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MySQL 5.5.28 (32-bit) Mac

MySQL for Mac 是專為企業組織提供業務關鍵數據庫應用程序。它為企業開發人員,數據庫管理員和 ISV 提供了一系列新的企業功能,以提高開發,部署和管理工業強度應用程序的效率.

如果您需要 MySQL 數據庫的 GUI,可以下載 - NAVICAT(MySQL GUI)。它支持將 MySQL,MS SQL,MS Access,Excel,CSV,XML 或其他格式導入到 MySQL.

MySQL 數據庫服務器提供了新的企業功能,包括:ACID 事務處理,以構建可靠和安全的業務關鍵型應用程序。存儲過程來提高開發人員的生產力。觸發器在數據庫級執行複雜的業務規則。保證敏感信息的觀點不受影響。信息架構,以便於訪問元數據。支持跨多個數據庫的複雜事務的分佈式事務(XA).

Top 10 使用的理由 MySQL for Mac:

可擴展性和靈活性 51235896 MySQL 數據庫服務器提供了極高的可擴展性,體現了處理深度嵌入式應用程序的能力,僅佔用 1MB 的空間來運行海量數據倉庫擁有太字節的信息.

獨特的存儲引擎架構允許數據庫專業人員專門為特定應用程序配置 MySQL 數據庫服務器,最終的結果是驚人的性能結果.

堅如磐石的可靠性和持續可用性是 MySQL 的標誌,客戶依靠 MySQL 來保證全天候的正常運行.

Robust 交易支持
MySQL 提供了市場上最強大的交易數據庫引擎之一。  功能包括完整的 ACID(原子性,一致性,隔離性,持久性)事務支持,無限的行級鎖定以及更多功能.

Web 和數據倉庫優勢
MySQL 是高流量網站的事實標準,因為它的高性能查詢引擎,極大的快速的數據插入能力,以及對快速全文搜索等專業化網頁功能的強大支持.

因為守衛企業的數據資產是數據庫專業人員的頭號工作,MySQL for Mac 提供了絕對的數據保護的卓越的安全特性.

MySQL 是世界上最流行的開源數據庫的原因之一就是它為每個應用程序開發提供了全面的支持。在數據庫中,支持存儲過程,觸發器,函數,視圖,游標,ANSI 標準 SQL 等等。分鐘.

開源自由和 24×7 支持

Lowest 總擁有成本
By 將當前的數據庫驅動器應用程序遷移到 MySQL,或使用 MySQL 進行新的開發項目,企業正在實現成本節省,多次延伸到七位數.

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檔案版本 MySQL 5.5.28 (32-bit)
檔案名稱 mysql-5.5.28-osx10.6-x86.dmg
檔案大小 110.19 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Oracle
軟體類型 2012-09-29

What's new in this version:

Audit Log Plugin Notes:
- MySQL Enterprise Edition subscriptions now include MySQL Enterprise Audit, implemented using a server plugin named audit_log. MySQL Enterprise Audit uses the open MySQL Audit API to enable standard, policy-based monitoring and logging of connection and query activity executed on specific MySQL servers. Designed to meet the Oracle audit specification, MySQL Enterprise Audit provides an out of box, easy to use auditing and compliance solution for applications that are governed by both internal and external regulatory guidelines.
- When installed, the audit_log plugin enables MySQL Server to produce a log file containing an audit record of server activity. The log contents include when clients connect and disconnect, and what actions they perform while connected, such as which databases and tables they access. Functionality Added or Changed:
- The internal interface of the Thread Pool plugin has changed. Old versions of the plugin will work with current versions of the server, but versions of the server older than 5.5.28 will not work with current versions of the plugin. Bugs Fixed:
- InnoDB: Certain information_schema tables originally introduced in MySQL 5.6 are now also available in MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.1: INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE, INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE_LRU, and INNODB_BUFFER_POOL_STATS. (Bug #13113026)
- InnoDB: When a SELECT ... FOR UPDATE, UPDATE, or other SQL statement scanned rows in an InnoDB table using an operator in a WHERE clause, the next row after the affected range could also be locked. This issue could cause a lock wait timeout for a row that was not expected to be locked. The issue occurred under various isolation levels, such as READ COMMITTED and REPEATABLE READ. (Bug #11765218)
- Partitioning: For tables using PARTITION BY HASH or PARTITION BY KEY, when the partition pruning mechanism encountered a multi-range list or inequality using a column from the partitioning key, it continued with the next partitioning column and tried to use it for pruning, even if the previous column could not be used. This caused partitions which possibly matched one or more of the previous partitioning columns to be pruned away, leaving partitions that matched only the last column of the partitioning key.
This issue was triggered when both of the following conditions were met:
- The columns making up the table's partitioning key were used in the same order as in the partitioning key definition by a SELECT statement's WHERE clause as in the column definitions;
- The WHERE condition used with the last column of the partitioning key was satisfied only by a single value, while the condition testing some previous column from the partitioning key was satisfied by a range of values.
- This issue is resolved by ensuring that partition pruning skips any remaining partitioning key columns once a partition key column that cannot be used in pruning is encountered. (Bug #14342883)
- Partitioning: The buffer for the row currently read from each partition used for sorted reads was allocated on open and freed only when the partitioning handler was closed or destroyed. For SELECT statements on tables with many partitions and large rows, this could cause the server to use excessive amounts of memory.
- This issue has been addressed by allocating buffers for reads from partitioned tables only when they are needed and freeing them immediately once they are no longer needed. As part of this fix, memory is now allocated for reading from rows only in partitions that have not been pruned (see Section 18.4, “Partition Pruning”). (Bug #13025132)
- References: See also Bug #11764622, Bug #14537277.
- Replication: On 64-bit Windows platforms, values greater than 4G for the max_binlog_cache_size and max_binlog_stmt_cache_size system variables were truncated to 4G. This caused LOAD DATA INFILE to fail when trying to load a file larger than 4G in size, even when max_binlog_cache_size was set to a value greater than this. (Bug #13961678)
- Replication: In master-master replication with --log-slave-updates enabled, setting a user variable and then performing inserts using this variable caused the Exec_master_log_position column in the output of SHOW SLAVE STATUS not to be updated. (Bug #13596613)
- The RPM spec file now also runs the test suite on the new binaries, before packaging them. (Bug #14318456)
- The libmysqlclient_r client library exported symbols from yaSSL that conflict with OpenSSL. If a program linked against that library and libcurl, it could crash with a segmentation fault. (Bug #14068244)
- The argument for LIMIT must be an integer, but if the argument was given by a placeholder in a prepared statement, the server did not reject noninteger values such as '5'. (Bug #13868860)
- The Thread Pool plugin did not respect the wait_timeout timeout for client sessions. (Bug #13699303)
- CHECK TABLE and REPAIR TABLE could crash if a key definition differed in the .frm and .MYI files of a MyISAM table. Now the server produces an error. (Bug #13555854)
- A query for a FEDERATED table could return incorrect results when the underlying table had a compound index on two columns and the query included an AND condition on the columns. (Bug #12876932)
- mysqlhotcopy failed for databases containing views. (Bug #62472, Bug #13006947, Bug #12992993)
- The argument to the --ssl-key option was not verified to exist and be a valid key. The resulting connection used SSL, but the key was not used. (Bug #62743, Bug #13115401)
- Adding a LIMIT clause to a query containing GROUP BY and ORDER BY could cause the optimizer to choose an incorrect index for processing the query, and return more rows than required. (Bug #54599, Bug #11762052)
- mysqlbinlog did not accept input on the standard input when the standard input was a pipe. (Bug #49336, Bug #11757312)

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