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NoMachine 6.5.6 Mac

NoMachine for Mac 是一個免費的遠程桌面應用程序,具有強大的功能的堆棧。隨著 NoMachine for Mac 你可以訪問所有的文件和文件夾,無論你在哪裡看 DVD,電視或 YouTube 視頻。您可以從 PC 或 Mac 上查看流暢,高分辨率的視頻和音頻到任何啟用 NoMachine 的設備。該應用程序甚至可以與任何 USB 控制器,所以你可以遠程玩遊戲。

NoMachine 功能:

從桌面到任何啟動​​NoMachine 的電腦以光速。 NoMachine 是您嘗試過的最快的遠程桌面。只需點擊幾下鼠標,您就可以到達世界上任何一台電腦,並開始工作,就好像它在您的面前一樣.

不要拘謹。從遠程 Mac 上欣賞現場音頻和視頻。從任何地方觀看 DVD,電視,Hulu 或 YouTube 視頻。或者渲染你的動畫模型。無論你是藝術家還是工程師,你最喜歡的軟件總是伴隨著你.



製作一個你在做什麼的視頻。捕獲該煩人的 bug 或創建工作流程的記錄,以便稍後回放。向他人展示如何到達那裡,徵求建議,演示軟件和演示。或者點擊錄製您首選的電視劇集.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

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檔案版本 NoMachine 6.5.6
檔案名稱 nomachine_6.5.6_8.dmg
檔案大小 40.05 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.5 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 NoMachine Team
軟體類型 2019-02-25

What's new in this version:

- Configuring the server to start a new session at every connection
- Giving the possibility to activate log rotation for NoMachine log files
- Load-balancing sessions on the remote nodes according to the lowest system load
- Storing the public key for NX authentication in a custom directory
- Pre-configuring the size of the sensitive area to activate the auto-scrolling in web sessions
- Improving the support of two-factor authentication with MFA tools like Duo and PAM-OKTA

- The mouse back and forward buttons are ignored in connections to Windows physical desktop
- The Right Shift key is not correctly detected by some applications on Windows
- NoMachine tray uses the wrong icon color on Ubuntu MATE 18.x
- Forwarding network ports fails on Mac - Windows connections
- Files in a disk connected from OpenSUSE to Windows 10 can be opened only by Notepad
- Sudden termination of NoMachine on Mac when the hostname contains a new line
- Sudden termination of NoMachine virtual desktops when Kerberos tickets are renewed
- Launching session to Windows server leads to system freeze
- Cannot complete installation on Window 7 because of Runtime Error
- Cannot authenticate by NX protocol when 2FA authentication uses a RADIUS server
- Landscape mode doesn`t work when the printer is forwarded from Windows
- The login form is not displayed in web sessions without any hints on the problem
- The keyboard doesn't work in a NoMachine session shared through Microsoft Teams
- Unselected objects are not darkened in a Cadence project with the dimming option enabled
- NoMachine opens a UDP port in the firewall which is not used
- The login form is no longer diplayed in the browser after a server update
- Windows 10 becomes unresponsive when the user connects by NoMachine
- NoMachine client ignores the new password entered when the authentication fails during the automatic reconnection
- An authentication dialog box appears on Fedora 29 and RHEL 7.6 while creating a virtual session
- NoMachine H.264 hardware encoding fails with Volta-based GPUs
- Cannot connect by the web to servers federated under a Cloud Server v. 6.4.6
- Mouse cursor disappears in NoMachine VNC virtual desktops on Ubuntu 18.04
- Session log is filled by warning messages about 'x2 exceeding short int'
- Client slows down when sorting a big list of sessions
- Cannot connect as guest user in a multinode environment
- A wrong dialog is displayed when 'AutomaticDisconnection 2 ' is set in the server configuration

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