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phpMyAdmin 4.4.1 Mac

phpMyAdmin for Mac 是一個用 PHP 編寫的免費軟件工具,旨在通過 Web 處理 MySQL 的管理。 phpMyAdmin 支持 MySQL,MariaDB 和 Drizzle 上的各種操作。經常使用的操作(管理數據庫,表,列,關係,索引,用戶,權限等)可以通過用戶界面執行,而您仍然可以直接執行任何 SQL 語句。下載 phpMyAdmin for Mac 是一個 PHP 腳本,旨在讓用戶能夠與其 MySQL 數據庫交互.

phpMyAdmin 功能:直觀的 Web 界面支持大多數 MySQL 功能:瀏覽和刪除數據庫,表,視圖,字段和索引創建,複製,刪除,重命名並修改數據庫,表,字段和索引維護服務器,數據庫和表,包含服務器配置提議執行,編輯和書籤任何 SQL 語句,甚至批處理查詢管理 MySQL 用戶和權限管理存儲過程和触發器從 CSV 導入數據和 SQL 導出數據到各種格式:CSV,SQL,XML,PDF,ISO / IEC 26300 - OpenDocument 文本和電子表格,Word,Excel,LATEX 和其他管理多個服務器創建數據庫佈局的 PDF 圖形使用 Query-by- 示例(QBE)在數據庫或其子集中全局搜索使用一組預定義函數將存儲的數據轉換為任何格式,如 d 將 BLOB 數據顯示為圖像或下載鏈接還有更多... 注意:需要 MySQL 和 PHP.6235896
也可以:下載 phpMyAdmin for Windows

檔案版本 phpMyAdmin 4.4.1
檔案大小 9.57 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.1 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 phpMyAdmin devel team
軟體類型 2015-04-07

What's new in this version:

New or Improved
- InnoDB presently supports one FULLTEXT index creation at a time
- Allow tracking multiple table at once from database level tracking page
- Improve action message on Tracking page
- Change value of "Number of rows:" when "Show all" is checked
- Focus console by clicking on white space
- Part 1: Cycle through console history with keyboard up/down arrows
- Default to primary key when adding relation
- User prefs: Diff-friendly JSON for config
- Sever Variables Table UI Improvements
- Warn about reserved word only when a column is created
- Recaptcha API v2
- Individual Zeroconf PMA tables support
- Generate keys one per line
- Allow table with transformed column anywhere in FROM clause
- Shortcut link to search page
- Fold Add Column After / Before into dropdown
- SQL formatter
- Fast filter improvement: remove "x other results found"
- Builtin transformations and relations
- USING BTREE support for HEAP/MEMORY tables
- Make "Options > Relational" configurable
- More details in PDF relation view
- Cannot enter connection for federated engine table
- Allow SALT in ENCRYPT function
- Setting LoginCookieValidity > session.gc_maxlifetime
- Transformation for JSON
- Clarify the "Inline" link
- Speed up slow triggers by using EVENT_OBJECT_SCHEMA
- linking from information_schema
- Relation view: move to main "Structure" page
- Designer menu with explicit text
- Relations with views like with tables
- Browse Field -> Search
- Provide sanity check for table/column names (table names)
- SessionTimeZone configuration directive
- Ability to disable foreign key check when emptying tables
- Reset auto-increment when exporting structure
- Recover query in redaction after session end
- After database creation, go to database structure page
- Show PHP version
- CodeMirror based SQL editor as an input transformation
- CodeMirror based JSON editor as an input transformation
- Editor for HTML content
- Make professional code editor suggestion
- Processlist filter
- Change tracking activation status from db level tracking page
- Export users associated with a specific schema/database
- "Disable database expansion" : unclear directive name and explanation
- Tool tip for lock icon when making changes to a page
- Hide 'Add user' link if user does not have privileges
- Support for SSL GRANT option
- Central columns allowing setting SIGNED / UNSIGNED attribute for integer
- Add regexp match when using AllowArbitraryServer

- Unable to work with two different servers in two tabs
- phpMyAdmin should be able to work without 'examples' DIR - move SQL scripts to sql directory
- Table structure: adding primary key doesn't refresh page
- No error message on Missing extension mbstring
- Fix isCanvasSupported for new window
- Cannot execute command from console (multi-server installation)
- Add missing confirmation when deleting tracking report entries
- Multiple delete on table browse ignoring foreign key checkbox

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