Wirecast 12.1 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Wirecast 12.1 Mac

OneDrive for Mac(以前為 Mac 的 SkyDrive)是一生中一切的一個地方。輕鬆存儲和分享照片,視頻,文檔等。當您將移動設備或計算機上的照片或視頻上傳到 OneDrive 時,可以在您的 PC,Mac,平板電腦或手機上找到他們。通過 OneDrive,您可以輕鬆地在任何地方訪問,管理和共享文件。

OneDrive 特點:

輕鬆存儲和分享照片,視頻,文件和更多— 任何地方,任何設備,免費。另外,註冊時可獲得 15 GB 的空間.

即使您的設備出現問題,也可以安全地保存您喜愛的照片和視頻。激活相機膠卷備份以自動保存照片時,可以額外獲得 3 GB 的存儲空間。隨時隨地都可以在任何設備上查看它們。推荐一位朋友加入 OneDrive,你們兩人將獲得 +500 MB。最多可以提及 10 位朋友,最多 5 GB .

一個地方可以與 Office 一起工作,所以您可以輕鬆創建,編輯和共享您的文檔。將文檔保存到 OneDrive 並在任何設備上訪問它們.

共享文件或整個文件夾(如相冊),而不附加任何內容。發送一封電子郵件,提供一個鏈接,指向您分享的內容以及 OneDrive 中的其他所有內容。私密信息.

OneDrive 為您的生活中的所有內容提供服務
在 OneDrive for Mac 上儲存和分享您最喜愛的照片,視頻,文檔和文件等。註冊並獲取 15 GB 存儲,免費.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可以:下載 OneDrive for Windows

檔案版本 Wirecast 12.1
檔案名稱 Wirecast-12.1.dmg
檔案大小 182 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microsoft Corporation
更新日期 http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/skydrive/download
軟體類型 2019-05-01

What's new in this version:

New features:

NEW – Wirecast One
- New tier of Wirecast now available!
- Wirecast One is the most affordable way to get your first streams up and running while harnessing the power and ease of use Wirecast is known for. With a single camera input and easy streaming to your preferred destination, Wirecast One covers all the basics for your first stream and is powerful enough for your 1000th!
- Wirecast One can be used by beginner streamers all the way up to the veterans of live video, but it is perfect for streaming to social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, and all your live streams from casual events to the most professional productions.
- For a comprehensive comparison of One, Studio, and Pro, please visit our Buy page.

NEW – LinkedIn Live:
- Attention: LinkedIn Live is currently invite only, via LinkedIn. Link to LinkedIn application process can be found within Wirecast Output Settings with LinkedIn Live chosen as the destination. Alternatively, you can apply directly by clicking here.
- With LinkedIn’s new Live offering, you can now stream directly to your LinkedIn network. Your LinkedIn network will receive an alert when you go live.

NEW – Facebook Donation Button for Verified Pages:
- Now, Wirecast users with a verified page can enable the donation button for viewers of the stream.
- In Wirecast, simply go to the advanced section of the Facebook Live output settings, log in with credentials to a verified Facebook page, check “Show Donation Button”, and enter the Facebook Charity ID. For more details regarding Facebook Donation eligibility, read here.

- Add “Remind me later” option to the Wirecast Support Renewal nag page
- Implement preference for disabling unlicensed functionality

– 404 returned when requesting help from the Encoder Presets window
– Add Patios for LinkedIn Live Broadcast has ended alert message
– Adding a VLC NDI source to the document causes a crash on Windows
– Alpha issues with TL4 via NDI in WC12
– Always allow change user option in Facebook log-in
– Audio artifacts in Blackmagic and Magewell sources
– Build In / Build Out elements don't move proportionally
– Cannot select Cut or Smooth from transitions dropdown menu after update
– Check mark icon does not show for options within the Matte drop down menu
– Clicking "Crosspost Settings" crashes Wirecast
– Entering a place prevents FB destination from recognizing verified pages
– Frozen video and synchronization problems when connecting to NDI sources in secondary documents
– Localization Mac OS: Stock Media Library download button cut off in localized versions
– Localization Windows OS: Stock Media Library cancel button cut off in localized versions
– Localization: "Primary Sound Driver" does not display properly.
– Memory leak/crash over time, ingesting 10 IP web streams
– Missing space on the Software Update Tab in Preferences
– NDI Sources remain in the add Source Dialog after being disconnected
– NDI buffer delay
– RTMPS output via Microsoft Azure destination does not work
– Removing an AVCapture source from the Rendezvous mix causes the audio to be removed from the Live Output mix if it is also in the Live Canvas
– Stock Media Library: Placeholder text shows when trying to select a folder to download Stock Media files to
– Titler Live NDI Shot events do not work
– Trademark not present beside "Wirecast" when licensed
– Two browser tabs are spawned when selecting "MIDI forum" from Preferences
– Unable to use 3D Plane transition in Wirecast 12.
– Web stream URI and Username input boxes appear as if they are the same input box
– Webstream HLS source video freezes after several hours
– Windows: Rendezvous Audio Mixer shows a blank drop down menu until an option is selected
– Wirecast Crashed when selecting a youtube event
– Wirecast EULA showing odd characters in section 2.6
– Wirecast Preferences do not save when computer language is set to Russian
– Wirecast crashed when editing changes in audio mixer

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