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NordVPN 7.4.1 Mac

每次使用公共 Wi-Fi,在旅途中訪問個人和工作帳戶或希望保留自己的瀏覽歷史記錄時,NordVPN for Mac 都使您省心。想像一下 VPN 是一種防黑客攻擊的加密隧道,用於在線流量的流動。沒有人能看到隧道並獲得 Internet 數據。

您是否在工作中使用 Windows PC,在家中使用 macOS 以及為特殊項目使用 Linux?沒問題。每個都有適用於 macOS 的 Nord VPN 應用程序,以及適用於 iOS,Android 和 Android TV 的應用程序。哦,還有用於 Chrome 和 Firefox 的加密代理擴展。最重要的是,使用一個 NordVPN 帳戶,您可以同時保護多達 6 台設備的安全。

緩衝是終極的嗡嗡聲,因此不能選擇通過慢速 Internet 連接流式傳輸或下載文件。不用擔心!您可以從 60 個國家 / 地區的 5400 多個 Nord VPN 服務器中進行選擇,並享受最快的 VPN 體驗。擁有更多的服務器意味著更少的負載,而分佈在各種各樣的位置意味著您更有可能在附近找到一個。

Cyber​​security 看起來很複雜,但是它變得非常容易。先進的技術可保護您的 Internet 活動免受黑客和惡意軟件的侵害,在公共 Wi-Fi 網絡上保護您,甚至阻止令人討厭的廣告。

真正的互聯網隱私僅需單擊即可。它可以保護您的 IP 地址,並確保沒有其他人可以看到您訪問的網站或下載的文件。


您可以使用一個 NordVPN for Mac 帳戶保護多達 6 台設備,包括計算機,智能手機,路由器等。 VPN 從未如此簡單和靈活:在家裡,辦公室或旅途中。

通常,當您嘗試訪問 Internet 上的網站時,您的 ISP(Internet 服務提供商)會收到請求並將您重定向到目的地。當您的互聯網流量通過 ISP 時,他們可以看到您在線進行的所有操作。此外,他們可以跟踪您的行為,有時甚至可以將您的瀏覽歷史記錄移交給廣告商,政府機構和其他第三方。

這裡就是 VPN 發揮作用的地方。它通過特殊配置的 VPN 服務器重定向您的 Internet 流量,隱藏您的 IP 地址並加密所有發送或接收的數據。加密的數據本質上對於任何攔截它的人來說都是胡言亂語,使其無法讀取。


檔案版本 NordVPN 7.4.1
檔案名稱 NordVPN.pkg
系統 macOS 10.12 Sierra or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 NordVPN Team
軟體類型 2022-03-26

What's new in this version:

NordVPN 7.4.1
- This release delivers a classic pack for an even better NordVPN: fewer bugs, more small improvements, and an elevated app experience

NordVPN 7.3.0
- Fixed: Snowball, our feline intern, has caught the red dot next to the green ‘Protected’ status, so it won’t be appearing randomly to confuse you anymore

NordVPN 7.2.0
- A selection of minor tweaks and fixes under the hood to make the NordVPN app work better for you. Because routine maintenance is just as important as a new shiny feature.

NordVPN 7.1.3
- Hello 2022, we are shipping one more fix for random app crashes, as the recent update didn’t cover all cases as we expected. Our engineers are doing everything they can to bring back stability to our app. Should we also start manifesting? *Thinking*

NordVPN 7.1.1
- Old year - old bugs. Let’s start the new one with a new update to make sure your NordVPN app won’t be crashing at random anymore

NordVPN 7.1.0
- Fancy a new challenge? We have one for you! You won’t need to dance, prank your friends, or show who's living in your house rent-free. You’ll need to secure yourself online instead – connect to VPN every day to build your protection streak. The more consecutive days you connect to VPN, the longer your streak is. It comes with a nice side-effect: a rewarding feeling of pride for making your life more cyber-safe day by day.
- Track your protection streak in Statistics – the brand new section in the app. Here you can also check your longest VPN connection and see a weekly graph of your protection progress.
- We improved the left sidebar by adding handy shortcuts to Presets, Statistics, and Preferences. All for more convenient navigation.
- To count your protection statistics properly, we needed the Recents list to be at its top accuracy. So now it updates automatically only
- Fixed: a bug that slipped into the previous release and affected VPN performance is gone now

NordVPN 7.0.0
- Change log not available for this version

NordVPN 6.8.2
- We’re bringing a bunch of improvements and fixes together like pieces of a puzzle. The result – better VPN performance and overall app experience. Now it’s your turn to place the final piece – breathe in, breathe out, and update your NordVPN app. Ah, that puzzler’s joy!

NordVPN 6.8.1
- We’re starting the fall season in new colors! The app has a more vivid look, and there’s definitely more of the NordVPN blue
- A few minor tweaks under the hood for the app performance to match its uplifted look

NordVPN 6.7.0
- Konnichiwa! The NordVPN app now speaks Japanese
- A few fixes and improvements to elevate your VPN experience even higher

NordVPN 6.6.1
- We’re happy to announce that NordVPN now runs natively on M1 Macs! Flex the performance boost of Apple's powerful silicon chip while securing yourself online with the fastest VPN on the planet. Woah, now that’s one speedy combination. And just to clarify – the app continues to run at its best on Intel-based Macs. No matter the chip, we got you covered.

NordVPN 6.5.0
- New: Multi-factor authentication (MFA). It adds only a few seconds to your day but makes a huge difference to your account’s security. Set up MFA and use an authenticator app to verify that it’s really you logging in to your Nord Account.
- A bunch of minor fixes and improvements for a better, smoother NordVPN experience. Such as dialog boxes that stay where they’re supposed to be and an expanded app preview for users who don’t have a subscription yet.

NordVPN 6.4.2
- Advanced Kill Switch is now available on OpenVPN too, in addition to NordLynx. A quick reminder of what it does: it brings an additional security layer for protection against rare and very specific IP leaks.
- A bunch of minor improvements, which add up to that bigger picture of smooth NordVPN experience

NordVPN 6.3.0
- From time to time, we have some interesting stuff to share with you. However, the app was missing a line of communication and behaving in a completely reserved manner (blame our silent Nordic personality, we suppose?). Now it’s time to break the ice: product updates and hand-picked security tips will reach you via in-app messages.
- As we were in a mood for spring cleaning, we got rid of a few bugs – no sweeping under the rug, actually kicking them out – and made a few tweaks. All to make the NordVPN app run smoother and be a joy to use.

NordVPN 6.2.0
- Our Spanish translations were having a little siesta. So we did some fiesta to improve the experience for those of you who use NordVPN in Spanish
- When you launch the app, the map will be in the same position as you left it. Must be improved memory or less of an adventurous spirit.
- A few tweaks under the hood to smoothen things out

NordVPN 6.1.3
- Change log not available for this version

NordVPN 6.1.2
- The NordVPN app for macOS now has the new login flow via Nord Account – home for all your Nord services. You don’t need to do anything about it, as your current account details are automatically transferred to Nord Account. From now, we’ll simply take you to your browser to log in and then bring you back to the app. Smooth.
- There’s at least one thing to be certain about – ain’t no update without bug fixes. And this one is not an exception, regardless of the times.

NordVPN 6.0.3
- Presets were acting a little clumsy sometimes, so we added some grace to bring them back in balance
- A few tweaks under and above the hood for the NordVPN app to run smoother

NordVPN 6.0.2
- Sometimes, minor improvements are enough to make an impact. That’s the case of this release: a few tweaks and fixes to make the NordVPN app work better for you

NordVPN 6.0.1
- Change log not available for this version

NordVPN 6.0.0
- We’re excited to introduce Presets! Presets combine custom VPN connection settings with shortcuts to apps or websites. You’ll find them super handy if you use VPN differently for different services – news, entertainment, downloads, you name it. Choose a protocol, a server country, add website links or apps, and your Preset is ready! Basically, Presets are like secure shortcuts – you set them up once and enjoy safe one-click access from the NordVPN app anytime.

NordVPN 5.11.1
- This release includes a hand-picked selection of bug fixes to make your app experience smoother, the internet safer, and you happier with NordVPN

NordVPN 5.11.0
- Change log not available for this version

NordVPN 5.10.0
- Seasonal cleaning: fall edition. A selection of minor bugs was left behind while packing this release. Definitely not the hardest goodbye.

NordVPN 5.9.2
- Change log not available for this version

NordVPN 5.9.1
- Morning or night, on OpenVPN (new!) or NordLynx – you can snooze VPN anytime. Shortly pause VPN protection instead of disconnecting and return to online safety automatically when the snoozing time runs out.

NordVPN 5.8.1
- Just in time for the back-to-school vibes, our app picked up a new skill: Bonjour! Hallo! ¡Hola! Yes, it’s going multilingual. So depending on your system settings, the app will speak to you in French, German, Spanish, or English.
- Pause VPN protection for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour and get connected again automatically. It’s like hitting “snooze” – only instead of a few more moments of precious sleep, you temporarily disable your VPN connection. Only on NordLynx for now.
- A few bug fixes before we go go

NordVPN 5.7.0
- Not so long ago, we revamped our Preferences section. This time, we sent it for a grooming session to make sure all layouts are on course, sharp edges are smoothened, and no one’s hiding in details.
- A few minor bugs minimized to the level of non-existence

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