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OpenOffice 2.4.0 Mac

Apache OpenOffice for Mac 是領先的文字處理,電子表格,演示文稿,圖形,數據庫和更多的開源辦公軟件套件。它有很多種語言可用,適用於所有常見的計算機。它將所有數據以國際開放標準格式存儲,還可以從其他常用辦公軟件包中讀取和寫入文件。它可以完全免費下載和使用,用於任何目的.

Apache OpenOffice 是超過二十年的軟件工程的結果。從一開始就將其設計為一個單一的軟件,它具有其他產品無法比擬的一致性。完全開放的開發流程意味著任何人都可以報告錯誤,請求新功能或增強軟件。結果是:Apache OpenOffice 可以完成你希望你的辦公軟件能做的所有事情,你想要的方式很簡單.

Apache OpenOffice for Mac 很容易學習,如果你已經在使用另一個辦公軟件包,你可以直接進入 OpenOffice。世界各地的母語社區意味著 OpenOffice 可能以您自己的語言提供和支持。如果你已經有了另一個辦公軟件包的文件,OpenOffice 可能會毫不費力地讀取它們。最重要的是,Apache OpenOffice 可以完全免費下載和使用。現在下載它,並得到:

與其他主要辦公套件兼容,OpenOffice for Mac 可以免費下載,使用和分發.

A 文字處理器,你可以使用任何東西從寫一個快速的信,生產整本書。

A 強大的電子表格,包含您需要的所有工具來計算,分析和呈現您的數據在數字報告或火熱的圖形.


讓您製作從簡單的圖到動態 3D 插圖的一切。

讓您無縫操作數據庫。在 內部創建和修改表格,表單,查詢和報告


注意事項:需要 Java 運行時環境和 64 位處理器.

也可用:下載 OpenOffice for Windows

檔案版本 OpenOffice 2.4.0
檔案名稱 OOo_2.4.0_MacOSXIntel_install_en-US.dmg
檔案大小 156.19 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Apache Software Foundation
軟體類型 2008-03-16

What's new in this version:

- Connect to WebDAV servers via HTTPS
- Custom icons for toolbars are imported
- Control password-storing with a master password
- Warning if document is from a newer ODF
- PDF documents: relative links, document references, PDF/A-1 (ISO 19005-1) supported, and cross-document link behavior options
- Mac OS X: Quicktime support for movies and sound / use the built in spell checker
- Print dialog improvements in usability
- Edit boxes: warning at limit of characters
- DejaVu font is now default instead of BitStream Vera
- Localisation: Entries for 10 languages added
- Base / DBA: Improved rendering of numeric(n) data from JDBC and Oracle
- Base / DBA: Easier choice of table name in "Copy table"
- Base / DBA: Editing of views in HSQLDB
- Base / DBA: Query designer for all properties which allow SQL command
- Base / DBA: Query designer in SQL view
- Base / DBA: Relation design accessible for MySQL databases
- Base / DBA: Setting to check for required fields on forms
- Base / DBA: Support for Access 2007 (.accdb files)
- Calc: Convert text to columns: with this feature CSV data inside cells can be transformed into columns directly
- Calc: Columns and rows in spreadsheet can be moved with drag and drop
- Calc: Enter key returns to the column where the input started, one row below
- Calc: Formula input: " " and "-" can also be used to start
- Calc: Individual zoom level per sheet
- Calc: AutoFilter: choices clearer grouped and based on result of filtering in other columns
- Calc: DataPilot: Manual Sorting / Double-click in DataPilot cell provides calculation data of that cell
- Calc: Performance improvement with functions VLOOKUP and MATCH
- Calc: Print dialog for Calc easier to use
- Calc: PageUp and PageDown keys work in print preview
- Calc: Sheet names in cell-hyperlinks: renamed properly
- Chart: Regression curves: show equations and R�? value
- Chart: Reverse axes possible
- Chart: Bars on different axes displayed next to each other
- Chart: Data labels: Number format
- Chart: Data point label: display both value and percentage
- Chart: Data label: display each part in a separate line
- Chart: Data labels: more flexible placement of labels
- Chart: Labels on pie segments: avoiding overlapping
- Chart: Data point label: can be removed with delete key
- Draw: Navigation (tab) order of page objects
- Draw: PDF export: page names as bookmark
- Draw: Reduce complexity: no longer necessary display options removed
- Impress: Navigation (tab) order of page objects
- Impress: Thrilling 3D effects in slide transitions
- Impress: Export slide names as PDF bookmarks
- Impress: Easier to insert background picture
- Writer: Selecting rectangular region of text
- Writer: Find and Replace: backward references in regular expressions
- Writer: Spell checking: easier selecting of the language
- Writer: Insert&Insert Object toolbar redesign - Writer
- Writer: Printing of hidden text can be turned on
- Writer: Printing text place holders can be turned off
- Writer: Shortcuts added for paragraph style Heading 4, Heading 5 and Textbody
- Writer: Ctrl-click behaviour for hyperlinks can be changed
- Writer: Custom document properties: Text fields and UI support
- Extensible Help System for extensions
- Extensions can have a separate display name
- Extensions: support of web based update
- Extensions: additional information about the publisher and release notes
- Extensions: check for updates
- Dialogs can have a wallpaper set
- Transparent background for controls
- Remote control presentations via API
- API: get selected table(s) or query(s) in the main Base window

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