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PopChar X 8.0 Mac

PopChar for Mac 適用於支持 Unicode 的所有現代應用程序。它可以輕鬆地在包含數千個字符的字體中進行導航和搜索。通過名稱搜索字符,查找包含某些字符的字體,瀏覽字體字符集,收集您喜歡的字符,插入 HTML 符號。 PopChar 使得所有這些字體相關的任務變得簡單.

用 PopChar,你也可以從設計師的角度來看看字體。看到一個字體預覽,看看給定的文本片段是什麼樣的特定的字體,並打印漂亮的字體表.

你的字體的大部分包含數以千計的字符,比你可以從鍵盤上訪問更多。如果你想充分利用你的字體,那麼 PopChar 就是你的最佳選擇。 PopChar 讓不尋常的人物“打字”,而不必記住鍵盤組合。每當你需要一個特殊的角色,PopChar for Mac 在那裡幫助。點擊菜單欄中的“P”以顯示字符表。選擇所需的字符,並立即出現在您的文檔中。

PopChar for Mac 功能:
將特殊字符直接插入到文檔中。完全 Unicode 支持搜索字符通過繪製形狀查找字符查找類似字符自定義收藏夾部分放大鏡工具跨字體邊界工作包含特定字符的字體的“反向搜索”最近字符視圖字體預覽和示例文本視圖字體信息查看和打印字體表注意:在未註冊的版本中,某些字符是禁用的.

檔案版本 PopChar X 8.0
檔案名稱 PopCharX80-Install.dmg
檔案大小 4.96 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Ergonis
更新日期 http://www.ergonis.com/products/popcharx/
軟體類型 2017-06-13

What's new in this version:

Custom Layouts: It is now possible to create custom groupings and arrangements for characters
New “Recent Characters” section is now always available at the top of the character table, right below the favorite characters
Predefined layout that arranges emojis by their meaning
It is now possible to link fonts with preferred layouts that work best for these fonts
Cleaned-up layouts: The legacy layouts ASCII and MacRoman as well as the Recent Characters layout have been removed, as they are no longer needed
PopChar now finds and displays ligatures that are available in fonts
The “Show x in the Unicode Context” context menu command is now also available for characters in the Favorites group, the new Recent group and in other layouts
New view “All Unicode Characters” shows all characters that are defined in the Unicode standard - with placeholders for those that do not have a representation in any installed font
PopChar's About window now shows the number of installed fonts and font families
- New export format for favorite characters with support for font-specific favorites and ligatures
- Extended list of “zero-width joiner” Emoji sequences, including person roles, male/female variants, and the rainbow flag
- Updated list of Emoji characters with skin tones
- PopChar now supports skin tone variants of “zero-width joiner” Emoji sequences
- Support for Emoji Presentation Sequences for selecting the text or emoji form of characters that can have both presentations
- Improved fine-tuning for 20 fonts, mostly for improving the display of combining characters
- PopChar can now insert emojis with skin tones as formatted text and HTML codes
- Support for Emoji key symbol sequences created with “combining enclosing keycap”
- When selecting “Show x in the Unicode Context”, the selected character briefly blinks, so it's easier to find among the other characters
- Improved handling of font-specific characters in the Private Use Areas
- Improves the representation of combining characters in the “Character Description”
- Combining characters are now displayed in centered positions within table cells, without overlapping adjacent characters
- The “Show x in the Unicode Context” context menu command now always shows the selected character in the standard “Unicode Blocks” layout
- Combining characters no longer overlap with previous text in the context menu
- Smoother fading animation when opening and closing the PopChar window
- Improved alignment and space usage for Apple Color Emoji
- More consistent arrangement of control items in the window header
- Fixes a problem that resulted in unexpected matches when certain undefined Unicode numbers were entered in the search field
- Fixes a problem that prevented removal of certain characters from the Favorites group
- Works around a problem where the previously used layout was not restored when quitting and relaunching PopChar
- Fixes a cosmetic issue with missing or duplicate separator lines in the context menu
- Works around a rare crash when checking for a newer version
- Fixes a cosmetic alignment issue with characters that need to be drawn in a slightly smaller size
- Fixes a vertical alignment issues of certain fonts within the PopChar table
- Works around an issue that caused unexpected font substitution when unavailable characters were redrawn in the PopChar window
- Fixes an error in the handling of Unicode surrogate pairs
- Fixes a problem where certain wide characters were not correctly drawn on the baseline
- Correct capitalization of the language name in the font collection menu
- Works around a bug in the character set implementation of macOS
- Fixes a problem with a confusing version alert when there was a problem with the network connection

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