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n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3631 Mac

n-Track Studio for Mac 是一個音頻& MIDI 多軌錄音機,將您的電腦變成一個完整的錄音室。在它的核心,n-Track Studio 有一個數字調音台界面,可以創建一個專業的混合音頻和音樂文件。

它可以錄製回放無限數量的音頻和 MIDI 音軌和效果可以跟踪內置效果包括混響,AutoVol,迴聲,音高移位,合唱和軌道 EQ 等 n -Track 還支持第三方的 DirectX 和 VST 插頭 -INS。您可以自動化音量,平移,輔助發送& 返回和自定義淡出效果是,出或增加音量.

n-Track Studio for Mac 支持從多個 16 位和 24 位聲卡同時錄製。實時音頻效果可以應用於每個軌道。這是一個非破壞性的過程。所以如果你不喜歡你用來記錄的插件效果,你可以調整或改變它,而不會損壞原來的“現場”拍攝。每個軌道最多可以疊加 25 個效果組合。 n-Track Studio 支持多種音頻文件格式以及導入,編輯和導出 midi 文件的功能。

在 n -Track 的桌面和移動版本之間交換錄音。在旅途中在 iPad 上錄製歌曲,然後將其導入到 Windows 或 Mac 計算機上以進行詳細的編輯和混音。

導入和導出.wav,.mp3,.wma,.mid,.ogg,.flac, .aiff,.cda,.sng,.sgw 音頻文件導入和導出 EDL 多軌歌曲文件,與其他多軌程序交換歌曲使用 SMPTE / MTC 或 MIDI 時鐘同步功能,同步到其他程序或外部設備,作為主站或從站使用支持使用 5.1,6.1 和 7.1 聲道環繞聲格式創建 DVD 音頻項目的環繞混音可以在專用視頻播放窗口中與歌曲同步播放視頻(AVI,MPEG)一旦完成了整首歌曲的錄製,您可以將所有曲目混音為一個單一的 WAV 文件,並使用它來記錄音頻 CD 曲目使用 CD 錄音機或通過互聯網使用內置的 MP3 編碼器分配注意:10 天的試用版(可以擴展一個免費的在線註冊一個月)0.612 35896
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檔案版本 n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3631
檔案名稱 n-Track.dmg
檔案大小 95.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Flavio Antonioli
更新日期 http://en.ntrack.com/index.php
軟體類型 2019-12-23

What's new in this version:

n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3631
- Fixed bug on copy and paste MIDI events into indented MIDI parts that have zero offset
- Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes

n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3630
- Fixed sporadic crash while using bridged plug-ins
- Fixed crash on loading Pure Data plug-ins (Win)
- Fixed bug in which sometimes audio parts get out of sync when at startup n-Track automatically loads last worked song
- Fixed a number of minor bugs

n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3629
- Improved performance when using n-Track Amps plug-ins
- Fixed bug in which bridged plug-ins are missing on loading a song
- Fixed sporadic crash on opening .sgw files
- Fixed GDI resources leaking working in the Piano Roll window when the left panel displays note names instead of piano keys
- Fixed a number of minor bugs

n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3628
- Fixed sometimes audio parts go out of sync on loading a song whose sampling frequency is different from the current one set in preferences
- Fixed crash on changing pitch list visualization mode in the Step Sequencer window when the pitch list is customized
- Fixed a number of minor bugs

n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3627
- Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes

n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3626
- Improved performance on scrolling/zooming a song with large number of parts
- Fixed when changing sampling frequency in Preferences existing tracks may loose sync
- Fixed sporadic bug in which mixdown fails if the song contains at least two parts completely overlapped
- Fixed a number of minor bugs

n-Track Studio 9.1.0 Build 3625
- Improved performance on scrolling/zooming a song with large number of parts
- Improvement in VST3 compatibilty (Overloud TH-U)
- Fixed sporadic bug in which an audio track plays even if its volume envelope is set to -Inf
- Fixed sporadic audio glitch that appeared at the beginning of track playback when the volume envelope started at -Inf
- Fixed a number of minor bugs

n-Track Studio 9.1.0
- Discover our new Loop Browser and make music with a couple of clicks! Choose your favourite genre - then preview, download, drag and drop samples to help shape your next masterpiece. There are loop packages that cater to all tastes, and even space to add your own custom loops and sample folders
- Added musical key widget to quickly change the pitch of an audio part
- Added song musical key: set the musical key of your song from the control panel in the bottom toolbar to control the key of all the audio files in the song that have key info
- Audio files that have info about bpm can now follow the changes of the song's bpm (can be customized with the key widget or from the part properties box)

- n-Track Sampler redesigned from the ground up, improves performance and stability
- Soundbanks are now compressed losslessly for smaller download size
- Compatibility for OSX 10.15 Catalina (Mac)
- Pianoroll keyboard and screen MIDI keaybord now detect the active keys of the current instrument when using n-Track Sampler

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed sporadic crash on loading projects containing n-Track Amps plug-ins
- Fixed excessive memory usage when working on projects that have a large number of tracks
- Fixed crash on loading n-Track using versions of OSX older than 10.14 Mojave (Mac)
- Fixed sporadic crash on deleting tracks using n-Track Sampler
- Fixed bug in which Acoustic Kit preset wasn't correclty mapped in the Screen MIDI Drums
- Fixed sporadic bug in which the wrong track is minimizied when trying to minimize a track after have changed its order
- Fixed bug in which after deleting a muted track, the track that takes its place get muted
- Fixed crash on loading n-Track Pitch Shift builtin plug-in
- Fixed bug on scrolling tracks when mouse is on widgets window
- Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes

n-Track Studio 9.0.2
- New Convolution Reverb plugin: emulate the reverberation of real world rooms, churches and cathedrals. Includes a built-in impulses starter pack and the possibility to download many other ones
- Improved Audio Engine performance, decrased possibility of audio glitches at very low latencies
- Simplified tracks management by adding Instruments plug-ins on MIDI tracks instead of creating separate Instrument channels. You can now add effects and volume/pan envelopes to MIDI tracks
- Improved VocalTune plug-in performance
- Simplified the "File" main menu
- Fixed sporadic bug on changing Quick Rhythms that caused n-Track to play a rhythm different from the selected one
- Fixed sporadic noise burst on rewinding or seeking songs containing MIDI tracks with n-Track Sampler
- Fixed widgets handling of overlapped parts
- Fixed graphic issues VocalTune plug-ins windows on high resolution monitors
- Fixed case in which audio would become muted when a track volume envelope starts from -Inf
- Various UI improvements
- Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes

n-Track Studio 9.0.1
- Improved the input routing: the tracks remember their last input and can be quickly armed/disarmed for recording [Improvement]
- Improved VocalTune processing speed [Improvement]
- Improved multiple channels operations management: apply certains timeline context menu features to all selected tracks (change output, add effects, clone and much more) [Improvement]
- Ctrl + '+'/'-' shortcut to nudge selected parts offset [New feature]
- M / Shift+M shorcut to mute/solo selected channels [New feature]
- Fixed "cut and move left" feature when multiple parts from multiple channels are selected [Bug fix]
- Fixed changes to envelopes of Groups, Aux, Instruments and Master are not applied if option "Apply edit to all selected tracks" is enabled [Bug fix] Fixed crash on loading songs with more than one n-Track Guitar Amp instance [Bug fix]
- Fixed sporadic crash on loading soundfonts in n-Track Sampler from its file picker [Bug fix]
- Fixed crash on changing Metronome output [Bug fix]
- Fixed sporadic bug causing project to be saved inside the n-Track configuration folder [Bug fix]
- Fixed crash on loading bridged n-Track Sampler [Bug fix]
- Fixed wrong MIDI events playback of bridged VST3 instruments [Bug fix]
- Fixed widgets actions applied to wrong part after having changed its Z order using "Bring to front" or "Send to back" features [Bug fix]
- Fixed crash on clicking on the DirectX settings button in the toolbar on the top of the plug-in window [Bug fix]
- Fixed memory leak during playback [Bug Fix]
- Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes [Bug fix]

n-Track Studio 9.0.0
- Redesigned user interface [New feature]
- New Guitar amp plugin [New feature]
- New Bass amp plugin [New feature]
- New VocalTune vocal pitch correction plugin [New feature]
- Improvements in the timeline editing including trimming multiple selected parts [Improvement]
- Various improvements in the Piano Roll and in handling MIDI parts [Improvement]
- Added screen drum controller which you can map to your computer keyboard [New feature]
- The screen MIDI keyboard can now too be controller by the computer keyboard [New feature]
- Improved Quick Grooves [New feature]
- To activate this version you need to have purchased n-Track Studio 8 or 9 on or after September 17th 2017. If you purchase before that date you can upgrade to version 9

n-Track Studio 8.1.4
- Added Share window: click on the "Share" button on the main toolbar for quickly export or upload your song and optionally share it with the Songtree Community [New feature]
- Added "Loop" part widget: trim or indent the recorded part, snap it to the grid and the drag it from the "Loop" widget to create a perfectly timed beat [New feature]
- Added bypass for global speed and transpose processing: click on the button in the transport bar to enable/disable the effects and to show/hide the controls [Improvement]
- Improved multiple download of the Add-On Manager packages [Improvement]
- Reduced application installer size [Improvement]
- Fixed crash on switching tab while downloading a product from the Add-On Manager [Bug fix]
- Minor bug fixes and improvements [Bug fix]

n-Track Studio 8.1.3
- Fixed minor bugs [Bug fix]

n-Track Studio 8.1.2
- [New feature] Added Quick Guide window: discover how to setup your project or how to do the common operations
- [New feature] Added controls Quick Tips: move the mouse over a control to get info about its function
- [Improvement] Audio part "Flex time": stretch the audio part preserving its pitch by dragging the right side widget
- [Bug fix] The Apple synth and the Apple Sampler now work properly (Mac)
- [Bug fix] Fixed sporadic crash on docking floating windows
- [Improvement] Various UI improvements
- [Bug fix] Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes

n-Track Studio 8.1.0
- [New Feature] The main toolbar can now be fully customized: add/remove, sort and group buttons, use the main toolbar as a floating window
- [Improvement] Vastly improved responsiveness when working on large projects
- [New Feature] Volume ramping fixes clicks when using the Normalize command on portions of a track
- [New Feature] The reverse playback direction is now honored when mixing down - i.e. you can now create a reverse playback mixdown
- [New Feature] n-Track now restores the state of automation envelopes (i.e. which automation is displayed on which track) when reloading a song
- [New Feature] Added pattern following during playback on Step Sequencer
- [Improvement] Redesigned integrated Songtree community
- [Improvement] Native support for mp3 files on Windows - encode/decode a .mp3 file without downloading external codecs
- [Improvement] Improved pattern and playlist items dragging on Step Sequencer
- [Improvement] Various UI improvements
- [Bug fix] Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes

n-Track Studio 8.0.2
- [Improvement] Perfomance speed improved
- [Improvement] Redesigned integrated Songtree community
- [New Feature] Smooth edges on the start/end of a normalized audio selection
- [New Feature] Reverse mixdown when playback is backward
- [New Feature] Added saving of channel automation display status
- [Improvement] Improved pattern and playlist items dragging on built-in Step Sequencer
- [New Feature] Added pattern following during playback on built-in Step Sequencer
- [Bug fix] Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes

n-Track Studio 8.0.1
- [Bug fix] Fixed sporadic crash importing AAF files
- [Improvement] Volume and pan envelopes are now imported from AAF files
- [Bug fix] Fixed crash enabling the 'Send new tracks to all aux channels' option

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