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ON1 Photo RAW 2022 16.1.0 Mac

PDF Studio for Mac 是一款適用於 macOS 的易於使用且功能齊全的 PDF 編輯軟件,它是 Adobe®Acrobat®的可靠替代產品,並且只需花費一小部分費用即可提供所需的所有 PDF 功能。 PDF Studio 保持與 PDF 標準的完全兼容性。看看讓 macOS 的 PDF Studio 與眾不同的原因以及您為什麼要切換!

PDF Studio 是一款易於使用的多合一 PDF 編輯器桌面應用程序,提供所需的所有 PDF 功能(請參閱與 Acrobat 進行功能比較),價格僅為其三分之一。 Adobe®Acrobat®並保持與 Adobe PDF Standards 的完全兼容性。

它使用 Qoppa 軟件的專有技術來查看和修改 PDF 文件。它與平台無關,可以在 Windows,macOS 和 Linux 上運行。只需下載,安裝並立即開始使用 PDF 文件即可。

從 MS Word,文本和圖像創建 PDF 掃描到 PDF 帶有註釋的 PDF 突出顯示和標記文本填寫和保存 PDF 表單使用密碼和權限保護文檔安全合併,拆分和組裝文檔應用水印,頁眉和頁腳創建書籤 / 目錄高級查看體驗:放大鏡,平移和縮放,標尺和網格以下功能僅在 Pro 版本中可用:
OCR(文本識別)編輯 PDF 內容永久編輯 PDF 比較 PDF 優化 PDF 批處理多個 PDF 精密測量工具預檢並轉換為 PDF / A PDF 線性化(用於快速 Web 查看)轉換為 HTML5 / SVG 數字簽名 PDF 交互式表單字段設計器注意:在以下位置為輸出文件添加水印:演示版本.

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 PDF Studio

檔案版本 ON1 Photo RAW 2022 16.1.0
檔案名稱 ON1_Photo_RAW_2022.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Qoppa Software
更新日期 https://www.qoppa.com/pdfstudio/
軟體類型 2021-12-23

What's new in this version:

- Liquify Tool –– The new Liquify Tool lets you push, bloat, and pinch areas of your photo to reduce flaws or reshape regions. It’s completely non-destructive, so you can easily adjust each stroke after the fact.
- Advanced Search –– Finding the right photos got a lot easier with the new Advanced Search dialog. It harnesses the power of a modern database to search the metadata for all of your photos. This goes way beyond the basics to include searching on any combination of fields, with per-field operators and intelligent ranges.
- Smart Albums –– Save your favorite searches as Smart Albums so you can get to just the right photos in an instant. You can create Smart Albums for your favorites, for holidays, recent edits, you name it.
- Snapshots –– Snapshots let you freeze a point and time so you can always get back to it. They are perfect for comparing different treatments like color versus black and white.
- Crop Tool Presets –– The crop tool now lets you store custom crop aspect ratios so you can quickly re-access them.
- Visualize Dust When Retouching — Have you ever made a print to only see a big dust spot you hadn’t noticed on your screen? Now it’s easy to find all the dust and remove them with the new Visualize Dust option in the retouching tools. It makes the dust jump out, so you don’t miss any.
- Shared Presets — Presets you create or install from preset packs are now shared across all supported versions of ON1 apps, like ON1 Photo RAW and ON1 Effects.
- Topographic Map –– If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will appreciate the topographic map option in the map view.
- Performance Improvements — Faster Background Export, Faster Opening of RAW Files, Improved GPU support for M1, and improved AI model for Sky Swap AI.
- New Cameras — Added support for Raw files from the Canon EOS R3, Sony A7 IV, Ricoh GR IIIx, and Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 II.
- New Lenses –– OLYMPUS M.12-45mm F4.0

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