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MoneyWiz 3.7.8 for Mac 軟體資訊交流 - winXmac軟體社群

MoneyWiz 3.7.8 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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MoneyWiz 3.7.8 Mac

MoneyWiz for Mac 是世界上最先進,功能豐富的財務軟件。 MoneyWiz 為 40 多個國家的 16,000 多家銀行提供最廣泛的銀行支持。 MoneyWiz 可以在所有設備之間自動同步,無憂無慮。 MoneyWiz 非常適合希望在一個地方管理所有賬戶,預算和賬單的專業人員和家庭。 MoneyWiz 定期更新,並始終支持最新的技術& 設備,通常在它們進入市場之前。 MoneyWiz 支持所有的世界貨幣,並被翻譯成超過 25 種語言。雖然 MoneyWiz for Mac 在所有平台上功能齊全,但功能僅在計算機上使用.

MoneyWiz for Mac 功能:
高級協調銀行對帳單。只需輸入 start& 結束日期和開始& 最終餘額和 MoneyWiz 將幫助你休息。電子表格查看您的交易。在電子表格和列表視圖之間輕鬆切換。配置列及其順序。此外,您可以獲得借記和貸款。學分在單獨的列。批量修改交易。選擇多個交易並一次編輯它們。拖動& 刪除要導入的文件,附加到事務的圖像或在帳戶之間移動的事務。即使拖動& 將交易放入預定部分以使其重複使用。鍵盤快捷鍵幾乎任何東西。自動本地備份與自定義備份間隔。注意:在演示版本限制為 100 個交易。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 MoneyWiz 3.7.8
檔案名稱 MoneyWiz_Mac_Free.dmg
檔案大小 26 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SilverWiz Ltd
更新日期 http://moneywizapp.com/mac/
軟體類型 2020-06-01

What's new in this version:

MoneyWiz 3.7.8
- Change log not available for this version

MoneyWiz 3.7.7
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.7.6
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.7.5
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.7.4
- Many SaltEdge banks can now download more than 3 months of transactions during initial syncing (when linking the accounts for the first time)
- Support for new banks
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.7.3
- Support for Dark Mode on macOS 10.14 and above. You can enable it via Settings / General.
- Added support for new banks
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.7.2
- Bug fixes and small improvements

MoneyWiz 3.7.0
- Bug fixes and small improvements

MoneyWiz 3.6.5
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.6.3
- Open Banking / PSD2 - customers with banks that now fall under the Open Banking / PSD2 directive can now re-connect their accounts (or add them as new ones).
- Ability to edit pending online banking transactions
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.5.3
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.5.1
- We now have a new, much improved icon! Special thanks to Michael Flarup (https://dribbble.com/flarup) for the work he pulled on the new icon
- Bug fixes and other improvements

MoneyWiz 3.4.1
- This update fixes a bug where MoneyWiz could forget if you've purchased the Standard license
- If you experience this issue just go to Settings / License and tap Restore Purchases, and the issue will go away

MoneyWiz 3.4.0
- We brought back the budget indicator showing the spent vs time left ratio
- Lots of other bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.3.4
- Bug fixes
- Improved app start time

MoneyWiz 3.3.3
- Bug fixes and improvements

MoneyWiz 3.3.1
- Change log not available for this version

MoneyWiz 3.3.0
- MoneyWiz 3 Standard (non-subscription) version now available via Settings / License. MoneyWiz 3 Standard for macOS will unlock SYNCbits and some additional features on all of your macOS devices. Fast SYNCbits account switching for those of you who have multiple SYNCbits accounts Improved UI for budget indicators (matching the iOS design)

MoneyWiz 3.2.0
- Bug fixes and improvements

MoneyWiz 3.1.5
- Bug fixes and stability improvements

MoneyWiz 3.1.0
- Design improvements: sidebar now takes less space so you can see more of your data
- macOS Mojave Dark Mode fixes
- Fixed an issue where report chart might not display account currency properly
- Made it possible for account balance to be affected by transaction filters. If your balance looks strange after updating, make sure to check your account filters! You can find them on top of your Account register: “Filters” button on Deskop and a row of buttons on Mobile
- Upcoming Scheduled transactions can now be displayed in the Account register (31 days in the future) without the need to pay them in advance. To use this, just change transaction filters to Forecast
- Upcoming Scheduled transactions can now be displayed in the Budget registers too (until next budget cycle date)
- It’s now possible to change the color scheme of category icons: either standard red/green or much more colorful! Try for yourself in Settings -> Transaction layout
- Improved subscription management system, making subscription renewals much easier. No action required from you though
- Dashboard section features have been moved to other places in the application
- New way of displaying stock and crypto holding icons
- Made it easier to access database and debug logs folders
- Fixed the number of decimals for AFA, IDR, LAK, MZM, TMT, UGX and VND and other fixes for some rarer currencies
- Many Online Banking syncing fixes and improvements
- Fixes related to manual importing of files
- Hundreds of bug and crash fixes, greatly improved speed and performance

MoneyWiz 3.0.4
- Various bug fixes

MoneyWiz 3.0.3
- fixed crash on editing budget transfer
- fixed yodlee error 2002
- readjusted size of dock icon for Mac
- added explanations on why sync in latest version is not compatible with previous versions
- fixed crash related to investment account and reports
- fixed crash with online banking investment accounts
- Vietnamese dong now has no decimals
- fixed issue when searching currency name where space adds two spaces
- fixed issue with multiple currencies with the same symbol
- fixed issue where outgoing transfer in forex account increases the account balance
- fixed widely popular sync crash

MoneyWiz 3.0.1
- Fixed various bugs reported after the 3.0.0 release

MoneyWiz 3.0.0
- Support for crypto-currencies (& altcoins) and FOREX accounts, integration to some exchanges via SaltEdge for automatic download of trades. Manual work with crypto-currencies (even unlisted pairs).
- Ability to see the aggregated portfolio of an entire group of investment/forex/crypto accounts. If you have grouped multiple accounts of investment/crypto/forex type into the same group and that group has no other types of accounts, the group will have an icon on its right side, that looks like an eye. Tap it and you will see the aggregated portfolio information.
- Much improved sync performance
- Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements
- Lots of improvements to online banking
- GDPR compliance

MoneyWiz 2.7.6
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 2.7.5
- Fixed a number of crashes
- Fixed german localization
- Fixed issue with duplicated last month on bar chart reports

MoneyWiz 2.7.1
- Fixed several crashes
- Fixed issue with disconnecting OB account on Mac
- Improved duplicates recognition with SaltEdge transactions
- Fixed crash on Mac 10.8.5

MoneyWiz 2.7.0
- Fixed issue with empty transparent windows in mission control
- When stock is available on Yahoo, but historical data is not, MoneyWiz now allows manual price updates
- Fixed issue where auto-skip changes the sign of the transaction
- Fixed issue where manual price updates on stocks are set with wrong time
- Added Belarusian translation
- Fixed bug when budget transfer in past period remains after deleting one of the budgets
- Fixed issue with BYR currency
- Record number from SaltEdge transactions will be stored in the memo
- Fixed bug with selecting accounts with keyboard on Mac
- When stock symbol is not available on Yahoo, MoneyWiz will store the price from Yodlee automatically
- Fixed issue where MoneyWiz skips importing SaltEdge transactions that are similar to existing transfers
- Added handling for duplicate transactions with SaltEdge banks, where the bank changes the description of the transactions
- Fixed crash with updating stock prices from Yodlee and Yahoo at the same time
- Increased speed of Yodlee connections, it's now 4 times faster

MoneyWiz 2.6.11
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 2.6.10
- This update changes the currency exchange rates platform that we use. If you had any issues with multi-currency accounts, this update will fix them. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, the issue is the result of Yahoo Finance ceasing to support their currency exchange rate API.

MoneyWiz 2.6.9
- This update fixes a bug that could've resulted in duplicate transactions for some users with Online Banking via SaltEdge

MoneyWiz 2.6.8
- This update fixes an issue where activating your subscription may result in sync not working

MoneyWiz 2.6.7
- Fixed migration issue on old macOS versions (10.10 and older)
- Fixed Touch ID double authentication on start on High Sierra (10.13)
- Fixed category name issue when parent category has same name as child category
- Fixed various budget issues
- Transaction in reports will now show the account name and currency
- Fixed crash with creating a group during import from online banking

MoneyWiz 2.6.6
- This update fixes a bug that was causing a crash for some customers

MoneyWiz 2.6.5

- Optimized for macOS 10.13
- Ability to disable TouchID use on macOS but still use PIN protection
- Ability to manually set cost basis of investment holdings
- Ability to manually set the price of a security (in case it's not supported for auto update of the price, such as some mutual funds)
- Performance improvements
- Fixed a visual issue with the subscriptions screen on iPad
- Made investment G/L calculations to take dividends, fees etc. into account
- Implemented a check to avoid duplicating transactions when a scheduled transaction executes in an online banking account
- We've implemented a feature that we call "The ultimate OB data consistency check". This feature will use advanced logic to determine when Yodlee or SaltEdge is not providing us with accurate data, and MoneyWiz will try to mitigate it on its own or inform of you if that happens and it's unable to handle it automatically
- MoneyWiz loading time decreased by around 25%

- Fixed an issue where adding multiple transactions one after another may result in the transactions showing up in random order but not the order in which you entered them
- Fixed an issue where a manually deleted online banking transaction would re-appear after a new sync
- Disabled the reminder to review MoneyWiz
- Various fixes related to handling MFA accounts via Yodlee
- Fixed a crash that happened if you deleted the category of a split transaction monitored by 2 or more budgets
- Fixed an issue where with creating a transaction of 0 value in a budget
- Fixed a bug where some groups may not appear in the list of accounts & groups
- Fixed a crash when generating a custom report
- Fixed a an issue where performing a gesture on a transaction via the Dashboard would result in a crash
- Fixed a crash related to restoring a subscription via the Subscriptions screen
- Fixed an issue where budget may not properly calculate if Rollover is used
- Fixed an UI issue where some accounts' names may get truncated
- Fixed an issue related to working with transactions where the transaction is posted in account in one currency but monitored in a budget in a different currency
- Fixed an issue with SaltEdge online banking where MoneyWiz would incorrectly ask you to re-enter your credentials
- Fixed an issue where an alert for wrong balance may appear twice
- Fixed a crash when clicking on stock's Details button
- Fixed a visual glitch where investment portfolios would not show up at times
- Fixed a visual issue where the account & amount fields were not visible when editing a transaction in a currency different from the account's currency
- Fixed a rounding issue with investment accounts
- Fixed an issue where some investment assets may not get auto updates of their price
- Fixed an issue with decimal button missing from the keyboard when inputing JPY transactions
- Fixed a bug that may have caused crashes for some customers when changing a category of a transaction
- Fixed an issue where for some UK based customers with investment accounts, the amount won't properly calculate as MoneyWiz did not consider pence vs pound difference between different brokerage firms
- Fixed an issue where the account list may show up empty when creating a budget
- Fixed an issue where for some Yodlee customers it was impossible to select the login type (where applicable)
- Fixed a crash related to saving specific reports
- Fixed a bug where some transactions won't import from online banking after they were converted to transfers (affecting only SaltEdge linked accounts)
- Fixed an issue with Yodlee where some login fields would be so long that they would be cut out of the screen
- Fixed an issue with the Cashflow report where it included pending transactions when it shouldn't have
- Fixed a crash for some TouchID users
- Fixed an issue where MoneyWiz may not start translated in your local language
- Various other crash fixes, bug fixes and stability improvements

MoneyWiz 2.6.4
- This update fixes a crash related to refreshing a SaltEdge linked accounts

MoneyWiz 2.6.3
- Various UI improvements related to investment accounts and their transactions
- Fixed a bug where some people would see 8 zeroes after the decimal separator, when they should not
- Fixed an issue with disappearing PIN keyboard
- Fixed an issue related to displaying proper information when working with unknown tickers
- Fixed an issue where a budget could not be created if automatic decimal entry was enabled
- Stock details will now open up the Yahoo Finance website instead of Google Finance
- Fixed several issues and a crash related to entering decimal signs
- Fixed an issue where the calendar won’t show up when selecting a date for a buy/sell transaction
- Fixed an issue where trying to buy MoneyWiz will open up a blank page
- Made it possible to disable Touch ID on MoneyWiz for Mac
- Various UI improvements
- Various localizations improvements
- Fixed a bug where the report chart view sometimes crops the report end date
- Various sync related issues have been resolved
- Performance improvements related to searching transactions
- Fixed a bug where the selected account gets deselected on a sync cycle
- Fixed a bug where the statistics report filter by accounts was not taken into account
- Online banking will now download transactions with timestamps when the bank provides them (previously they would only download with date, without time)
- Fixed a bug related to de-sync

MoneyWiz 2.6.0
- If you want to connect your financial institution to MoneyWiz, so that MoneyWiz would download all existing holdings & trades as well as new trades, please do so by adding an Online Banking account and then search for your financial institution. Even if it didn't show up previously it now may appear in search results as we've added support for over 3,700 Investment Accounts institutions.
- If you want to manually manage your investment account and enter trades manually, just add a new Investment Account.
- MoneyWiz will automatically refresh your holdings values once per hour
- MoneyWiz can handle buy/sell/short/cover. You can also add expenses/incomes/transfers to investment accounts. If you're connected via Online Banking, MoneyWiz will automatically handle all transaction/trade types.
- Support for stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, precious metals and every other tradable commodity.
- Support for most stock markets in the world - just make sure to enter the proper holding symbol/ticker and MoneyWiz will handle it.
- Investment Accounts also introduce a brand new transaction view in MoneyWiz where you have a chart on top and a table below it. You can switch the table to show either trades (transactions) or holdings.
- MoneyWiz can handle all types of Investment/Brokerage accounts, including retirement accounts (IRA, 401k etc), self managed accounts etc.

- Newly downloaded transactions from Online Banking will now be marked with a "new" text in their transaction status flag (the red/green flag on the left hand side, that indicates whether the transaction is cleared or pending)
- Bug fixes, stability improvements, security improvements

MoneyWiz 2.5.13
- This update fixes a bug where trying to subscribe to MoneyWiz, using PayPal would make MoneyWiz crash

MoneyWiz 2.5.12
- Bug fixes

MoneyWiz 2.5.10
- Bug fixes

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