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Opera for Mac 軟體歷史版本整理 - winXmac軟體社群

Opera for Mac 軟體歷史版本整理

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Opera for Mac

Opera for Mac 電腦給你一個快速,高效,個性化的瀏覽網頁的方式。它配備了一個流暢的界面,可自定義的快速撥號,發現功能,它可以幫助您找到新的網頁內容,數據保存 Opera Turbo 模式,可視化書籤,超過 1000 個擴展。在一個快速的瀏覽器上在網上做更多!使用內置廣告攔截器和免費 VPN,試用 Mac 版 Opera 瀏覽器!下載,安裝或更新 Opera for Mac!保持同步狀態...


What's new in this version:

- Add obfuscation settings under "WireGuard settings"
- Add custom option to WireGuard port selector

- Reject invalid WireGuard ports in the CLI
- Reorganize settings into more logical categories
- Upgrade wireguard-go to 20220703234212 (Windows: v0.5.3)
- Prune bridges far away from the selected relay
- Stay connected when desktop app is killed or crashes. The only situation where the app now disconnects on quit is when the user presses the quit button.
- Update Electron from 18.0.3 to 19.0.13.
- Expand allowed range of multicast destinations to include all of (administratively scoped addresses), when local network sharing is enabled
- Default to selecting Sweden as the entry location when using WireGuard multihop. Previously, a random location was used.
- Experimental: Upgrade the support for quantum-resistant WireGuard tunnels to a newer protocol

- Connect to TCP endpoints over IPv6 if IPv6 is enabled for WireGuard
- Fix udp2tcp not working when quantum-resistant tunnels are enabled
- Quit app gracefully if renderer process is killed or crashes
- Enable reconnect in blocked state in desktop app
- Fix error handling during device removal in the desktop app
- Enable interface settings when app is logged out
- Fix 'mullvad status -v' to include the port of the endpoint when connecting over TCP
- Check whether the device is valid when reconnecting from the error state
- Stop reconnecting when the account has run out of time