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ff Works 1.4.2 Mac

OneDrive for Mac(以前為 Mac 的 SkyDrive)是一生中一切的一個地方。輕鬆存儲和分享照片,視頻,文檔等。當您將移動設備或計算機上的照片或視頻上傳到 OneDrive 時,可以在您的 PC,Mac,平板電腦或手機上找到他們。通過 OneDrive,您可以輕鬆地在任何地方訪問,管理和共享文件。

OneDrive 特點:

輕鬆存儲和分享照片,視頻,文件和更多— 任何地方,任何設備,免費。另外,註冊時可獲得 15 GB 的空間.

即使您的設備出現問題,也可以安全地保存您喜愛的照片和視頻。激活相機膠卷備份以自動保存照片時,可以額外獲得 3 GB 的存儲空間。隨時隨地都可以在任何設備上查看它們。推荐一位朋友加入 OneDrive,你們兩人將獲得 +500 MB。最多可以提及 10 位朋友,最多 5 GB .

一個地方可以與 Office 一起工作,所以您可以輕鬆創建,編輯和共享您的文檔。將文檔保存到 OneDrive 並在任何設備上訪問它們.

共享文件或整個文件夾(如相冊),而不附加任何內容。發送一封電子郵件,提供一個鏈接,指向您分享的內容以及 OneDrive 中的其他所有內容。私密信息.

OneDrive 為您的生活中的所有內容提供服務
在 OneDrive for Mac 上儲存和分享您最喜愛的照片,視頻,文檔和文件等。註冊並獲取 15 GB 存儲,免費.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可以:下載 OneDrive for Windows

檔案版本 ff Works 1.4.2
檔案名稱 ffWorks.dmg
檔案大小 19.5 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microsoft Corporation
更新日期 http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/skydrive/download
軟體類型 2019-09-05

What's new in this version:

ff Works 1.4.2
- ffWorks is now fully compatible with macOS Catalina
- Added image format Targa without RLE encoding (Movie to Images)
- Added image format Targe with alpha channel (Movie to Images)
- Improved encoding to HEVC 10bit P3
- Added video filter ‘Vague Denoiser’
- Added option ’Threshold’
- Added option ‘Filtering Method’
- Added option ’Nsteps’
- Added option ‘Partial of full denoising’
- Added option ‘List of the planes to process’

ff Works 1.4.1
- Rewritten compiling FFmpeg video and audio filter options
- Added .m2p extention for MPEG-PS containers
- Added video filter ‘Blur’
- Added option 'Luma Threshold’
- Added option 'Luma Radius’
- Added option 'Luma Strength’
- Added option 'Chrome Threshold’
- Added option 'Chroma Radius’
- Added option 'Chroma Strength’
- Added "1:1 10-bit RGB” support
- Added pixel formats
- Improved FFmpeg Log updating
- Improved FFmpeg diagnostic feature
- Improved SetPTS video filter to accept complex expressions (for creating timelapse movies)
- Better alpha channel support for VP8 and VP9
- Now removes up all temporally files when using 2 or 3 pass encoding
- Fixed issue enabling hardware accelerated encoding (VideoToolbox
- Fixed setting the HEVC SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display color volume SEI info values
- Fixed issue trimming movies
- Fixed some button alignments
- Fixed issue setting the channel layout to 7.1 and 7.1wide (audio filter Channel Mapping)
- Fixed issue canceling the encoding process and quitting FFmpeg
- Fixed issue scanning FFmpeg
- Fixed issue setting the image size when exporting to images
- Fixed rearranging the batch order
- Fixed regression issue when setting the start time (trimming)

ff Works 1.3.4
- Added some Pixel Formats
- Added option ‘Improved quality' for HE-AAC with LibFDK-aa
- Added MP2 audio support for MOV container with H264 video codec
- Added PCM 32bit support for some containers
- Added "SMPTE ST 428-1" to color transfer characteristics selector
- Improved merging MXF files
- Fixed issue encoding to AVI container with XVID codec
- Fixed parsing ‘PTS Expression’ to speed up or slowdown movies (SetPTS video filter)
- Fixed Audio Time Offset
- Fixed issue encoding to AAC mono with higher bitrates then 256kbs
- Fixed memory leak when merging files
- Fixed issue disabling x264 Macroblock tree ratecontrol

ff Works 1.3.3
- Improved ‘Save Audio to separate file’.
- Fixed issue encoding to HEVC with 2 or more audio streams.
- Fixed issue adding and initialising FFmpeg files when running macOS 10.15
- Fixed issue adding to iTunes when running macOS 10.15
- Fixed issue showing notifications on macOS 10.15
- Fixed issue saving user presets

ff Works 1.3.2
- FfWorks is now notarized for macOS 10.1
- Added x265 option 'Emit VPS and PPS headers with every keyframe’
- Improved adding subtitles to MOV containers making it QT compatible
- Improved calculating video bitrate when setting preset to ‘Very high’ or better and encoding to HEVC
- Fixed several issues when running macOS 10.1
- Fixed issue exporting to images
- Fixed issue setting the Intra DC Precision option

ff Works 1.3.1
- Improved DASH support (better writing manifest file)
- Improved all iPad and iPhone presets
- Old presets now correctly set the H264 profile setting
- Fixed issue enabling SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display color volume SEI info’ (HEVC)
- Fixed issue encoding to VOB containers
- Fixed issue encoding to HAP video codec
- Fixed issue force font styling (hardburn subtitles)
- Fixed issue enabling x264 ‘Fast P-skip’ and ‘High Profile 8x8 transform’
- Enabling GIF count loops now works as expected when set to 1

ff Works 1.3.0
- Improved Watchfolder
- Rearanged options in Watchfolder window
- Improved hardware accelerated encoding
- Improved setting the reference frames and using profiles (x264)
- Improved Apple TV4K preset
- Fixed issue enabling read only watchfolders
- Fixed issue when using 2 pass encoding
- Fixed issue with Frame Motion Interpolation video filter

ff Works 1.2.9
- Improved hardware accelerated HEVC encoding
- Fixed issue when using 2 pass encoding
- Fixed memory leak when using Watchfolder
- Fixed issue adding .mkv files (introduced with 1.2.8)

ff Works 1.2.7
- Fixed issue importing files
- Fixed issue when using 2 pass encoding

ff Works 1.2.6
- Added rawvideo for AVI and container
- Improved encoding to animated GIF
- Improved auto set GOP size
- Improved h265 main profile preset
- Improved parsing FFmpeg error logs
- Improved handling adding external subtitle files
- Fixed issue creating VOB files
- Fixed issue creating thumbnails
- Fixed issue setting the timecode type
- Fixed issue saving the Pre Motion Estimation option

ff Works 1.2.5
- Added MP2 support for MOV and MKV containers with H264 video codec (for broadcasting)
- Selected Audio Stream ID is now saved in user presets
- Now verifies if the subtitle files are valid before hard burning subtitles
- Improved handling adding external subtitle files
- Improved FFmpeg validation
- Improved h265 Main Profile preset
- Fixed issue with Set Video PTS filter (for creating timelapse movies)
- Fixed memory leak when adding/removing batch files
- Fixed issue with entering the video bitrate

ff Works 1.2.4

- Added button to select the LUT file
- Added 'Interpolation Mode’ option
- Added audio filter ‘New Dyn Normalizer’ (replaced previous version)
- Added option 'Frame Length in milliseconds’
- Added option ‘Filter window size’
- Added option 'Target peak value’
- Added option 'Maximum gain factor’
- Added option 'Target RMS’
- Added option 'Compress factor’
- Improved subtitle support for MOV containers
- Improved FFmpeg error handling
- Improved exporting to image
- Fixed issue enabling ‘Always encode all available streams’
- Fixed issue using Cropping with custom values

ff Works 1.2.3

- Added YUV422p10le pixel format (HEVC 10bit)
- Added option 'Select 1 frame every N-th frame’
- Added options ‘Luma Matrix Horizontal Size’ and ‘Luma Effect Strength’
- Now handels DPX frames
- It is now possible to create animated GIF with transparency
- Now checks if an user preset is still present when set as default
- Now checks if VLC player is available when used for previewing
- Updated several iDevice presets
- VP8 quality option now works as expected
- Improved calculating GOP size for encoding to VOB container
- Improved H265 Main Profile preset
- Fixed issue setting the CRF value for x264 and x265
- Fixed issue exporting to jpg images
- Fixed font issue in the right pane
- Fixed issue encoding to DTS audio codec
- Fixed issue when using PGS subtitles

ff Works 1.2.2
- X265 Adaptive Quantization Mode is now set to 'Enabled with auto-variance’ as default
- Fixed issue choosing an iDevice preset and set the video codec to H265
- Fixed issue extracting subtitles when more than 10 subs streams are available
- Fixed issue trimming video

ff Works 1.2.1
- Added MP2 and MP3 for MPEGTS containers when using H264/H265 video codec
- Improved MPEGTS container handling
- Fixed issue updating the audio codec settings

ff Works 1.2.0
- Rewritten/optimised compiling FFmpeg commandline
- Rewritten parsing FFmpeg data
- Added option ‘HAP compressor’
- Added option ’Set as Forced subtitle stream’
- Added option ‘’deinterlace mode’ for Motion-comp deinterlacing’ filter
- Improved logging
- Improved watchfolder processing
- Improved Audio Merge filter (with external files)
- Better FFmpeg error handling
- Added workaround when the cropdetect filter returns negative values
- Improved help tags
- Fixed issue updating metadata
- Fixed setting the font color when hardburning subtitles
- Fixed issue setting a watchfolder
- Fixed issue setting the time in the 'Time Trimmer' filter
- Fixed issue encoding to MP3 and high bitrates
- Fixed issue not saving user presets

- Fixed issue updating the Subtitle title metadata

ff Works 1.1.18
- Added support for libopus encoder
- Added option 'Opus Encoder Library’. (default is FFmpeg native opus encoder)
- Improved compiling the FFmpeg commandline for x265
- Improved idevice presets
- Improved Passthru wizard
- Fixed adding chapters
- Fixed setting the VP9 speed and profile options
- Fixed issue encoding to HEVC with VideoToolbo
- Fixed issue selecting an .asv file for the video 'Color Curves' filter
- Fixed issue setting a destination file name
- Fixed issue saving the FFmpeg log

ff Works 1.1.16
- Added x264 option 'Enable Fake Interlaced’
- Added several colorspace and color primaries profiles
- Faster loading/handling presets
- Improved FFmpeg error handling
- Improved compiling FFmpeg command line
- Improved Passthru wizard
- Improved FFmpeg diagnostic feature
- Fixed several issues encoding with x264 and x26
- Fixed issue when disabling thumbnail for more screen estate
- Fixed issue setting the Webm/VP9 profile
- Fixed issue setting the Major Brand to MP42 v2
- Fixed issue setting the destination preset for Watch Folders

ff Works 1.1.15
- Added option 'Copy MOV Metadata Tags’
- Improved support for .m4v containers
- Improved option 'Create Chapter Markers’
- Improved FFmpeg error handling
- Fixed issue encoding to HAP_Alpha
- Fixed issue when only trimming the start
- Fixed issue when using IINA player for previewing
- Fixed issue exporting to images
- Fixed issue when enabling hardware acceleration (with VideoToolbox)
- Fixed issue when hardburning subtitles with background
- Fixed issue encoding to Animated GIF

ff Works 1.1.14
- Added support for OGG audio codec for several containers
- Fixed issue enabling Videotoolbox hardware accelerated encoding
- Fixed issue when changing Light to Dark Mode
- Fixed memory leak when concatenate batch files
- Fixed issue with the FFmpeg manager

ff Works 1.1.12
- Added FLAC audio codec for MKV containers
- Added option 'Reset Count’ (Cropping filter)
- Improved Dark Mode
- Improved all iDevice presets
- Added presets : Apple TV4K, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR
- Fixed issue when encoding to DTS audio

ff Works 1.1.11
- Fixed regression issue when copying settings to new batch files

ff Works 1.1.10
- Fixed issue encoding to OGG with very high bitrates
- Fixed issue saving the Hardware accelerated decoding
- Fixed issue scaling the Subtitle settings window
- Fixed memory leak when using Watchfolder
- Fixed issue setting the ‘Timescale of all Video tracks’
- Fixed issue using the audio filter ‘Merge Audio’
- Improved DASH support

ff Works 1.1.9
- Fixed issue selecting the AAC profile (AAC-HE_V2)
- Fixed issue enabling ‘SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display color volume SEI info’
- Fixed issue when encoding to ALAC with CoreAudio
- Fixed issue entering a audio bitrate
- Fixed issue saving hardware encoding options to userpresets
- Fixed issue reading media files when no FFmpeg is installed

ff Works 1.1.8
- Added AV1 support for MP4 and AVI containers
- Added option 'Encode with Operational Pattern Atom (OP-Atom)’ for MXF containers
- Minor UI improvements
- Improved Dark Mode support
- Changed some code to make it ready for notarising
- Fixed the 'Production AVC Lossless' preset
- Fixed several issue when running macOS 10.14
- Fixed some threading issues when encoding 4 or more batch files at ones
- Fixed issue when enabling Pre/suffix in the Preferences
- Fixed issue monitoring FFmpeg log
- Fixed memory leak when using Watch Folder

ff Works 1.1.7
- Changed some color schemes for better Dark Mode support
- Improved Stream Passthru Wizard
- Fixed the 'Production AVC Lossless' preset

ff Works 1.1.5
- Updated to latest MediaInfo version
- You can now change the subtitle language metadata when copying subtitles
- Improved handling FFmpeg files
- Fixed issue with setting the Min. Luminance value (x265)
- Fixed issue saving x265 options (user presets)
- Fixed issue rendering time code when all options are enabled

ff Works 1.1.4
- The ‘Scrub Mode’ is now back available in the Trimming window
- Added '29.97fps non drop frame' for Rendering Time Code
- Added several aspect ratios for detecting cropsize
- It is now possible to set/changet the subtitle name when copying subtitles
- It is now possible to set/change the audio track name when copying audio streams
- Fixed regression issue when encoding to MKV containers

ff Works 1.1.3
- Added cropping option 'Black threshold’
- Added video filter ‘Black Frame detection’
- Added modes 'Remove Start and End black frames’, 'Remove Start black frames Only’ and 'Remove End black frames Only’
- Manual cropping values are now inherit the top/bottom/left/right values
- Improved adding subtitles to MOV containers making it compatible with QT
- Fixed GUI glitch when running macOS 10.14

ff Works 1.1.2
- Added Watermark transparency option
- Added cropping option ‘Rescale size after cropping’
- Added ‘Stricly follow standards’ (General Options)
- Improved creating thumbnails
- Fixed issue updating the FPS and Size when setting the ‘Set Target Type’
- Fixed issue loading the preferences
- Fixed setting the x265 profile option

ff Works 1.1.1
- Added AV1 support for Matroska containers
- Added x265 option 'Emit VPS, SPS, and PPS headers with every keyframe’
- x265 option ‘RC-Lookahead’ now is set to ‘Auto’ by default
- Added cropping option ’Scale to Square Pixels’
- Added cropping option 'Cropping mode’ (Auto, Auto with preserving centre, 16:9, 4:3 and Manual)
- Added cropping option ‘Modulus’
- Added Deblock video filter
- Added option ‘Deblock filter type’
- Added option ‘Block size’
- Added option ‘Alpha Threshold’
- Added option ‘Beta Threshold’
- Added option ‘Gamma Threshold’
- Added option ‘Delta Threshold’
- Scaler now uses Bicubic as default
- Enabled ‘Cancel’ button when encoding images to movie (make sure you have the latest FFmpeg version installed)
- The user presets are now listed alphabetically
- Improved compiling commandline
- You cannot change the batch target anymore when it is queued
- Fixed issue retrieving the correct pixel format from .mxf files with uncommon pixel formats
- Fixed issue writing colorspaces for MOV containers with ProRes codec
- Fixed issue with DASH files with more than 4 different resolutions
- Fixed issue selecting image files with the file dialog
- Fixed memory leak when merging MPEGTS files
- Fixed issue wrapping the information text when ‘Hide Video thumbnail’ is enabled
- Fixed issue exporting to JPG files
- Fixed issue when encodig to audio only (1.1 regression issue)

ff Works 1.0.10
- Fixed regression issue retrieving the correct pixel format from .mxf files with uncommon pixel formats like XYZ12LE etc..

ff Works 1.0.9
- Improved FFmpeg error handling
- Fixed issue when using the latest FFmpeg builds
- Fixed issue with ‘Reduction Filter Strength’ (Webm)
- Fixed some minor GUI issues

ff Works 1.0.8
- Optimized base H265 settings
- Added tag '’ for filename prefix and suffix
- Improved FFmpeg error handling
- Improved Passthru Wizard
- Fixed issue when setting prefix/suffix to
- Fixed issue saving user presets (HAP options ‘HAPQuality' and 'HAPChunks')

ff Works 1.0.7
- Added button ‘Watch Folder Preset’
- Added support for AAC, ALAC and FLAC for MOV container with HAP video codec
- Added support for .idx subtitle files (soft subtitles) for VOB and MKV containers
- Added several entries for the ‘Convert 3D Stereo’ video filter
- Added preference option ‘Hide video thumbnail’
- Improved FFmpeg error handling
- Improved Subtitle Wizard
- Fixed several issues with handling Watch Folder
- Fixed issue using the Audio Channel Mapping filter
- Fixed issue updating the calculated video bitrate when using a bitrate preset

ff Works 1.0.6
- You can now hold the Option key and click on Start to show the commandline editing window
- Added ‘Copy Settings to All’ contextual menu item
- Added "1:1 10-bit RGB" support for mov container
- Added option ‘Position filter chain’ for hardburning subittles
- Improved splitting audio channels to seperate audio files
- Improved H264 High Profile and H265 Main Profile presets
- Improved handling HE-AAC to AAC encoding (regarding bitrate)
-Improved auto cropping detecting
- Changed the batch thread priorities
- HAP video codec now works as expected in MOV containers
- Fixed several issues when editing the HEVC options
- Fixed issue when using the DNxHD preset and set video size to HD720
- Fixed issue adding soft subtitles
- Fixed loading iPhone7 preset
- Fixed issue encoding to 23.976 and 29.97 FPS
- Fixed issue adding user presets files
- Fixed issue when encoding to DVVideo and NTSC
- Fixed issue resetting options when changing another preset

ff Works 1.0.5
- Added profile ProRes 4444XQ
- Added Color primaries : SMPTE 431-2, SMPTE 422-1 and JEDEC P22
- Added Color space : SMPTE2085
- Added ‘Reset Settings’ button in the preferences
- Added x265 12bit preset
- Now automatically sets the pixelformat correctly when encoding to ProRes4444 or 4444XQ
- Improved some device presets
- Fixed memory leak when removing batch files
- Fixed issue setting the Segment Times
- Fixed issue setting high values for the Intra DC Precision option

ff Works 1.0.4
- Added EAC3 audio codec support for MP4 containers
- Fixed regression issue when saving presets (introduced in 1.0.3)

ff Works 1.0.3
- Added option ’Set as default Audio Stream’ (useful when encoding with two or more audio streams)
- Added Apple TV4 preset
- Enabling alpha channel for VP8 and VP9 (webm) now automatically sets the correct pixel format
- Improved encoding to MP4 or MOV containers with 2 or more audio streams so it plays fine with QT player
- Improved encoding to Webm container
- Improved the HEVC main preset
- Fixed issue encoding to MPEG PS container
- Fixed issue setting the output folder/filename using the right pane/bottom folder icon
- Fixed hard crash when using the FFV1 video codec
- Fixed issue canceling encoding with the latest FFmpeg daily builds
- Fixed issue importing preset files

ff Works 1.0.2
- Added GOP multiplier “x0.5”
- Added two new preset ‘Production AVC Standard’ and ‘Production AVC Lossless’
- You can now drag’n’drop an audio file in the Audio Settings window (for adding an external audio file)
- Fixed issue setting the keyint_min value
- Fixed issue pausing and continuing encoding
- Fixed issue changing the destination file name
- Fixes issue sending the encoded move to iTunes (Preferences/Add to iTunes)
- Fixed issue setting the video sizes for DASH
- Fixed issue when the main system volume is formatted as Case-Sensitive
- Improved adding subtitles for MOV containers so they now also play with QT-player
- Optimised displaying source information
- You can now also use the 'Constant Quality Factor’ option for MPEG4 and MPEG2VIDEO (using -q:v)
- GOP size option is now disabvled when ‘Auto set GOP size’ is enabled
- Updated MediaInfo to version v17.12

ff Works 1.0.1
- Improved Device Presets
- Added button’ Diagnostic’ in the FFmpeg Information Sheet
- Fixed issue hiding the Watch Folder and FFmpeg Info toolbar buttons when main window is small
- Fixed issue setting the Preset and/or Tune options for x265
- Fixed issue setting the correct video size when creating a VOB files
- Fixed issue with the toolbar (dragging window)
- Fixed issue when importing files with no audio streams that could lead to a crash when changing the video codec

ff Works 1.0.0
- Only works and optimised for macOS 10.10 or higher.
- Now only works on 64bit systems. Does not rely anymore on 32bit binaries. (Read: future proof for later non-32-bit macOS versions)
- Revamped GUI to improve workflow.
- Added support for h264 and h265 hardware encoding (make sure you use a FFmpeg with support for Videotoolbox)
- Batch view is now split in Source and Target panes.
- You can now also change the video and audio codecs directly in the right pane.
- Video and Audio now have 'Advanced' buttons in the right pane. This opens the relevant advanced options of the selected video or audio codec.
- Now shows the batch number for each batch.
- Now uses system font instead of system_small font for better reading.
- You can now use the cursor buttons to set the trimming times.
- Auto show settings window after adding audio, filter, trimming, metadata and chapters.
- When adding external audio, the dialog now uses the source path as the initial folder.
- When changing the destination path, the dialog now use the source path as the initial folder.
- Changed font for the FFmpeg Info, Detailed Info and FFmpeg log windows to Courier.
- Now shows the physical file size instead of the data length for media files.
- Renamed option ‘Convert H264 bitstream from length to start code prefixed mode’ to ‘Convert H264 or HEVC bitstream from length to start code prefixed mode’.
- CRF value can now be set to 69.
- When setting video or audio to passthru ff·Works checks if filters are present.
- Rearranged target set list.
- Renamed video filter ‘Time Cutter’ to ‘Time Trimmer’.
- Selecting a HEVC preset, always uses HVC1 as FourCC so it is playable with latest macOS versions.
- A Save dialog window is now used to save user presets.
- When changing destination path/filename, the dialog now uses the movies path as initial folder.
- Now displays the file size correctly.
- When pausing encoding, it is now possible to fully stop encoding.
- Select a batch that is encoding now shows a ‘encoding in progress..’ warning.
- Removing the external audio file from a audio stream, now selects the source audio stream when available.
- The Watchfolder window can now be scaled.
- Trimming timeline now shows thumbnails.
- The Trimming max frame value is correctly set referring to the source FPS.
- Selecting MPEG container now uses AC3 as the default audio codec.
- Now automatically adds Video and Audio PTS filters when using hardburning subtitles and trimming.
- Added ‘Subtitles Wizard’.
- Added ‘PassThru Wizard”.
- Added magic stick icon button to show the ‘Passthru Wizard”.
- Added .hevc file extension.
- Added x265 option “SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display color volume SEI info”
- Added x265 option “x And Y display primaries for R”
- Added x265 option “x And Y display primaries for G”
- Added x265 option “x And Y display primaries for B”
- Added x265 option “X,Y display primaries white point”
- Added x265 option “Max and Min Luminance”
- Added x265 option “Max. Contact and max. Frame average light level”
- Added x265 option “Force singling of HDR parameters in SEI packets”.
- Added x265 option “Add luma and chroma offsets for HDR/WCG content”
- Added x265 option “Limits frames for tone mapping information inserted as SEI message”.
- Added support for DNxHR 8bit and 12bit.
- Added option ‘DNxHR profiles’ (444’,’HQX’,’HQ’,’SQ’ and ‘LB’).
- Added support for 1440x1080 (HD1080 Wide screen) for DNxHD.
- Added support for recent files in menu.
- Added preference option ‘Show PassThru Wizard when adding batch files’.
- Added preference option ‘Always request for destination filename’.
- Added preference option ‘Show Edit window after adding Audio, Subtitle, Filter, ..’.
- Added preference options ‘Prefix’ and ’Suffix’ for creating filename.
- Added preference option ‘Default Subs Charset Encoding’.
- Added preference ‘When done’ option ‘Shut down system ones’.
- Added preference option ‘Show All Encoded Files.’ Only opens the Finder when all batch files are processed.
- Added preference option ‘Probe size for scanning files”.
- Added preference option ‘Analyse duration for scanning files”.
- Added ‘Advance’ button to directly access codec specific options.
- Added audio filter Channel Mapping.
- Added ‘Set Channel Layout’ option.
- Added ‘Channel select’ menu’s.
- Added video filter ‘Set SAR’.
- Added ‘Set SAR’ option.
- Added video filter ‘Set DAR’.
- Added ‘Set DAR’ option.
- Added video filter ‘Background Blur’.
- Added option ‘Orientation’.
- Added option ‘Blur strength’.
- Added ‘Detelecine’ video filter’.
- Added option ‘First Field’ option.
- Added option ‘Pattern’ option.
- Added option ‘Start Frame’ option.
- Added MP3 and MP2 support for MP4 container.
- Added option ‘Render Real Timecode’ for Render Timecode filter.
- Added option ‘Render Custom Timecode’ for Render Timecode filter.
- Added option ‘Render Frame Number’ for Render Timecode filter.
- Added option ‘Render Frame Type’ for Render Timecode filter.
- Added OPUS support for MKV and WEBM containers.
- Added AAC; PCM_S24LE, PCM_S32LE support for AVCHD (.mt2s) containers
- Added PCM_S32LE support for AVI containers.
- Added support for HAP codec in MOV containers.
- Added HAP quality options ‘HAP’, HAPAlpha’ and ‘HAPQ’.
- Added AAC codec for AVCHD (.mt2s) containers.
- Added support for video hardware accelerated videotoolbox encoding.
- Added new advanced page for hardware accelerated video encoding.
- Added Apple VDA hardware decoding option.
- Added Videotoolbox hardware decoding option.
- Added Videotoolbox hardware encoding option.
- Added Videotoolbox option ‘More Frames Before Start’.
- Added Videotoolbox option ‘More Frames After End’.
- Added Videotoolbox option ‘Allow Software encoding when Hardware encoding fails’.
- Added CoreAudio hardware encoding option.
- Added support for extracting Close Captions subtitles.
- Added ‘Audio Track Name’ metadata. (Matroska container only).
- Added ‘Subtitle Name’ metadata for soft subtitles.
- Added ‘BT.2020’ to colormatrix converter
- Added MInterpolate video filter.
- Added option ‘Interpolation FSP’.
- Added option ‘Motion interpolation mode’.
- Added option ‘Motion Estimation Mode’.
- Added option ‘Algorithm for Motion Estimation’.
- Added option ‘Macroblock Size’.
- Added option ‘Macroblock Size’.
- Added option ‘Motion estimation search value’.
- Added option ‘Enable variable-size block motion comp’.
- Added option ‘Scene change detection method’.
- Added option ‘Scene change detection threshold’.
- Added option ‘Shift input timestamps to start at zero (needs copy timestamps enabled)’.
- Added audio channel layout ‘hexadecagonal’ and ‘hexagonal’.
- Added audio filter ‘Audio Merge’. For merging audio streams to one audio stream (both embedded and external audio files).
- Added option ‘Merge Channel Mode’.
- Added option ‘Merged Channel Layout’.
- Added 8x ‘Audio Stream’ selectors.
- Added 8x ‘Set External Audio File’.
- Added support for H264RGB video codec for MOV, MP4, MKV and AVI containers.
- Added preview for Cropping and Padding video filters.
- Added Video Filter ‘Color Space’.
- Added option ‘Specify all input color properties’.
- Added option ‘Specify all output color properties’.
- Added option ‘Specify input colorspace’.
- Added option ‘Specify input transfer characteristics’.
- Added option ‘Specify input color primaries’.
- Added option ‘Specify input color range’.
- Added option ‘Specify output colorspace’.
- Added option ‘Specify output transfer characteristics’.
- Added option ‘Specify output color primaries’.
- Added option ‘Specify output color range’.
- Added option ‘Specify output color format’.
- Added option ‘Do a fast conversion, which skips gamma/primary correction’.
- Added option ‘Dithering mode’.
- Added option ‘Specify input colorspace’.
- Added option ‘Whitepoint adaptation mode’.
- Added support for TIFF images.
- Added video reverse filter.
- Added audio reverse filter.
- Added ‘Hide ff·Works’ (Watch folder window).
- Added ‘Hide Dock Icon’ (Watch folder window).
- Added ‘Audio SetPTS’ filter.
- Added ‘Set Audio PTS’ expression.
- Added VP8 ‘CPU used’ option.
- Added help tags for all VP8 options.
- Added VP8 ‘Datarate undershoot’ option.
- Added VP8 ‘Datarate overshoot’ option.
- Added VP8 ‘Noise sensitivity’ option.
- Added progress spinner when importing files.
- Added support for MPEG DASH and WEBM DASH
- Added ‘Create DASH files’.
- Added ‘Auto create DASH Manifest file”.
- Added ‘Create separate Chunk files’.
- Added ‘Minimum Segment Duration’ option.
- Added ‘Remove non-DASH files when finished’ option.
- Added DASH resolution and bitrate list.
- Added support for .m4s files.
- Added X-Offset and Y-Offset options for Watermark position.
- Added support for .drc , .gifv, .mng, .yuv, .m4p, .svi, .f4a and .f4b files.
- Added option ‘Only Keyframes’ for exporting movie to image files.
- Added movie preset sizes 5120x2160 (5K UW), 5120x2880 (5K UHD), 5120x4096 (HSXGA), 7680x3200 (8K UW), 7680x4320 (8K UHD), 8192x4320 (True 8K)
- Added option ‘Prevents clipping when rematrixing’ (for audio filter resampler).
- Added option ‘Enable Alpha Channel support’ for WEBM containers.
- Added option ‘Disable’ to Video Size.
- Added video filter ‘Pixel Format’.
- Added option ‘Set Pixel Format’.
- Added 24bit and 32bit support for MXF containers.
- Added support for hevc_mp4toannexb bitstream filter.
- Added support for exporting to TGA images.
- Added several 10bit ,12bit, 14bit and 16bit pixel formats.
- Added AC3 option ‘Use Channel Coupling’.
- Added AC3 option ‘AC3 Coupling Start Band’.
- Added FLAC option ‘FLAC Compression Level’.
- Added MP3 option 'Use Average Bitrate'.
- Added MP3 option 'Disable Bit reservoir'.
- Added higher preset frame rates (70, 75, 90, 100 and 120).
- Added ‘Basic Information’ and ‘Advanced Information’ options for the Media information window.
- Added ‘SAVE’ and ‘PRINT’ buttons for the Media information window.
- Added video filter ‘Field’.
- Added option ‘Field Extract’.
- Added hvc1 tag when encoding to HEVC (to make files macOS 10.13 compatible).
- Added support for IINA and MPV players for previewing.
- Added support for IFO files (for using the correct subtitle color when copying dvd subtitles).
- Added option “Enable loading of external tracks” (For Quicktime reference file).
- Added option “Allows loading of external tracks via absolute paths,” (For Quicktime reference file).
- Added presets for iPhone8, iPhone8Plus and iPhoneX
- Added .yuv extensions for MOV and MKV containers (for using Rawvideo).
- Improved compiling Commandline when encoding to rawvideo.
- Improved bitrate quality settings for several video codecs.
- Improved rendering a background for subtitles (hardburn).
- Improved handling dvb_sub subtitles for MPEGTS containers.
- Improved setting the video size in the Export to Images sheet.
- Improved Watchfolder: You can now hide the ff·Works window to run in the background.
- Improved compiling command line when using video passthru.
- Improved compiling video filters (order).
- Improved Watchfolder logging.
- Improved FFmpeg error handling.
- Improved burning subtitles and trimming is enabled.
- Fixed options ‘Strictly enforce gop size’, ‘normalize adaptive quantization’ and ‘always try a mb with mv=’ to work with the latest FFmpeg builds.
- Fixed Tune and Preset options when encoding to HEVC.
- Fixed issue encoding to DTS audio codec.
- Fixed issue setting the audio codecs for AVS and RealMedia containers.

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