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Emby Server 4.4.0 Mac

PDF Studio for Mac 是一款適用於 macOS 的易於使用且功能齊全的 PDF 編輯軟件,它是 Adobe®Acrobat®的可靠替代產品,並且只需花費一小部分費用即可提供所需的所有 PDF 功能。 PDF Studio 保持與 PDF 標準的完全兼容性。看看讓 macOS 的 PDF Studio 與眾不同的原因以及您為什麼要切換!

PDF Studio 是一款易於使用的多合一 PDF 編輯器桌面應用程序,提供所需的所有 PDF 功能(請參閱與 Acrobat 進行功能比較),價格僅為其三分之一。 Adobe®Acrobat®並保持與 Adobe PDF Standards 的完全兼容性。

它使用 Qoppa 軟件的專有技術來查看和修改 PDF 文件。它與平台無關,可以在 Windows,macOS 和 Linux 上運行。只需下載,安裝並立即開始使用 PDF 文件即可。

從 MS Word,文本和圖像創建 PDF 掃描到 PDF 帶有註釋的 PDF 突出顯示和標記文本填寫和保存 PDF 表單使用密碼和權限保護文檔安全合併,拆分和組裝文檔應用水印,頁眉和頁腳創建書籤 / 目錄高級查看體驗:放大鏡,平移和縮放,標尺和網格以下功能僅在 Pro 版本中可用:
OCR(文本識別)編輯 PDF 內容永久編輯 PDF 比較 PDF 優化 PDF 批處理多個 PDF 精密測量工具預檢並轉換為 PDF / A PDF 線性化(用於快速 Web 查看)轉換為 HTML5 / SVG 數字簽名 PDF 交互式表單字段設計器注意:在以下位置為輸出文件添加水印:演示版本.

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 PDF Studio

檔案版本 Emby Server 4.4.0
檔案名稱 embyserver-osx-x64-
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Qoppa Software
更新日期 https://www.qoppa.com/pdfstudio/
軟體類型 2020-03-22

What's new in this version:

- Added virtual scrolling for most vertical lists
- Update all platforms to .NET Core 3.1
- Improve support for transcoding 10-bit content with hardware acceleration
- Fix Nvidia scaling problem with anamorphic video
- Fix sort title comparisons with special characters
- Various fixes and improvements with QuickSync transcoding
- Support http2 on Windows and Linux
- Allow downloading multiple subtitles in same language
- Unify all web app settings areas
- Improve performance of download and convert features
- Improve automatic multi-version selection
- Fix direct streams of in-progress recordings
- Improve detail screen for music albums and playlists
- Update play button on series posters to play next episode
- Added Indian parental ratings
- Improve detail screen for videos and series
- Redesign add to playlists & collections
- Improve 3D format detection
- Fix user access not being enforced with multi-version movies
- Support parsing 8-digit Imdb Id's in nfo files
- Fix chapter image extraction for .ts files
- Support extracting years from file names beginning with braces, as well as more messy bracket patters
- Fix invalid output file duration with graphical subtitle overlay
- Fix web socket notifications not respecting library sub-folder access
- Shorten several web app urls
- Image extraction: fix formatting negative duration
- Fix invalid audio filter use (-af)
- Improve channel logo assignments
- Fix logos cropping whitespace
- Allow nfo's for extras
- Improve auto-generated audio track display names
- Reduce scheduled task logging to address hibernation problems on Synology
- Various sorting fixes (most apply to new server installations only)
- Improve search results messages when no items are found
- Prevent 2017-2019 from being picked up as season and episode numbers
- Fixes for display of Chinese language name with subtitles
- Improve performance of android server
- Support Brotli compression with android server
- Fix folder sync deleting original files
- Support searching for tags
- Improve instant mix when no genres are present
- Improve replace existing images option with metadata refreshes to be less destructive
- Add 8K display title
- Various fixes for detecting multi-part videos
- Fix sorting for multi-part videos
- Fix wma audio files with Dlna
- Write HVC1 tag when converting videos with hevc to an MP4 container
- Update Norwegian parental ratings
- Add Swedish parental ratings
- Improve camera upload error handling
- Allow preview of manual subtitle downloads
- Fix wav file playback with DTS audio
- Don't group into collections when filtering on favorites
- Reduce http request logging
- Clear metadata lock when using identify feature
- Add channel number sort option
- Add additional view options to playlists tab under music
- Fix subtitle conversions from smb shares
- Update multi-select to only show applicable options based on selections
- Fix repeated download of Chinese subtitles
- Fixes for manual grouping/ungrouping of multiple videos
- Fix parsing of 2020 year in movie file names

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