NetNewsWire 3.2 Beta 19 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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NetNewsWire 3.2 Beta 19 Mac

NetNewsWire 是跟踪您最經常閱讀的網站和作者的最佳方式。讓 NetNewsWire 下載最新的文章,並以無憂無慮和類似 Mac 的方式閱讀.

NetNewsWire for Mac 是一款易於使用的適用於 Mac OS X 的 RSS 和 Atom 新聞閱讀器。其熟悉的三層界面 - 類似於 Apple Mail 和 Outlook Express - 可以從數千個不同的網站和博客中獲取和顯示新聞,使其快速,輕鬆地跟上最新消息。

NetNewsWire 功能:

Native 界面
NetNewsWire 在 Mac OS X Mavericks 家裡看起來很正常.

書籤個人文章,標記網站作為您的收藏夾,並蒐索 everything.

發送文章到 Instapaper,Twitter,Facebook 或

熱門 Feeds
如果你剛剛開始, NetNewsWire 可以提供一些很棒的閱讀材料.

在瀏覽器中閱讀文章意味著放置廣告和側邊欄。 NetNewsWire 著重內容.

對於真正的閱讀愛好者來說,NetNewsWire 可以輕鬆的跟踪多篇文章同時打開.

注意:13 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器。沒有云同步功能.

檔案版本 NetNewsWire 3.2 Beta 19
檔案名稱 nnwbeta.tgz
檔案大小 4.51 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Black Pixel
軟體類型 2009-08-18

What's new in this version:

Google Reader syncing:
- Nested folder support for Google Reader. Since Reader doesn’t support nested folders itself, NetNewsWire translates the paths into folder names, separating with an em dash, as in: Shoes — Sandals. They will appear that way in Reader, but will appear as nested folders in NetNewsWire.
- Downloading/syncing/refreshing now works like previous versions — uses your schedule, obeys your prefs, etc. Refreshing should also be more efficient and more accurate than it’s been, though there is some more work to do here, particularly with high-volume feeds.
- Items which GR has locked-as-read are now locked-as-read in NetNewsWire too — you can’t mark them as unread. This is part of making unread counts the same in all places.
- Always mark an item as read if Google has marked it read.
- Don’t save sync actions for non-synced feeds, or when syncing is off.
- Parsing and saving google crawl time stamp — which will be needed in future sync improvements still to come.
- Partial fix for when for some reason it can’t write the Google password to the keychain.

- No longer using NewsItemStatus.sqlite3 — could be a little performance boost for some people, particularly at startup. (Removes some database access plus a lock.)
- Fixed (probably, again) the NNWTabCell string drawing crash. Worked around a system bug when a paragraph style is used, changed, and re-used.
- Fixed a bug with non-synced feeds that have titles and links but no guids or pubDates. It wasn’t comparing properly in the case where there are no pubDates, so you could get dupes.
- Status bar is now like a darker version of Mail’s (and similar). (But why not use that same lighter color as Mail’s? Because text doesn’t look very good on it.)
- Fixed a hang caused by a thread deadlock. (Named, ominously, as Lucien’s Deadlock, after the intrepid bug reporter — Lucien Dupont — who reported it.)
- About window is centered onscreen.

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