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PostgreSQL 9.6.2 Mac

PostgreSQL for Mac 是一個功能強大的開源對象關係數據庫系統。它擁有超過 15 年的積極開發和經過驗證的架構,在可靠性,數據完整性和正確性方面贏得了良好聲譽。它運行在所有主要操作系統上,包括 Linux,UNIX(AIX,BSD,HP-UX,SGI IRIX,Mac OS X,Solaris,Tru64)和 Windows。PostgreSQL for Mac 是 Mac OS X Server 上的默認數據庫版本 10.7。

它完全兼容 ACID,完全支持外鍵,連接,視圖,觸發器和存儲過程(使用多種語言)。它包括大多數 SQL:2008 數據類型,包括 INTEGER,NUMERIC,BOOLEAN,CHAR,VARCHAR,DATE,INTERVAL 和 TIMESTAMP。它還支持存儲二進制大對象,包括圖片,聲音或視頻。它具有用於 C / C ++,Java,.Net,Perl,Python,Ruby,Tcl,ODBC 等的原生編程接口,以及特殊的文檔(表格大小可以達到 32TB).

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檔案版本 PostgreSQL 9.6.2
檔案名稱 postgresql-9.6.2-1-osx.dmg
檔案大小 133 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 PostgreSQL Global Development Group
軟體類型 2017-02-10

What's new in this version:

- There existed a race condition if CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY was called on a column that had not been indexed before, then rows that were updated by transactions running at the same time as the CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY command could have been indexed incorrectly.
- If you suspect this may have happened, the most reliable solution is to rebuild affected indexes after installing this update
- This issue is present in the 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6 series of PostgreSQL

- These release contains several fixes to improve the stability of visible data and WAL logging that we wish to highlight here.
- Prior to this release, data could be prematurely pruned by a vacuum operation when a special snapshot used for catalog scans was presently available. Specifically, the vacuum operation would not be aware of the oldest xmin for this special snapshot. The error would surface with a message such as: "cache lookup failed for relation 1255"
- This release ensures that vacuum operations will account for the catalog scan snapshots.

Additionally, there are several fixes to improved the stability of write-ahead-logging, including:
- A fix for BRIN index WAL logging where a replay could make a portion of the BRIN index useless and require recomputing
- A fix for an unlogged table where a WAL-log would be created under the "wal_level = minimal" setting, and upon replay after crash, the table would not appear to be properly reset
- A fix in the WAL page header validation when re-reading segments that fixes the error of "out-of-sequence TLI" that could be reported during recovery
- Theses issues are present in the 9.6 series of PostgreSQL releases and may also be present in the 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, and 9.5 series.

- This update also fixes a number of bugs reported in the last few months. Some of these issues affect only the 9.6 series, but many affect all supported versions.

There are more than 75 fixes provided in this release, including:
- Several fixes for operating in hot standby mode
- Disallow setting the num_sync field to zero in synchronous_standby_names
- Don't count background worker processes against a user's connection limit
- Fix check for when an extension member object can be dropped
- Fix tracking of initial privileges for extension member objects so that it works correctly with ALTER EXTENSION ... ADD/DROP
- Several vacuum and autovacuum fixes
- Fix CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW to update the view query before attempting to apply the new view options
- Make sure ALTER TABLE preserves index tablespace assignments when rebuilding indexes
- Several fixes to the query planner, including fixes for foreign tables and CTEs
- Several fixes around the full-text search feature to improve accuracy and performance of the search
- Several fixes and performance improvements in several array functions
- Several fixes around the interaction of foreign-key constraints with trigger functions around specific ALTER TABLE operations
- Remove optimizations for date/time data types that returned incorrect data
- Fix incorrect use of view reloptions as regular table reloptions
- Fix incorrect "target lists can have at most N entries" complaint when using ON CONFLICT with wide tables
- Fix spurious "query provides a value for a dropped column" errors during INSERT or UPDATE on a table with a dropped column
- Prevent multicolumn expansion of foo.* in an UPDATE source expression
- Ensure that column typmods are determined accurately for multi-row VALUES constructs
- Several fixes for the psql command-line tool
- Prevent multiple calls of pg_start_backup() and pg_stop_backup() from running concurrently
- Several fixes for pg_dump, pg_restore, and pg_basebackup, including a possible pg_basebackup failure on standby server when including WAL files
- Several fixes for parallel workers and plans for parallel queries including fixing a crash if the number of workers available to a parallel query decreases during a rescan
- Several fixes to PL/pgSQL, PL/Python, and PL/Tcl
- Several fixes for contrib modules
- Allow DOS-style line endings in ~/.pgpass files, even on Unix

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