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PostgreSQL 14.2 Mac

PostgreSQL for Mac 是一個功能強大的開源對象關係數據庫系統。它擁有超過 15 年的積極開發和經過驗證的架構,在可靠性,數據完整性和正確性方面贏得了良好聲譽。它運行在所有主要操作系統上,包括 Linux,UNIX(AIX,BSD,HP-UX,SGI IRIX,Mac OS X,Solaris,Tru64)和 Windows。PostgreSQL for Mac 是 Mac OS X Server 上的默認數據庫版本 10.7。

它完全兼容 ACID,完全支持外鍵,連接,視圖,觸發器和存儲過程(使用多種語言)。它包括大多數 SQL:2008 數據類型,包括 INTEGER,NUMERIC,BOOLEAN,CHAR,VARCHAR,DATE,INTERVAL 和 TIMESTAMP。它還支持存儲二進制大對象,包括圖片,聲音或視頻。它具有用於 C / C ++,Java,.Net,Perl,Python,Ruby,Tcl,ODBC 等的原生編程接口,以及特殊的文檔(表格大小可以達到 32TB).

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檔案版本 PostgreSQL 14.2
檔案名稱 postgresql-14.2-1-osx.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 PostgreSQL Global Development Group
軟體類型 2022-02-11

What's new in this version:

Fixes and Improvements:
- Fix for a low probability scenario of index corruption when a HOT (heap-only tuple) chain changes state during VACUUM. Encountering this issue is unlikely, but if you are concerned, please consider reindexing.
- Fix for using REINDEX CONCURRENTLY on TOAST table indexes to prevent corruption. You can fix any TOAST indexes by reindexing them again.
- The psql password command now defaults to setting the password for the role defined by CURRENT_USER. Additionally, the role name is now included in the password prompt.
- Build extended statistics for partitioned tables. If you previously added extended statistics to a partitioned table, you should run ANALYZE on those tables. As autovacuum currently does not process partitioned tables, you must periodically run ANALYZE on any partitioned tables to update their statistics.
- Fix crash with ALTER STATISTICS when the statistics object is dropped concurrently.
- Fix crash with multiranges when extracting variable-length data types.
- Several fixes to the query planner that lead to incorrect query results.
- Several fixes for query plan memoization.
- Fix startup of a physical replica to tolerate transaction ID wraparound.
- When using logical replication, avoid duplicate transmission of a partitioned table's data when the publication includes both the child and parent tables.
- Disallow altering data type of a partitioned table's columns when the partitioned table's row type is used as a composite type elsewhere.
- Disallow ALTER TABLE ... DROP NOT NULL for a column that is part of a replica identity index.
- Several fixes for caching that correct logical replication behavior and improve performance.
- Fix memory leak when updating expression indexes.
- Avoid leaking memory during REASSIGN OWNED BY operations that reassign ownership of many objects.
- Fix display of whole-row variables appearing in INSERT ... VALUES rules.
- Fix race condition that could lead to failure to localize error messages that are reported early in multi-threaded use of libpq or ecpglib.
- Fix psql d command for identifying parent triggers.
- Fix failures on Windows when using the terminal as data source or destination. This affected the psql copy command and using pg_recvlogical with -f -.
- Fix the pg_dump --inserts and --column-inserts modes to handle tables that contain both generated and dropped columns.
- Fix edge cases in how postgres_fdw handles asynchronous queries. These errors could lead to crashes or incorrect results when attempting to run parallel scans of foreign tables.

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