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Symfony 6.0.10 Mac

讓 NordPass 密碼管理器記住您所有復雜的登錄信息,自動填寫在線表格並生成強密碼。 NordPass for Mac 會記住您的複雜密碼,自動填寫在線表格,並允許您從任何地方訪問密碼。不再有被遺忘的憑證或帳戶重設 -Nord Pass 已為您效勞。將密碼管理的所有壓力留給我們,讓您享受最喜歡的事情。

NordPass 由構建 NordVPN 的網絡安全專家提供給您 -NordVPN –先進的在線安全和隱私應用程序,已受到全球 1200 萬用戶的信賴。 “忘記密碼了嗎?”忘記密碼壓力了。它會記住您的所有登錄詳細信息,自動為您填寫在線表單,並幫助您一鍵創建安全密碼。

NordPass 密碼管理器的所有功能在設計時都考慮了簡單性。它會記住您的密碼,如果尚未將其保存在您的保管庫中,則會為您保存密碼,並在需要時幫助您生成新的強密碼。該應用程序還使您可以輕鬆地從瀏覽器,Mac 和其他密碼管理器導入密碼。而且所有這些都沒有壓力。安全地存儲您的恢復代碼,WiFi 密碼,許可證密鑰或其他重要信息。



不再通過電子郵件,Messenger 應用程序或紙張共享密碼。

NordPass for macOS 使用安全可靠的密碼共享密碼,而無需麻煩。358358NordPass for macOS 使用許多頂級加密算法來保護您的寶貴信息。它們的範圍從黃金密碼標準到準備成為互聯網加密的未來的新鮮算法。



還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 NordPass

檔案版本 Symfony 6.0.10
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 NordPass Team
軟體類型 2022-06-26

What's new in this version:

- [String] Add an invariable word in french
- [Serializer] Fix denormalization union types with constructor
- [HttpKernel] Fix a PHP 8.1 deprecation notice in HttpCache
- Fix double authentication via RememberMe resulting in wrong RememberMe cookie being set in client
- [Messenger] Do not log the message object itself
- [Security] Fix legacy impersonation system
- Fix global state pollution between tests run with ApplicationTester
- [Intl] Fix the IntlDateFormatter::formatObject signature
- [FrameworkBundle] Lower JsonSerializableNormalizer priority
- [PhpUnitBridge] Exclude from baseline generation deprecations triggered in legacy test
- [HttpFoundation] Update "[Session] Overwrite invalid session id" to only validate when files session storage is used
- [Serializer] Try all possible denormalization route with union types when ALLOW_EXTRA_ATTRIBUTES=false
- [DoctrineBridge] Extend type guessing on enum fields
- [Cache] Respect $save option in all adapters
- [HttpKernel] Disable session tracking while collecting profiler data
- Allow passing null in twig_is_selected_choice
- [MonologBridge] Fixed support of elasticsearch 7.+ in ElasticsearchLogstashHandler
- [Messenger] move resetting services at worker stopped into listener
- [Mailer] Fix for missing sender name in case with usage of the EnvelopeListener
- [Mailer] Fix Error Handling for OhMySMTP Bridge
- Fix getting class constraints on debug command
- [Mime] Allow url as a path in the DataPart::fromPath
- Fix choice filter error when loading mix of grouped and non-grouped choices
- [FrameworkBundle] Fix XML cache config
- [Messenger] use the outermost wrapping DBAL connection
- [Console] Escape in command name & description from getDefaultName()
- [Console] Fix deprecation when description is null
- [Console] Escape in command name & description from PHP (getDefault* methods)
- [Serializer] Fix ignore attribute in Xml files
- [WebProfilerBundle] Fix dark theme selected line highlight color & reuse css vars
- [Serializer] Get attributeContext after converting name
- [Mime] Check that the path is a file in the DataPart::fromPath
- [Cache] do not pass null to strlen()
- [PropertyInfo] Fix extracting int range type
- [Contracts] remove static cache from ServiceSubscriberTrait

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