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Movavi Photo Editor 23.1.0 Mac

尋找適用於 macOS 的圖片編輯程序嗎? Movavi Photo Editor for Mac 是您所需要的!借助此軟件,您可以獲得最佳的圖像!照片是生活中最重要的階段,無論是您最好的朋友的婚禮,長子的作惡,家庭聚會或度假探險。數字時代為我們帶來了方便的程序,可以幫助我們完善旅途中拍攝的照片。幸運的是,Movavi Photo Editor for Mac 承擔著使照片編輯體驗無縫的艱鉅任務。

是否正在尋找一種快速簡便的方式在 macOS 中修飾照片?適用於 macOS 的 Movavi 的照片編輯器非常適合初學者和有經驗的用戶。該應用程序提供了無故障圖像處理所需的一切 - 從基本工具到高級功能。圖像編輯器處理所有復雜的技術問題,因此您只需按一下按鈕即可立即進行增強。使用此桌面圖片編輯器,將您的日常快照變成持久的回憶。


您的照片被隨機的人寵壞或誤裝在相機上而煩惱嗎?即使構圖出完美的畫面,似乎總是會有障礙。特別是如果您自己的手指是那個煩人的入侵者!但是,不必擔心圖像可能會被破壞 - 圖片編輯軟件將為您帶來些小意外,不費吹灰之力。

為圖像增添色彩 Pop
多雲的天氣會使您的照片變得暗淡而朦朧嗎?在陰暗的日子拍攝可能會比較棘手,但是您可以使用 Magic Enhance 放大室外圖像。只需單擊一下,即可豐富色彩並提高對比度!拖動滑塊,直到您的照片看起來盡可能自然。

我們無法停止時間的流逝,但我們可以重現照片所捕捉的珍貴時刻。有沒有想過如何修復您的祖父母過得更好的古董照片? Movavi 很高興介紹最新的創新 - 照片恢復軟件,它將使黑白照片修復變得輕而易舉!消除視覺干擾,消除裂紋和污漬,並通過觸摸按鈕使摺痕變平。營救老式印刷品,帶回珍貴的回憶!

隨時隨地旅行 - 數分鐘之內
在忙於工作時夢見度假?借助改進的背景轉換工具將夢想變為現實!現在,您可以通過 3 個簡單的步驟將自己傳送到溫暖的地方。或者也許為您的計算機桌面創建節日牆紙,或者為家人和朋友個性化賀卡以使他們感到被愛。


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檔案版本 Movavi Photo Editor 23.1.0
檔案名稱 MovaviPhotoEditorMac.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Movavi
軟體類型 2023-02-02

What's new in this version:

Movavi Photo Editor 23.1.0
- Easier working with photos thanks to the fully refreshed interface
- New and expanded collection of image backgrounds: see yourself at a long-awaited concert or in a mysterious forest, walk down a busy street, travel through the galaxy, and more
- New text adornments: a search box, hearts and stars, speech bubbles, ribbons, plates, and other backgrounds for every occasion

Movavi Photo Editor 23.0.2
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 23.0.1
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 23.0.0
- Now you can take advantage of presets – and add your own preset to make it easier to adjust the colors

Movavi Photo Editor 6.7.1
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.7.0
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.6.0
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.5.0
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.4.0
- New Collage function: choose a collage preset, customize border colors, spacing, and corner rounding
- Improved the Restore tool. Now the photo restoration process is faster, and the quality of edited images is higher
- Minor bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.3.0
- Reinstated the HDR Lighting slider to adjust the intensity of the effect
- Redesigned the top toolbar
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi Photo Editor 6.2.0
- Added Auto Denoise capability: our smart technology will reduce image noise in a click
- Updated preset proportions for the crop frame
- The Hair Selection Tool in the Change Background tab now works faster
- No restart required: save your photos with no watermark right after you activate the program
- Redesigned the Saving photo window
- Minor bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.1.0
- AI-powered HDR effect: make your photos super vivid and dynamic in a single click
- Added the Auto Leveling tool: the app will straighten your image automatically
- Now it’s even easier to combine objects in the Text tab
- Minor interface and usability improvements
- Minor bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.0.0
AI-Powered Photo Enhancement:
- Try the new smart auto-adjustment. Amp up brightness and contrast at the touch of a button

Section Selection:
- Enhance any part of your photo with the selection tool. Add a blur effect, adjust brightness, contrast, and more

- Decorate your photos with stylish frames. Customize the design to meet your needs

Improved Text Editing:
- Use the handy new text entry window to enter a caption. Twist the text into different shapes. Add decorations and adjust color, outline, and position

Auto-Selection Tool for Quick Background Changes:
- Automatically select people in a photo and change the background in 3 clicks

- Mac OS 9 and older versions are no longer supported
- Bug fixes

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