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RStudio 1.4.1103 Mac

MySQL for Mac 是專為企業組織提供業務關鍵數據庫應用程序。它為企業開發人員,數據庫管理員和 ISV 提供了一系列新的企業功能,以提高開發,部署和管理工業強度應用程序的效率.

如果您需要 MySQL 數據庫的 GUI,可以下載 - NAVICAT(MySQL GUI)。它支持將 MySQL,MS SQL,MS Access,Excel,CSV,XML 或其他格式導入到 MySQL.

MySQL 數據庫服務器提供了新的企業功能,包括:ACID 事務處理,以構建可靠和安全的業務關鍵型應用程序。存儲過程來提高開發人員的生產力。觸發器在數據庫級執行複雜的業務規則。保證敏感信息的觀點不受影響。信息架構,以便於訪問元數據。支持跨多個數據庫的複雜事務的分佈式事務(XA).

Top 10 使用的理由 MySQL for Mac:

可擴展性和靈活性 51235896 MySQL 數據庫服務器提供了極高的可擴展性,體現了處理深度嵌入式應用程序的能力,僅佔用 1MB 的空間來運行海量數據倉庫擁有太字節的信息.

獨特的存儲引擎架構允許數據庫專業人員專門為特定應用程序配置 MySQL 數據庫服務器,最終的結果是驚人的性能結果.

堅如磐石的可靠性和持續可用性是 MySQL 的標誌,客戶依靠 MySQL 來保證全天候的正常運行.

Robust 交易支持
MySQL 提供了市場上最強大的交易數據庫引擎之一。  功能包括完整的 ACID(原子性,一致性,隔離性,持久性)事務支持,無限的行級鎖定以及更多功能.

Web 和數據倉庫優勢
MySQL 是高流量網站的事實標準,因為它的高性能查詢引擎,極大的快速的數據插入能力,以及對快速全文搜索等專業化網頁功能的強大支持.

因為守衛企業的數據資產是數據庫專業人員的頭號工作,MySQL for Mac 提供了絕對的數據保護的卓越的安全特性.

MySQL 是世界上最流行的開源數據庫的原因之一就是它為每個應用程序開發提供了全面的支持。在數據庫中,支持存儲過程,觸發器,函數,視圖,游標,ANSI 標準 SQL 等等。分鐘.

開源自由和 24×7 支持

Lowest 總擁有成本
By 將當前的數據庫驅動器應用程序遷移到 MySQL,或使用 MySQL 進行新的開發項目,企業正在實現成本節省,多次延伸到七位數.

也可用:下載 Windows 版 MySQL

檔案版本 RStudio 1.4.1103
檔案名稱 RStudio-1.4.1103.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Oracle
軟體類型 2021-01-18

What's new in this version:

- A new visual editor for R Markdown documents
- Improved support for Python, including an environment pane for Python and visualization of Python objects
- Workbench productivity improvements, including a command palette and rainbow parentheses
- A more configurable workspace with additional source columns and improved accessibility
- Support for SAML and OpenID authentication, and experimental support for VS Code sessions, in RStudio Server Pro
- Dozens of small improvements and bugfixes

- Fixed issue where debugger contexts were not displayed correctly for byte-compiled functions
- UTF-8 character vectors are now properly displayed within the Environment pane
- Fixed issue where diagnostics system surface “Unknown or uninitialized column” warnings in some cases
- Fixed issue where hovering mouse cursor over C++ completion popup would steal focus
- Fixed issue where autocompletion could fail for functions masked by objects in global environments
- Fixed issue where autocompletion could fail to provide argument names for piped-to S3 generics
- Fixed issue where UTF-8 output from Python chunks was mis-encoded on Windows
- Git integration now works properly for project names containing the ‘!’ character
- Fixed issue where loading the Rfast package could lead to session hangs
- Fixed header resizing in Data Viewer
- Fixed resizing last column in Data Viewer
- Fixed inconsistencies in the resizing between a column and its header
- Fixed submission of inconsistently indented Python blocks to reticulate
- Fixed error when redirecting inside Plumber applications in RStudio Server Pro
- Fixed failure to open files after an attempt to open a very large file
- Fixed Data Viewer getting out of sync with the underlying data when changing live viewer object
- Fixed issue where attempts to plot could fail if R tempdir was deleted
- Fixed issue that caused sessions to freeze due to slow I/O for monitor logs
- Added CSRF protection to sign-in pages
- Fixed issue that allowed multiple concurrent sign-in requests
- Fixed issue where the admin logs page could sometimes crash due to a malformed log statement
- Fixed issue where the URL popped out by the Viewer pane was incorrect after navigation
- Fixed issue where clicking the filter UI box would sort a data viewer column
- Fixed issue where Windows shortcuts were not resolved correctly in file dialogs
- Fixed issue where failure to rotate a log file could cause a process crash
- Fixed issue where saving workspace could emit ‘package may not be available when loading’ warning
- Fixed issue where indented Python chunks could not be run
- Fixed disappearing commands and recent files/projects when RStudio Desktop opens new windows
- Fixed issue where active repositories were not propagated to newly-created renv projects
- Fixed issue where .DollarNames methods defined in global environment were not resolved
- Reduced difference in font size and spacing between Terminal and Console
- Fixed issue where path autocompletion in R Markdown documents did not respect Knit Directory preference
- Fixed issue where Job Launcher streams could remain open longer than expected when viewing the job details page
- Fixed issue where rstudioapi::askForPassword() did not mask user input in some cases
- Fixed issue where Job Launcher admin users would have gid=0 in Slurm Launcher Sessions
- Fixed issue where Slurm Job Launcher jobs would not post updated resource utilization without browser refresh
- Fixed issue causing script errors when reloading Shiny applications from the editor toolbar
- Fixed issue where saving a file or project located in a backed up directory (such as with Dropbox or Google Drive) would frequently fail and display an error prompt
- Fixed issue causing C++ diagnostics to fail when Xcode developer tools were active
- Added option for clickable links in Terminal pane
- Fixed issue where R scripts containing non-ASCII characters in their path could not be sourced as a local job on Windows
- Fixed issue where non-ASCII characters in Subversion commit comments were incorrect encoded on Windows
- Prevent Discard button from being hidden in Subversion diff viewer
- Fixed issue where French (AZERTY) keyboards inserted ‘/’ rather than ‘:’ in some cases
- readline() and readLines() can now be interrupted, even when reading from stdin()
- Fixed issue causing Knit button to show old formats after editing the YAML header
- Fixed issue wherein the Python prompt would continue to be shown after an R restart
- Fixed issue where searches in the console history could inappropriately preserve search position
- Fixed issue where auth-pam-session-use-password would not work when multiple Server nodes are used behind an external load balancer
- Fixed issue where project sharing configured it server-project-sharing-root-dir would fail to share when the path contain mixed ACL support
- Fixed issue where project sharing would fail to share when the path contain mixed NFS ACL support
- Fixed issue where in sharing a project on some NFSv4 filesystems could result in damage to owner permissions
- Fixed issue where file permissions were not corrected after uploading a file to a shared project
- Fixed issue where the project sharing would not work behind a HTTPS proxy

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