NetNewsWire 6.0.3 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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NetNewsWire 6.0.3 Mac

NetNewsWire 是跟踪您最經常閱讀的網站和作者的最佳方式。讓 NetNewsWire 下載最新的文章,並以無憂無慮和類似 Mac 的方式閱讀.

NetNewsWire for Mac 是一款易於使用的適用於 Mac OS X 的 RSS 和 Atom 新聞閱讀器。其熟悉的三層界面 - 類似於 Apple Mail 和 Outlook Express - 可以從數千個不同的網站和博客中獲取和顯示新聞,使其快速,輕鬆地跟上最新消息。

NetNewsWire 功能:

Native 界面
NetNewsWire 在 Mac OS X Mavericks 家裡看起來很正常.

書籤個人文章,標記網站作為您的收藏夾,並蒐索 everything.

發送文章到 Instapaper,Twitter,Facebook 或

熱門 Feeds
如果你剛剛開始, NetNewsWire 可以提供一些很棒的閱讀材料.

在瀏覽器中閱讀文章意味著放置廣告和側邊欄。 NetNewsWire 著重內容.

對於真正的閱讀愛好者來說,NetNewsWire 可以輕鬆的跟踪多篇文章同時打開.

注意:13 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器。沒有云同步功能.

檔案版本 NetNewsWire 6.0.3
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Black Pixel
軟體類型 2021-09-06

What's new in this version:

Feedly: preserve custom feed names with Feedly when moving them between folders
Feedly: handle API change with deleting and don’t show a spurious error
NewsBlur: don’t fetch articles marked hidden by NewsBlur
FreshRSS: add API endpoint URL example in setup form
iCloud: fixed bug not retaining feeds in a folder where the folder hasn’t been synced yet
iCloud: fixed bug where iCloud syncing could stop prematurely when the sync database has records not in the local database
BazQux: fixed bug where BazQux-synced feeds might stop updating
Feedbin: fixed bug where external URLs in Feedbin feeds might be lost
Twitter extension: fixed weird bug where an extra https:/ could appear in tweet text
Preferences: use full-width row style in accounts and extensions panes
Changed how images are placed in Twitter articles so that you can better see who Tweeted the image
Feeds list: smart feeds remain visible despite Hide Read Feeds setting
Keyboard shortcuts: fixed regression where L key wouldn’t go to next unread when feed is all read

- a crashing bug triggered by running some UI code outside of main thread
- a crashing bug that could happen when the app tries to find a feed for a website
- a crashing bug that could happen when rendering tweets
- bug where favicons wouldn’t be found when a home page URL has non-ASCII characters
- bug where words prepended with $ wouldn’t appear in Twitter feeds
- bug where newlines would be just a space in Twitter feeds

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