OBS Studio 27.2 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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OBS Studio 27.2 Mac

OBS Studio for Mac 是一款用於視頻錄製和直播的免費開源軟件。在 Windows,Mac 或 Linux 上快速輕鬆地下載並開始流式傳輸。使用 OBS Studio for Mac 控制您的 Mac 桌面流!

OBS Classic 和 OBS Studio 都配備了強大的 API,使插件開發能夠根據您的需求提供進一步的定制和功能。與流社區中的開發人員合作,獲取所需的功能。 OBS 已經從頭開始重建,性能比以前更加輕巧和高性能.

OBS Studio for Mac 功能:

實時視頻 / 音頻捕獲和混合,無限的場景,您可以通過自定義轉換無縫切換.

For 視頻源作為圖像蒙版,色彩校正,色度 / 色彩鍵控等。




Available 可以根據您的喜好.

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檔案版本 OBS Studio 27.2
檔案名稱 obs-mac-27.2.dmg
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 OBS Team
更新日期 http://www.obsproject.com
軟體類型 2022-02-15

What's new in this version:

New Features and Additions:
- Added AJA source for AJA devices
- Added AJA output to tools menu for AJA devices
- Updated CEF (Chromium) for the browser source from 75 (3770) to version 95 (4638) (Absolutely amazing work by everyone who worked on this, especially the CEF community -Jim) [PatTheMav/RytoEX/pkv/WizardCM/VodBox]
- Added the ability to set different blend modes to sources via the source right-click context menu (similar to Photoshop’s layer blending for example)
- Added AOM AV1 and SVT-AV1 encoders (note that these are currently considered experimental, work best with CPUs that have many cores, and are only accessible for recording in advanced output mode)
- Added an OBS hotkey for browser sources to allow refreshing a browser source via that hotkey
- Added hotkey filter search
- Added hotkey duplicate detection
- Added a warning dialog when switching profiles that have settings changes that require a restart
- Added a “Show active outputs warning on exit” option in advanced settings, which allows you to enable/disable the confirmation dialog on exit while recording/streaming
- Added support for the RIST protocol
- Added official Flatpak support for Linux
- Added framework for future support of background hotkeys on Wayland
- Added an option to general settings to hide OBS from all capturing, allowing you to capture your screen without OBS showing up

- Updated dependencies to their latest versions
- Volume meters will now show audio activity in grayscale when muted rather than showing no activity
- Improve menu bar icons on macOS
- A warning will now be shown when failing to start/stop YouTube streams
- Improved consistency of transition duration suffixes
- On Linux, the list of windows shown in Window capture will now show alphabetically
- Twitch panels will now use light or dark mode depending on the OBS theme
- Changed the Docks menu from being a submenu in the View menu to instead be its own top-level menu on the menu-bar
- A more user-friendly dialog is now displayed when a file could not be written for recording
- The filters preview/properties are now resizable
- Added the ability for RTMP servers to request a silent reconnect when the server is going down (otherwise known as the “RTMP go away” feature)
- Incompatible audio filters will now not be shown for sources that don’t support them
- Added frontend event so scripts can know when OBS is shutting down
- PipeWire capturing is now more robust, especially in multi-GPU setups
- Sources will now be activated when viewing them in the filters dialog
- Browser sources are no longer refreshed when their size changes (useful when programmatically resizing them)

- the cursor capture position on certain applications with window and game capture
Fix YouTube GoLive feature not working for existing broadcasts that are not auto-start broadcasts
- the YouTube broadcast button state when stopping streams without auto-start, that have auto-stop enabled
- an issue where the edit menu wouldn’t properly update its state depending on what was selected
- the Paste Source context menu items from still being enabled if source has been destroyed
- a bug where pressing “Cancel” on a properties dialog would cause settings to save in some cases despite hitting cancel
- a bug where certain settings would show as available in the video capture device properties when they weren’t actually available
- a crash where modifying the video capture device properties on Linux could cause a crash on some systems
- Linux PulseAudio monitoring volume with signed 32bit and unsigned 8bit formats
- Media Source not working with audio-only files
- a couple memory leaks with QSV
- an issue where audio monitoring could have significant latency on Linux
- undo/redo not working for text changes on the context bar
- an issue where the transform window would not consistently updated for selected sources/scenes
- missing undo/redo action when resetting filter properties
- missing undo/redo action when using “Add existing source”
- an issue where stinger transitions could sometimes loop unintentionally
- an issue where transforms/crops would not be included when copying/pasting sources
- a couple potential freezes and crashes, especially with browser sources
- an issue where devices would not always reinitialize properly when switching scene collections
- various issues that would affect the websockets plugin
- a bug where certain Twitch panel settings wouldn’t save properly
- a bug on Linux where Window capture wouldn’t properly capture on software rasterization devices
- various potential bugs and race conditions across the program and multiple plugins
- network throughput to distant servers potentially being limited in low memory environments
- a crash on Linux X11 that could happen when closing certain dialogs containing video previews
- VST plugin windows disappearing when resized
- a VST plugin crash that could occur under certain circumstances
- an incorrect offset of scene labels on certain multiview configurations
- a bug that would allow resizing sources that are locked
- a performance issue with X11 window capture on Linux
- a bug where projectors could not be resized with certain window managers on Linux
- window flashing on macOS when starting the program minimized to tray
- a bug where push-to-talk or mute delay would not save under certain circumstances
- a bug where mouse hotkeys would not always function correctly on Linux

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