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Plex Media Server for Mac Mac

NetDrive for Mac 連接遠程存儲並將其顯示為硬盤。使用 NetDrive,您的 Mac 將擁有多個連接 ftp / webdav 服務器和雲存儲的新驅動器。 NetDrive 支持連接到 Dropbox,Google Drive,Box,SkyDrive,Amazon S3 和 OpenStack Swift.

訪問文件將與 Mac 上任何舊文件夾一樣簡單。一旦安裝了本地驅動器,就不需要為每個應用程序運行 FTP 或云存儲服務。客戶端界面,只需在瀏覽器中進行簡單的拖放就足以傳輸和管理文件。 NetDrive for Mac 是免費的評估使用。您需要在使用評估後購買許可證.

管理您最喜愛的雲存儲服務不是那麼容易。只需提供登錄信息,每次啟動 Mac 時,您的所有云存儲都將自動顯示為虛擬驅動器.

NAS 存儲虛擬驅動器
您可以通過 WebDAV 或 FTP 連接到 NAS 服務器。許多 NAS 廠商推薦 NetDrive 作為安裝 NAS 產品的標準方式。與任何人輕鬆共享您的 NAS 作為虛擬驅動器.

SFTP 安全傳輸文件
NetDrive 支持 SFTP(SSH 文件傳輸協議)的安全文件傳輸。與標准文件傳輸協議(FTP)不同,SFTP 對命令和數據進行加密,防止密碼和敏感信息通過網絡以明文傳輸.

注意:30 天試用版。評估期結束後,NetDrive 將只能連接到一個虛擬驅動器,“自動連接”功能將被禁用.

也可以:下載 NetDrive for Windows

檔案版本 Plex Media Server for Mac
檔案大小 75.6 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Bdrive Inc.
軟體類型 2018-05-10

What's new in this version:

- (Transcoder) Update to latest upstream ffmpeg
- (Analysis) Identify certain Live and DVR-recorded streams that failed to play back on iOS and tvOS devices
- (Live) Add support for switching subtitle and audio streams, in supported clients
- (Web) Updated to 3.44.1

- (Analysis) A scanner crash when performing loudness analysis on certain file formats
- (Analysis) Some files weren't detected as anamorphic when they should've been
- (DLNA) A crash on older Macs
- (DVR) Update tuner make/model information in the database if it changes from the device
- (DVR) Write EPG data that fails to parse into temporary files to aid in diagnostics
- (Filters) Content rating filters would sometimes fail to load
- (Filters) The advanced "is not empty" filter for ratings wouldn't return the expected results
- (Live TV) Transcodes could fail on channels with multiple audio streams with different codecs
- (Metadata) Don't rematch things which have been unsuccessfully matched
- (Streaming Brain) Some legacy clients were given incorrect workarounds
- (Streaming Brain) Transcode start could deadlock in some rare cases
- (Transcoder) Soft subtitles were desynchronized when streaming HEVC to iOS
- (Transcoder) Sparse subtitles failed to display in some cases on iOS and tvOS
- (Transcoder) Transcodes to AC3 in MP4 played with incorrect channel mapping on Apple devices
- (Transcoder) Transcodes to EAC3 in MP4 for Apple devices did not play audio

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