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Name Mangler 3.5 Mac

所有 Name Mangler for Mac 想要做的是幫助你馴服你的文件名。無論您是擁有數千個“IMG_”文件的攝影師,還是需要 Windows 驗證文件名的人員,還是需要使用大量客戶端並希望使用文件名來幫助正確分類客戶端文件的人員,Name Mangler 都會幫助您安全地; 並且非常快速地重命名文件。

Name Mangler 使得大部分重命名任務都像從彈出式菜單中選擇所需的操作一樣簡單,然後為所選操作配置一些選項。例如,“更改大小寫”操作可以將文件名更改為小寫,大寫或標題大小.

Name Mangler 速度非常快。看右邊的進度條,看看有多快 - 這就是 5,000 多個文件在三秒鐘內被重命名。如此快,有些操作可能會更快.

Streamline 操作多步驟
需要以多種方式處理文件?不需要在相同的文件上多次運行 Name Mangler。只需要再添加一個步驟 - 或者十個 - 您的操作,Name Mangler 會為您做所有事情,一次完成.

Meta everywhere
需要訪問文件的元數據嗎?沒問題; Name Mangler 包含超過 150 個可用於重命名操作的元數據字段。某些數字和日期元數據值甚至可以根據您的規格進行格式化。

Name Mangler 的大象狀記憶意味著您可以輕鬆訪問以前使用的任何重命名動作,並通過幾次鼠標單擊重新使用它。默認情況下,Name Mangler 會記住您最近的 50 個重命名操作,但您可以在首選項中增加或減少此值(或將其設置為無限製或關閉).



注意:5 啟動試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Name Mangler 3.5
檔案名稱 namemangler350.dmg
檔案大小 9.1 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Many Tricks
軟體類型 2019-03-04

What's new in this version:

Name Mangler 3.5

New Features:
- Supports macOS Mojave's Dark Mode
- New Filter menu item, with new option to only view files with errors or warnings
- Added a Rename/Revert Touch Bar button
- Name Mangler is now notarized by Apple and uses the hardened runtime

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Attempted to work around an issue that caused some users' droplets to fail in macOS Mojave. (Hat tip to Shiro W. for finding this one)

Name Mangler 3.4.1
New Features:
- Hold down Shift in the "List" pop-up menu to select Files, Folders, and Folders Contents with one click. (Hat tip to Paul H. for the suggestion.)
- Set regular expressions' free spacing mode on/off in Name Mangler's preferences.
- Change the default action (Find and Replace) to whatever you like: Set up your action(s), then hold the Option key and select File > Save Default Configuration.
- If Name Mangler is scanning a massive (hundreds of thousands of files) folder and you want it to stop, click the Rename button while the scan is in progress, and it will stop. (Hat tip to Scott V. for the suggestion.)
- New log viewer can display Name Mangler's console messages within the app; this will help us help you if you're having an issue with the app.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- The good/problem/error indicators are now distinct in both shape and color; we apologize for the previously non-differented indicators, which caused problems for color blind users.
- If you exclude files from renaming operations, we now present a (hopefully) much clearer dialog, letting you know that files won't be renamed.
- Updated indicators in the List pop-up menu to more clearly show what's been selected.
- Fixed a bug involving quotes when using Find in Advanced mode renaming actions. (Hat tip to Hermann W. for finding this one.)
- Fixed a crashing bug in the Enter License Code, which very few people should ever have to use. (It's left over from a long-ago promotion.)
- Fixed a bug related to manually entering a value in the Index field of the Insert or Remove action, then using the up and down arrows. (Hat tip to Ajay M. for finding this one.)
- If you're the type who reads help files, we updated the help files for this release.

Name Mangler 3.4.0
New Features:
- Create Services from Name Mangler actions, making them easily accessible in Finder's contextual menu

Bug fixes and improvements:
- Regular expression support once again includes case conversion i.e. U, etc
- Improved handling of unit conversion in bitrate metadata fields

Name Mangler 3.3.7
New features:
- A contextual menu for entries in the file list area will reveal the selected file in Finder
- Name Mangler now uses an Apple-provided regular expression feature (NSRegularExpression)

Bug fixes and improvements:
- Fixed a bug where trying to populate with the Finder selection resulted in a crash when there was actually no Finder selection
- Improved handling of newline characters in text files used for Arbitrary Terms feature
- [App Store version only] Improved compatibility with macOS Sierra
- [App Store version only] Fixed a bug where accessing the Finder selection wouldn't work as expected if Name Mangler didn't have file access permission for the selected files already

Name Mangler 3.3.6
New Features:
- Added new Total Number of Items metadata field

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Improved help with better layout and greatly improved navigation and search
- Fixed a bug related to preference settings and droplets

Name Mangler 3.3.5
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Updated the Sparkle in-app update mechanism to use a secure connection (HTTPS)
- Fixed a bug related to preference settings and droplets

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