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Chatterino 2.3.5 Mac

Navicat for MySQL(Mac 版)是 MySQL / MariaDB 管理和開發的理想解決方案。在一個應用程序中同時連接到 MySQL 和 MariaDB 數據庫。這個全面的前端為數據庫管理,開發和維護提供了直觀而強大的圖形界面。它為那些新到 MySQL / MariaDB 以及專業開發人員提供了一套全面的工具.

Navicat for MySQL 連接到本地 / 遠程 MySQL 或 MariaDB 服務器。它適用於 3.21 或更高版本以及 MariaDB 5.1 或更高版本的 MySQL 數據庫服務器。它也與 Drizzle,OurDelta 和 Percona Server 兼容,並且支持大多數最新的功能,包括表,視圖,函數 / 過程,事件等等。主要功能包括 SQL Builder / Editor,數據建模工具,數據傳輸,導入 / 導出,數據 / 結構同步,報告等.

注意:30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

也可用:下載 Navicat MySQL for Windows

檔案版本 Chatterino 2.3.5
檔案名稱 Chatterino.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
軟體類型 2022-11-21

What's new in this version:

Chatterino 2.3.5
- Added highlights for first messages
- Added customizable shortcuts

- Make animated emote playback speed match browser (Firefox and Chrome) behaviour
- Added middle click split to open in browser
- Added new search predicate to filter for messages matching a regex
- Add {}, {}, {}, {stream.title}, {}, {} placeholders for commands
- Remove attribution and the open/copy options when right-clicking a Twitch Emote
- Strip leading @ and trailing , from username in /user and /usercard commands
- Display a system message when reloading subscription emotes to match BTTV/FFZ behavior
- Allow resub messages to show in /mentions tab
- Added a setting to hide similar messages by any user
- Duplicate spaces now count towards the display message length
- Commands are now backed up
- Subcategories in settings are now searchable
- Added the ability to open an entire tab as a popup
- Added optional parameter to /usercard command for opening a usercard in a different channel context
- Added regex option to Nicknames
- Highlight usernames in /mods and /vips messages
- Added /raw command
- Colorizing usernames on IRC, originally made for Mm2PL/dankerino
- Fixed /streamlink command not stripping leading @'s or #'s
- Strip leading @ and trailing , from username in /popout command
- Added flags.reward_message filter variable
- Added chatter count to viewer list popout
- Ignore out of bounds check for tiling wms
- Add clear cache button to cache settings section
- Added flags.first_message filter variable
- Removed duplicate setting for toggling Channel Point Redeemed Message highlights
- Added support for opening channels from links
- Clean up chat messages of special line characters prior to sending
- IRC now parses/displays links like Twitch chat
- Added button & label for copying login name of user instead of display name in the user info popout
- Make /delete errors a bit more verbose
- Made join and part message have links to usercards
- Show picked outcome in prediction badges
- Add support for Emoji in IRC
- Moved /live logs to its own subdirectory. (Logs from before this change will still be available in Channels -> live)
- Added clear button to settings search bar
- Added autocompletion for default Twitch commands starting with the dot (e.g. .mods which does the same as /mods)
- Sorted usernames in Users joined/parted messages alphabetically
- Mod list, VIP list, and Users joined/parted messages are now searchable
- Add search to emote popup
- Messages can now be highlighted by subscriber or founder badges
- User timeout buttons can now be triggered using hotkeys
- Add workaround for multipart emoji as described in the RFC
- Added a way to open channel popup by right-clicking the avatar in a usercard
- Add feedback when using the whisper command /w incorrectly
- Add feedback when writing a non-command message in the /whispers split
- Opening streamlink through hotkeys and/or split header menu matches /streamlink command and shows feedback in chat as well
- Removed timestamp from AutoMod messages
- Added ability to copy message ID with Shift + Right Click
- Added /popup command to open currently focused split or supplied channel in a new window
- Colorize the entire split header when focused
- Added incremental search to channel search
- Show right click context menu anywhere within a message's line
- Make Tab Layout setting only accept predefined values
- Added librewolf, icecat, and waterfox incognito support
- Updated to Emoji v14.0
- Add support for locking tab arrangement

- Fixed rendering of moderator announcements
- Fix Split Input hotkeys not being available when input is hidden
- Fixed colored usernames sometimes not working
- Restored ability to send duplicate /me messages
- Notifications for moderators about other moderators deleting messages can now be disabled
- Moderation mode and active filters are now preserved when opening a split as a popup
- Fixed a bug that caused all badge highlights to use the same color
- Allow starting Streamlink from Chatterino when running as a Flatpak
- Fixed own IRC messages not having metadata and a link to a usercard
- Fixed some channels still not loading in rare cases
- Fixed a bug with usernames or emotes completing from the wrong position
- Fixed a bug that caused zero-width emotes to be misaligned when the "Remove spaces between emotes" setting is on
- Fixed second chatterino icon appearing in the dock when restarting on a crash in macOS
- Fixed the "Change channel" popup showing a wrong window title
- Fixed built-in Chatterino commands not working in whispers and mentions special channels
- Fixed QCharRef with an index pointing outside the valid range of a QString warning that was emitted on every Tab press
- Fixed being unable to disable First Message highlights
- Fixed First Message custom sound not persisting through restart
- Fixed First Message scrollbar highlights not being disabled
- Fixed the reconnection backoff accidentally resetting when thrown out of certain IRC servers
- Fixed underlying text from disabled emotes not being colorized properly
- Fixed IRC ACTION messages (/me) not being colorized properly
- Fixed splits losing filters when closing and reopening them
- Fixed the first usercard being broken in /mods and /vips
- Fixed IRC colors not being applied correctly to NOTICE messages
- Fixed Chatterino attempting to send empty messages
- Fixed IRC highlights not triggering sounds or alerts properly
- Fixed IRC /kick command crashing if parameters were malformed
- Fixed crash that would occur if the user tries to modify the currently connected IRC connection
- Fixed IRC mentions not showing up in the /mentions split
- Fixed a crash that could occur on certain Linux systems when toggling the Always on Top flag
- Fixed zero-width emotes sometimes wrapping lines incorrectly
- Fixed using special chars in Windows username breaking the storage of custom commands
- Fixed character counter changing fonts after going over the limit
- Fixed crash that could occur if the user opens/closes ChannelViews (e.g. EmotePopup, or Splits) then modifies the showLastMessageIndicator setting
- Removed ability to reload emotes really fast
- Re-add date of build to the "About" page on nightly versions
- Fixed crash that would occur if the user right-clicked AutoMod badge
- Fixed being unable to drag the user card window from certain spots
- Fixed being unable to open a usercard from inside a usercard while "Automatically close user popup when it loses focus" was enabled
- Usercards no longer close when the originating window (e.g. a search popup) is closed
- Disabled /popout and /streamlink from working in non-twitch channels (e.g. /whispers) when supplied no arguments
- Fixed automod and unban messages showing when moderation actions were disabled
- Fixed crash when rendering a highlight inside of a sub message, with sub message highlights themselves turned off
- Don't grab the keyboard in channel picker dialog
- Fixed SplitInput placeholder color
- Remove game from stream/split title when set to "nothing."
- Fixed double-clicking on usernames with right/middle click causing text selection

- Batch checking live status for channels with live notifications that aren't connected
- Add GitHub action to test builds without precompiled headers enabled
- Add benchmarks that can be compiled with the BUILD_BENCHMARKS CMake flag. Off by default
- Added CMake build option BUILD_WITH_QTKEYCHAIN to build with or without Qt5Keychain support (On by default)
- Added /fakemsg command for debugging
- Notebook::select* functions now take an optional focusPage parameter (true by default) which keeps the default behaviour of selecting the page after it has been selected. If set to false, the page is not focused after being selected
- Updated PubSub client to use TLS v1.2
- Use system logical core count for Ubuntu/macOS GitHub actions builds

Chatterino 2.3.4
- Fixed connection issues when joining 20+ channels
- Added support for twitch's new emote format
- Removed support for (un)following users since Twitch has removed this feature for 3rd party applications
- Added the ability to add nicknames for users

- Added autocompletion in /whispers for Twitch emotes, Global Bttv/Ffz emotes and emojis
- Messages now use the timestamps provided by twitch instead of the user machine's time
- Added informative messages for recent-messages errors
- Added a section with helpful Chatterino-related links to the About page
- Now uses spaces instead of magic Unicode character for sending duplicate messages
- Added the variable for filters

- Fixed "smiley" emotes being unable to be "Tabbed" with autocompletion, introduced in v2.3.3
- Fixed PubSub not properly trying to resolve pending listens when the pending listens list was larger than 50
- Copy buttons in usercard now show properly in light mode
- Fixed comma appended to username completion when not at the beginning of the message
- Fixed bug misplacing chat when zooming on Chrome with Chatterino Native Host extension
- Channel point redemptions from ignored users are now properly blocked

- Ubuntu packages are now available
- Disabled update checker on Flatpak
- Add logging for HTTP requests

Chatterino 2.3.3
- Added username autocompletion popup menu when typing usernames with an @ prefix
- Added ability to toggle visibility of Channel Tabs - This can be done by right-clicking the tab area or pressing the keyboard shortcut (default: Ctrl+U).

- Username in channel points rewards redemption messages is now clickable
- Channel name in has gone offline. Exiting host mode. messages is now clickable.
- Added /openurl command. Usage: /openurl . Opens the provided URL in the browser.
- Updated to Emoji v13.1
- Added "Open in: new tab, browser player, streamlink" in twitch link context menu
- Sender username in automod messages shown to moderators shows correct color and display name.
- The /live split now shows channels going offline.
- Restore automod functionality for moderators
- Add setting for username style
- Searching for users in the viewer list now searches anywhere in the user's name.
- Added moderation buttons to search popup when searching in a split with moderation mode enabled
- Made "#channel" in /mentions tab show in usercards and in the search popup
- Added settings to disable custom FrankerFaceZ VIP/mod badges
- Limit the number of recent chatters to improve memory usage and reduce freezes
- Added /popout command. Usage: /popout [channel]. It opens browser chat for the provided channel. Can also be used without arguments to open current channels browser chat
- Improved matching of game names when using /setgame command
- Now shows deletions of messages like timeouts
- Added a link to accounts page in settings to "You need to be logged in to send messages" message
- Switch to Twitch v2 emote API for animated emote support

- Now deleting cache files that weren't modified in the past 14 days
- Fixed large timeout durations in moderation buttons overlapping with usernames or other buttons
- Middle mouse click no longer scrolls in not fully populated usercards and splits
- Fix bad behavior of the HTML color picker edit when user input is being entered
- Made follower emotes suggested (in emote popup menu, tab completion, emote input menu) only in their origin channel, not globally
- Fixed founder badge not being respected by author.subbed filter
- Usercards on IRC will now only show user's messages
- Messages that couldn't be searched or filtered are now handled correctly
- Moderation buttons now show the correct time unit when using units other than seconds
- Fixed FFZ emote links for global emotes
- Fixed pasting text with URLs included
- Fix reconnecting when IRC write connection is lost
- Fixed bit and new subscriber emotes not (re)loading in some rare cases
- Fixed subscription emotes showing up incorrectly in the emote menu

Chatterino 2.3.2
- New split for channels going live
- Minor: Added a message that displays a new date on new day
- Minor: Hosting messages are now clickable
- Minor: Messages held by automod are now shown to the user
- Minor: Load 100 blocked users rather than the default 20
- Bugfix: Fixed a potential crashing issue related to the browser extension
- Bugfix: Strip newlines from stream titles to prevent text going off of split header
- Bugfix: Automod messages now work properly again
- Bugfix: Login expired message no longer highlights all tabs
- Bugfix: Fix a deadlock that would occur during user badge loading
- Bugfix: Tabbing in Select a channel to open is now consistent
- Bugfix: Fix Ctrl + Backspace not closing colon emote picker
- Bugfix: Approving/denying AutoMod messages works again
- Dev: Migrated AutoMod approve/deny endpoints to Helix
- Dev: Migrated Get Cheermotes endpoint to Helix

Chatterino 2.3.1
- Fixed crashing when the extension is active
- Added the ability to highlight messages based on user badges

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