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PDFpen 11.0 Mac

PDFpen for Mac 允許用戶輕鬆編輯 PDF 文件。添加文字,圖片和簽名。填寫 PDF 表格。合併或分割 PDF 文檔。重新排序和刪除頁面。即使是正確的文本和編輯圖形!

PDFpen for Mac 功能:

校對 OCR 結果
PDFpen 光學字符識別(OCR):將那些掃描的文字圖片轉換成可以使用的單詞,然後校正它們的準確性.

Word 格式的導出
需要對您的 PDF 進行一些重大更改?導出 PDF 格式為.docx 格式,便於 PDF 編輯和與 Microsoft® 分享 Word 用戶.

選擇您的 PDF 文本,點擊“更正文本”並編輯了!在 Mac 上編輯 PDF 從未如此簡單.

Sign it
Sign 在您的 Mac 上 PDFs!用您安全可信的數字簽名進行簽名。掃描簽名並將其放入 PDF 中。或者,用鼠標或觸控板塗寫您的簽名。簽名,密封,交付:無傳真,無需擔心.

在 Cloud
中存儲 PDF 現在您可以在任何地方編輯 PDF 文件。使用 iCloud 或 Dropbox 無縫編輯 PDFpen for iPad& iPhone.

Power 在頁面
需要一個新的頁面?插入一個。需要刪除一個頁面?刪除它。頁面失序?只需將它們拖放到位。無論您需要使用 PDF 的頁面,請使用 PDFpen.

注意事項:導出的文件在演示版本中加水印。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 PDFpen 11.0
檔案名稱 PDFpen.zip
檔案大小 75.7 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SmileOnMyMac
更新日期 https://smilesoftware.com/pdfpen
軟體類型 2019-05-16

What's new in this version:

PDFpen 11.0
- Split-view mode for editing
- New Font Bar for expressive font control
- Import scans from Continuity Camera
- Customize page-number locations
- Add multiple items to the Library at once
- Adds option to turn off Guides
- Adds Medical/Legal dictionaries for OCR (English language)
- Various improvements and fixes

PDFpen 10.2.4
- Resolves issue with page change upon save
- Other fixes and improvements

PDFpen 10.2.3
- Change log not available for this version

PDFpen 10.2.2
- Updates OCR engine
- Other fixes and improvements

PDFpen 10.2.1
- Adds notarization for increased security
- Fixes crash at purchase completion
- Fixes crash on File -> New -> From HTML…

PDFpen 10.2
- Smooths scrolling
- Draws thumbnails faster
- Supports Mojave dark mode
- Increases maximum zoom to 1600%
- Other fixes and improvements

PDFpen 10.1.2
- Resolves potential hang on launch with specific documents
- Other fixes and improvements

PDFpen 10.1.1
- Major performance improvements relating to thumbnails and display
- Reduced memory requirements for opening large documents
- Display progress dialog when adding headers and footers
- Other fixes and improvements

PDFpen 10.1
- Updates files based on last save from any app
- Remembers Form Field & Link Highlighting per document
- Displays link destination on hover
- Adds image opacity controls

Supports AppleScript for:
- Headers & Footers
- Page numbers

PDFpen 10.0.1
- Restores custom color button functionality
- Closes PayPal popup if purchase is cancelled
- Ensures PayPal popup appears in front of welcome window
- Adds localized help for French, Italian, and Japanese
- Resolves some document-specific issues
- Other minor fixes and improvements

PDFpen 10.0
New features:
- Adds watermarks
- Insert Headers and Footers
- OCR multiple documents in batch (PDFpenPro only)
- New Precision Edit tool selects, moves, resizes and deletes line art and text
- Improves move & resize of images
- Enhances page number styling
- Adds larger Library item view
- Prettier drawing colors
- Adds context menu options
- Various improvements and fixes

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