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OmniPlan 3.9.2 Mac

通過 OmniPlan for Mac,您可以使用甘特圖,時間表,摘要,里程碑和關鍵路徑創建合理,可管理的項目計劃。分解完成項目所需的任務,優化資源並簡化預算。這是項目管理無痛苦.

將策略轉化為每個人都能理解的策略創建活動列表中的工作摘要公平和高效地分配工作量隨時管理成本 OmniPlan for Mac 功能:
智能調度         多個基線         關鍵路徑         友好界面         簡單的任務管理         自動調平         分割任務         違規解決方案         資源負載分享         Spotlight 搜索         令人驚嘆的甘特圖時間表         查看過濾         印刷& AirPrinting         導出選項         硬件鍵盤快捷鍵         網絡圖         OmniPresence 同步注意:14 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 OmniPlan 3.9.2
檔案名稱 OmniPlan-3.9.2.dmg
檔案大小 74.5 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 The Omni Group
軟體類型 2018-03-07

What's new in this version:

OmniPlan 3.9.2
Addresses an error importing Microsoft Project files and fixes a handful of recently reported bugs:
- Estimate at Completion is now computed as EAC = AC+(BAC-EV)/CPI
- Monte Carlo Reports now include a project “Cost to Achieve” value in addition to milestone values
- The “New” option in OmniPlan’s File menu no longer appears active while running OmniPlan without a license
- The tooltip that appears when hovering your cursor over resource allocation bars in the Dashboard window now displays accurate information about task assignments
- It is no longer possible to enter an end date before the start date in the Dashboard custom timescale date fields
- Custom timescale date fields now remain editable if the View popover has been closed and re-opened
- Localized content has returned to OmniPlan’s in-app Help
- Fixed a bug that could cause some projects to hang while leveling
- Microsoft Project files that previously triggered “Error Code 5” import errors now import successfully
- Fixed a crash that could occur when editing a date field

OmniPlan 3.9.1
- Outline View: Editing a task title that wraps to more than one line no longer causes the title to disappear temporarily

OmniPlan 3.9
- OmniPlan 3.9 for Mac introduces the Project Summary Inspector, which provides quick access to values like your project’s total duration or cost. This release also includes enhancements to OmniPlan Pro’s Dashboard feature, like the ability to customize the visible timescale, as well as a wide range of bug and crash fixes

- Project Summary Inspector: The new Project Summary Inspector displays total project duration, effort, variance, completion %, and cost
- Dashboard: It is now possible to change the visible timescale for a Dashboard via the View options in the toolbar. Select a preset date range, or specify a custom range
- Dashboard: The Dashboard Project column is now resizable, allowing for longer project titles to be displayed. Hovering your cursor over a truncated project title also now reveals a tooltip with the full title
- Dashboard: Total project effort is now included in Project Stats
- Dashboard: The appearance of the Actual/Baseline schedule pop-up button in the Dashboard has been updated
- Help: OmniPlan’s Help content has been updated with explanations of the new functionality included in this release. A couple instances of out of date information and typos in the Help have also been corrected
- Inspector: Date options in Project Formats Inspector are now displayed in a more logical order
- Printing: Page Attribute options have been slightly rearranged in the Report printing dialogue
- Calendar View: All four corners of the Normal Hours/Extra & Off Hours controller in the Calendar View sidebar are now rounded
- Dashboard: A tooltip with project and task assignment information now reliably appears when hovering your cursor over resource allocation bars in the Dashboard window
- Dashboard: Resource list now opens full height after checking “Show Resources” in the Dashboard View Options
- Document Windows: Documents opened in multiple windows now re-open to correct state after they are closed
- Export: Fixed a bug that could cause missing date headers when exporting a project to PDF or TIFF
- Gantt: Off Hours schedule exceptions now display when View ▸ Non-Working Time ▸ Holidays is selected in the OmniPlan menu bar
- Leveling: Fixed a bug that could cause gaps in the project schedule when leveling in some specific scenarios
- Leveling: Addressed a bug that could cause resource assignments to appear wrong after leveling in some combinations of Resource & Resource Group assignments
- Localizations: “Sign Up for the Omni Newsletter” and “Intro Video” menu items are now localized
- Microsoft Project Export: Fixed a bug in OmniPlan’s Microsoft Project export tool that could cause cost information to export incorrectly
- Microsoft Project Import: Microsoft Project 2016 files no longer import with locked task dates
- Microsoft Project Import: Fixed a bug that could cause milestone dates to not import correctly from Microsoft Project files
- Monte Carlo Simulations: Monte Carlo Simulation reports now include best-case and worst-case cost values
- Network View: Fixed a bug that could cause unnecessary connections to draw in the Network Diagram
- Resource View: Addressed a bug that could cause icons in the Resource Type column to appear blurry on some displays
- Task Outline: Making a change in the Inspector no longer discards pending task title edits
- Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when setting an end date earlier than a start date while working in Network View
- Stability: Addressed a crash that could occur when disconnecting an external display or enabling AirPlay to an AppleTV

OmniPlan 3.8.1
- Outlines - Addressed a bug that could cause outline text to disappear or appear black
- PDF Export - Row background color is once again preserved when exporting outlines to PDF

OmniPlan 3.8
- OmniPlan 3.8 for Mac introduces support for importing and exporting elapsed time values to and from Microsoft Project. This release also fixes numerous bugs and crashes
- Microsoft Project — OmniPlan now supports importing and exporting Microsoft Project elapsed time values
- Intro Video — OmniPlan now presents an introductory video the first time the application is launched
- Newsletter — Added a link to sign up for the Omni Newsletter to the OmniPlan Help menu
- Project Leveling — Leveling is now reset when project dates are switched from specific to undetermined
- Calendar View — Header text is no longer too crowded in the Calendar View
- Dashboards — Addressed a bug that caused resources to appear to be idle when they were not
- Export — Exporting an OmniGraffle file now creates a file with the appropriate canvas settings enabled
- Gantt View — Scrolling in the Gantt View with the Scheduling Influences popover visible no longer squishes explanation text
- Gantt View — Selecting “Hide Gantt” when the Inspector is visible now hides the Gantt chart completely
- Groups Tasks — Fixed a bug that could cause group tasks durations to temporarily stop recalculating
- Localizations — TouchBar labels are now fully localized
- Publish/Subscribe — Lead/lag time changes now properly update when a project is synced via a server repository
- Microsoft Project — Fixed various bugs related to OmniPlan’s Microsoft Project import/export support
- Network View — Network diagram now lays out properly when task nodes contain additional non-default variables
- Styles View — It is no longer possible to undo the completion of the default complete task
- Task Outline — Adjustments to the Title column width are now properly saved
- Task Outline — Empty white space now draws to the right when columns in the task outline are adjusted to be smaller than the width of the outline sidebar
- Violations — Undoing after leveling no longer creates bogus violations when tasks are assigned to a group which contains a resource that has less than 100% units
- Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when hiding the project Gantt
- Stability — Adding a new task in the Network diagram no longer triggers a crash when there is a dependency loop in the project schedule
- Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur in the Styles View if undo is used while editing a template task’s name
- Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when leveling some projects
- Stability — Addressed a bug that could cause the TouchBar to get into a state that would trigger a crash
- Stability — Deleting the duration value in the leveling dialogue no longer triggers a crash
- Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when reopening a file saved in the Styles View

OmniPlan 3.7.3
About: Restored missing App icon in the About panel
Calendar View: Fixed a High Sierra compatibility issue that could cause only Monday to be displayed in Calendar View

OmniPlan 3.7.2
- Filtering: Fixed a bug that could prevent filters from saving values for effort, duration, and variance
- Filtering: OmniPlan no longer allows attempting to sort a filtered flat list
- Import: Tasks imported from .ooutline files now import in the correct order
- Inspectors: Restored “0” place holder value to lead/lag field
- Localizations: The in-app Help is once again localized
- Microsoft Project Import: Fixed a regression in our Microsoft Project import tool that could cause some .mpp files to fail to import
- Localizations: Dashboards are fully localized again
- Network View: Fixed a bug that caused some variables not to update correctly in Network view
- Performance: Improved Inspector performance when switching between tasks in a large OmniPlan project
- Resources: OmniPlan now cleans up references to resources that no longer exist in a file (these references could cause OmniPlan to hang or crash)
- Scheduling: Resource leveling no longer ignores project non-working days
- Scheduling: Tasks now immediately reschedule to a resource’s next working period after a resource is assigned
- Scheduling: “Resources Work Independently” once again correctly respects earliest resource availability
- Task Cost: Fixed a bug that caused OmniPlan to fail to read task cost for tasks with fixed durations
- Stability: Attempting to edit a value in the read-only Hierarchical Title column no longer triggers a crash
- Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to undo leveling
- Stability: Addressed a crash computing critical path when a schedule recursion is encountered in projects that share resource loads
- Stability: Fixed a bug that could cause OmniPlan to crash when opening a file with external dependencies
- Stability: Selecting “Add Dependent” in the contextual menu no longer triggers a crash
- Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when outdenting a task that is part of a dependency loop
- Stability: Fixed a bug that could cause OmniPlan to crash when using Help > Contact Omni to send in an anonymized file

OmniPlan 3.7.1
- Gantt: Addressed a bug that could prevent changing the duration of a task by dragging in the Gantt if the “Adjust Assigned Amounts” resource allocation option is selected
- Inspectors: Addressed a layout bug that could cause the end of a project’s Gantt chart to be hidden “under” the Inspector sidebar
- Scheduling: Restored the ability to set effort and duration independently when no resource is assigned to a task
- Scheduling: Restored the ability to change a task’s effort via the Inspector or task outline when the task’s resource allocation is set to “adjust task effort.”
- Scheduling: It is once again possible to enter negative values for task lead/lag time
- Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when leveling splits a task in a dependency loop
- Stability: Addressed a crash that could occur when deleting a task with a prerequisite

OmniPlan 3.7
- Elapsed Duration: OmniPlan now supports elapsed time values for task duration and lead/lag time! By default, OmniPlan calculates task duration and lead/lag time from the project’s work hours. Entering an “e” before either value will now convert it to an elapsed time value instead. Need to wait for the paint to dry before you can take the next step in your project? Enter “48eh” in your “Let paint dry” task’s duration field to tell OmniPlan that the next dependent task can begin Monday morning if the paint has started to dry by the end of the day Friday (and assigning additional resources to watch the paint dry won’t help it complete any earlier). OmniPlan does not yet support importing or exporting Microsoft Project elapsed time values
- Menu Bar: The Gantt, Resource Timeline, and Calendar, as well as the outlines in each of these views, can now be hidden or revealed by options in the View menu in the OmniPlan menu bar
- OmniOutliner: Added import support for OmniOutliner 5’s .ooutline file format
- Import: Importing .tsv files is now supported
- Help: The in-app Help is now localized in all languages except for Korean and Brazilian Portuguese
- Outline: Columns in the outline can now be resized by dragging the divider line (previously, columns could only be resized by selecting the column header)
- Scheduling: Cleaned up and rewrote the code OmniPlan uses to schedule project timelines. This is intended to make project scheduling more accurate by addressing things like rounding errors. As a result, you may notice slight changes in your project’s schedule after installing this update. If you are confused about why your project’s schedule as changed, or feel that it has changed in a way that it shouldn’t have, please contact our Support team
- Publish/Subscribe: Substantial updates were made to OmniPlan’s publish/subscribe mechanism in order to improve speed and better handle authentication challenges
- AppleScript: AppleScript now properly sets project level custom data values
- Calendar View: Clicking the green “Customized Work Week” icon now switches to Calendar View to reveal the resource’s work schedule
- Calendar View: It is once again possible to clear a resource’s customized work schedule
- Change Tracking: The change tracking sidebar has been disabled in the Styles View as this view does not support change tracking
- Change Tracking: Addressed a typo in the resource assignment change tracking message
- Change Tracking: Change tracking now correctly reports changes that affect both task duration and task effort
- Daylight Savings Time: Daylight Savings Time beginning or ending no longer confuses OmniPlan’s date display
- Earned Value: ACWP values now calculate correctly when a resource is assigned at less than 100% to a task
- Export: End constraint brackets are no longer backwards when exporting to PDF
- Gantt View: Addressed a bug that could cause dependency connection arrows to remain on the Gantt chart after tasks are disconnected
- Inspectors: Addressed a bug that could prevent editing dependencies for some tasks in the Task Inspector
- Microsoft Project Import: Fixed a variety of bugs that could block Microsoft Project files from importing correctly
- Network View: It is now possible to edit the name of a task in Network View while zoomed out
- Network View: The Network View no longer scrolls back to the beginning of the project after a task is deleted
- Network View: “Add Task” with a child task selected in the Network Diagram now creates a task in the same group
- Performance: Setting a start constraint 100 years in the past no longer causes performance issues
- Publish/Subscribe: OmniPlan now syncs more happily with
- Publish/Subscribe: Addressed a bug that could cause pub/sub actions to duplicate. This bug was most commonly encountered when a file with pub/sub actions was also being syncing via OmniPresence
- Publish/Subscribe: Trust certificate panel now appears for self-signed WebDAV servers
- Publish/Subscribe: It is now possible to delete more than one project at a time from the Server Repository window
- Resource View: Resources can once again be assigned by dragging resources from the Resource View outline to tasks in a swim lane
- Scheduling: Tasks set to “adjust assigned amounts” no longer max resource allocation out at 100% (as a result, resources now accurately indicate when they are overloaded)
- Scheduling: Removing all work hours from a project no longer results in tasks with no effort and duration
- Split Tasks: Split tasks now remain split when the first half of the task is dragged in the Gantt chart
- Task Completion: Addressed a rounding error that could cause tasks to be > 99% complete instead of 100% complete
- Stability: Constraints that result in a scheduling recursion now present a violation instead of causing OmniPlan to crash
- Stability: The Resource Assignments Touch Bar button no longer triggers a crash when resources have unexpected names
- Stability: Fixed our most common crash in OmniPlan 3.6.2

OmniPlan 3.6.2
- In-App Purchase price now properly reflects previous Standard purchase

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