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Mixxx 2.1.0 Mac

Mixxx for Mac 擁有一切你需要開始製作 DJ 混合在一個緊密的,集成的包裝。無論您正在 DJ 下一場派對,在俱樂部旋轉,還是作為收音機 DJ 進行廣播,Mixxx 都有你需要做的事情。

今天 Mixxx for Mac 包含了很多數字 DJ 解決方案的共同特點,但也有一些非常獨特的功能。進一步的 Mixxx 有一些關鍵的功能,可以幫助 DJ 在現場混音:節拍估計,並行視覺顯示,並支持許多 DJ 輸入控制器。

Mixxx 主要特點:

iTunes Integration
所有你的播放列表和 iTunes 中的歌曲,自動準備去您的下一個現場 DJ 表演.

DJ MIDI 控制器支持
超過 30 個 DJ MIDI 控制器支持開箱即用,Mixxx for Mac 為您的 DJ 混音提供全面的硬件控制.

BPM 檢測和 Sync
即時同步兩首歌曲的速度,實現無縫拍音混合。需要休息嗎?創建一個快速播放列表,讓 Auto DJ 接管。

Mixxx 擁有先進的混音引擎,包括支持 MP3,M4A / AAC,OGG 和 FLAC 音頻,可調 EQ 架子,時間碼乙烯基控制,錄音和 Shoutcast 廣播.

每年,一個 DJ,程序員和藝術家為 Mixxx 貢獻了數十個新功能。而且它不花你一毛錢。由於 Mixxx 是開源的,任何人都可以重新混合或添加新的功能。這包括你!

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檔案版本 Mixxx 2.1.0
檔案名稱 mixxx-2.1.0-osxintel.dmg
檔案大小 28.68 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.5 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Mixxx Development Team
更新日期 http://www.mixxx.org/
軟體類型 2018-05-08

What's new in this version:

- Graphical interface scales for high resolution screens
- Overhauled Deere and LateNight skins
- New Tango skin
- Resizable waveforms
- Effects are synchronized to the tempo
- Effects are processed post-fader and post-crossfader and can be previewed in headphones
- One metaknob per effect with customizable parameter control for intuitive use of effect chains
- Nine new effects: Autopan, Biquad Equalizer, Biquad Full Kill Equalizer, Loudness Contour, Metronome, Parametric Equalizer, Phaser, Stereo Balance, Tremolo
- Loaded effects and their parameters are saved and restored when Mixxx restarts
- More transparent sounding equalizers (Biquad Equalizer and Biquad Full Kill Equalizer)
- Improved scratching sounds with jog wheels, vinyl control, and dragging waveforms with the mouse
- Simplified looping and beatjump controls
- Configurable rows of 8 samplers with up to 8 rows available for a total of 64 samplers
- Files loaded to samplers are reloaded when Mixxx restarts
- Improved volume normalization algorithm (EBU-R 128)
- Filter library table by crates
- Sort musical keys in library table by circle of fifths
- Write metadata tags back to audio files
- New JavaScript library for controller mapping
- Configure multiple Internet broadcasting stations and use multiple stations at the same time
- Broadcast and record microphones with direct monitoring and latency compensation
- Broadcast and record from an external mixer
- Booth output with independent gain knob for using sound cards with 6 output channels without an external mixer
- Prevent screensaver from starting while Mixxx is running
- CUP (Cue And Play) cue button mode
- Time remaining and time elapsed now take into account the tempo fader
- Clicking cover art now shows it full size in a separate window and of course, lots and lots of bug fixes

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