Element 1.10.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Element 1.10.0 Mac

Pixen 是 Mac 的創新圖形編輯器。像素藝術家自上而下地設計 - 像老式視頻遊戲中看到的精靈般製作低分辨率光柵藝術的人。但對於所有領域的藝術家來說都是非常棒的:Pixen 就像一個非常強大的 MSPaint 或者更簡單,更敏捷的 Photoshop。像素調色板系統,圖案和高變焦支持等創新功能,Pixen 將所有像素藝術家所需要的工具包裝在一個直觀的 Mac 原生界面中。 Pixen for Mac 也使得創造逐幀的動畫樂趣和 easy.

Pixen 特點:

在幻燈片視圖中創建和排列圖像幀拼湊在一起的動畫; 鉛筆,橡皮擦,滴管,縮放,矩形選擇,魔術棒,套索,移動,填充,線條,矩形和橢圓形等功能利用 Pixen 提供的各種工具組合像素藝術.


Color Palettes



Pixen 支持壓力感應繪圖平板電腦,並將壓力映射到顏色不透明度.

在 OS 上以全屏模式處理所有您喜歡的工具 X Lion.

注意:Pixen 現在是 Mac App Store 中的付費應用程序。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Element 1.10.0
檔案名稱 Element-1.10.0-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 共享軟體
作者 Matt Rajca
更新日期 http://www.pixenapp.com/
軟體類型 2022-02-01

What's new in this version:

- Tweak room list header menu for when space is active  
- Tweak light hover & active color for bubble layout  
- De-labs Metaspaces
- De-labs Message Bubbles layout
- Add customisation point for mxid display
- Add labs flag for default open right panel  
- Tweak copy for the Sidebar tab in User Settings  
- Make widgets not reload (persistent) between center and top container
- Don't render a bubble around emotes in bubble layout  
- Add ability to switch between voice & video in calls
- Re-renable Share option for location messages
- Make room ID copyable
- Improve the look of the keyboard settings tab
- Add tooltips to emoji in messages  nd
- Improve redundant tooltip on send button in forward dialog
- Allow downloads from widgets
- Parse matrix-schemed URIs
- Show a tile at beginning of visible history
- Enable the polls feature
- Display general marker on non-self location shares
- Improve/add notifications for location and poll events
- Upgrade linkify to v3.0
- Update sidebar icon from Compound  
- Replace home icon with new one  
- Make the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog into a settings tab
- Add setting for enabling location sharing
- Add a developer mode 'view source' button to crashed event tiles
- Replace kick terminology with Remove from chat  - Render events as extensible events (behind labs)
- Render Jitsi (and other sticky widgets) in PiP container, so it can be dragged and the "jump to room functionality" is provided
- Allow bubble layout in Thread View  
- Make LocationPicker appearance cleaner
- Limit max-width for bubble layout to 1200px  
- Improve look of call events in bubble layout
- Make files & voice memos in bubble layout match colouring  
- Allow cancelling events whilst they are encrypting  

- [Release] Fix left panel widgets causing app-wide crash
- Load light theme prior to HTML export to ensure it is present  
- Fix soft-crash when hanging up Jitsi via PIP  
- Fix RightPanelStore assuming isViewingRoom is false on load
- Correctly handle Room.timeline events which have a nullable Room  Fixes matrix-org/element-web-rageshakes#9490
- Translate keyboard shortcut alternate key names  
- Fix unfocused paste handling and focus return for file uploads
- Changed MacOS hotkey for GoToHome view
- Fix issue with the new composer EmojiPart which caused infinite loops  
- Upgrade linkifyjs to fix schemes as domain prefixes  
- Show bubble tile timestamps for bubble layout inside the bubble  
- Improve taken username warning in registration for when request fails
- Avoid double dialog after clicking to remove a public room
- Fix space member list right panel state  
- Fall back to legacy analytics for guest users
- Always emit a space filter update when the space is actually changed  
- Enlarge emoji in composer
- Disable location sharing button on Desktop
- Make pills more natural to navigate around
- Fix excessive padding on inline images
- Prevent pills from being split by formatting actions
- Fix translation of "powerText"
- Unhide display names when switching back to modern layout
- Fix space member list not opening
- Fix translation for the "Add room" tooltip
- Make the close button of the location share dialog visible in high-contrast theme
- Cancel pending events in virtual room when call placed  
- Fix alignment of unread badge in thread list  
- Fix left positioned tooltips being wrong and offset by fixed value
- Fix MAB overlapping or overflowing in bubbles layout and threads regressions
- Fix wrong icon being used for appearance tab in space preferences dialog  
- Fix /jumptodate using wrong MSC feature flag
- Ensure maps show up in replies and threads, by creating unique IDs
- Differentiate between hover and roving focus in spotlight dialog  
- Fix timeline jumping issues related to bubble layout  
- Start a conference in a room with 2 people + invitee rather than a 1:1 call
- Wait for initial profile load before displaying widget
- Make widgets and calls span across the whole room width when using bubble layout
- Always show right panel after setting a card
- Support deserialising HR tags for editing  
- Refresh ThreadView after React state has been updated  
- Set initial zoom level to 1 to make zooming to location faster
- truncate room name on pip header
- Prevent enter to send edit weirdness when no change has been made  
- Allow using room pills in slash commands 

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