iCloud documents and single file for other providers)
- Decreases the minimum windows size to allow opening MindNode in split screen on Macs with smaller screens
- Adds new option to download new themes from mindnode.com/themes
- Adds ability to subscribe to a new email tutorial during first launch
- Allows to tear of sticker picker
- Improves toolbar behaviour when resizing to a small window size
- Adds ability to reset the connection waypoint using the main/context menu
- Increases Quick Entry window size
- Quick Entry will now use the branch color to tint task indicators
- When turning off "level dependent style", reset branch width to the default width of the current theme

- Fixes several issues related to text handling, including retaining empty lines at the beginning of a title
- Fixes several crashes related to undoing and redoing
- Fixes a crash during image resizing
- Fixes an issue related to blurry images when opening a document
- Uses correct preview images in sticker picker
- Fixes a dangling folding indicator issue
- Fixes an issue that prevented pasting text into the document renaming popover and saving panel (this also fixes TextExpander integration)
- Fixes underline and strikethrough in notes sidebar
- Cleans up the Preferences by removing the Reset Defaults button and ensuring the same width for all preferences tabs
- Fixes an issue related to restoring the correct last window position
- Fixes pasting notes into Keynote

MindNode 5.0.11
- Don't create a note when using -- in a node title. You can continue to use the -- shortcut to create a note, by placing it on a separate line
- Improves myMindNode signup
- Fixes a crash when opening documents that were created using an older beta version
- Fixes an issue related to importing iThoughts documents
- Fixes colors during on-boarding

MindNode 5.0.8
- Ensures stickers are always tinted correctly
- Fixes several issues related to importing XMind documents
- Fixes loading of myMindNode's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
- Fixes a crash when deleting a cross connection
- Fixes a Things exporter issue related to documents with tasks in main nodes
- Fixes a node resizing issue in inspector

MindNode 5.0.7
- We redesigned the free trial workflow to no longer require to purchase a free In-App-Purchase

- Fixes a localisation issue in the border section
- Fixes a crash when restoring a purchase on macOS Sierra
- Show application state in about window
- Fixes a jump text issue in Quick Entry

MindNode 5.0.6
- Improves Things integration to take advantage of new Things 3.4 sharing options. This includes exporting hierarchies in headers
- Adds the ability to open iCloud Drive documents using a URL scheme

- Fixes an issue related to pasting a text outline when using top-down-layout

MindNode 5.0.5
- Fixes a crash when navigation to the Organize section in the main menu
- Fixes a hang during “Restore Purchase” on macOS High Sierra

MindNode 5.0.4
- Correctly sorts main nodes horizontally in outline view
- Fixes an issue related to disappearing connections that were created using copy & paste
- Fixes an issue that would cause a hang when using TaskPaper or OmniFocus export
- Fixes a crash during spell checking
- Auto-scroll Quick Entry when entering long text
- Always add new child nodes as the last subnode
- Fixes tint color inconsistencies during on-boarding
- When dragging the canvas with the mouse change cursor to closed hand
- Allow to dismiss purchase and notification windows with the ESC key
- Fixes a crash in theme browser when it’s not visible
- Correctly show insertion pointer when starting to edit a connection label
- "Open Quick Entry" will now also open Quick Entry when it's already running
- Improve readability of stickers popover when using a document with a dark background
- Fixes QuickLook previews for single file MindNode documents

MindNode 5.0.3
- New main menu item to unfold all nodes of the current select mind map

- Fixes a crash in Quick Entry Helper App
- Fixes a crash in QuickLook and Spotlight Plugin
- Allow to open image picker when no node is selected
- Allow underline & strikethrough while textEditing
- Allow copy style & paste style while textEditing
- Fixes an issue with incorrect theme text colors in Quick Entry

MindNode 5.0.2
- Increase zoom out level to 10%
- New "Open Quick Entry" main menu item to manually launch Quick Entry

- Pan canvas with the mouse while holding the Space-key
- Allow to customize touch bar during text editing
- Allow to reposition purchase window
- Fixes outline PDF export
- Fixes transparent background option in PNG export
- Fixes a crash related to legacy dash styles
- Better communicate that the trial is ending automatically
- Fixes fill color of Teal theme
- Use better defaults for fill color when extracting a theme
- The "Default" theme section is now called "Built-in"
- Automatically set a newly created theme as the default theme

MindNode 5.0.1
- Fixes myMindNode registration
- Several fixes related to restoring purchase
- Fixes a crash on macOS Sierra when trying to restore a purchase
- Fixes an animation glitch in tutorial
- Fixes a style issue when inserting a new parent node
- Fixes What's New menu item

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