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PostgreSQL 9.5.4 Mac

PostgreSQL for Mac 是一個功能強大的開源對象關係數據庫系統。它擁有超過 15 年的積極開發和經過驗證的架構,在可靠性,數據完整性和正確性方面贏得了良好聲譽。它運行在所有主要操作系統上,包括 Linux,UNIX(AIX,BSD,HP-UX,SGI IRIX,Mac OS X,Solaris,Tru64)和 Windows。PostgreSQL for Mac 是 Mac OS X Server 上的默認數據庫版本 10.7。

它完全兼容 ACID,完全支持外鍵,連接,視圖,觸發器和存儲過程(使用多種語言)。它包括大多數 SQL:2008 數據類型,包括 INTEGER,NUMERIC,BOOLEAN,CHAR,VARCHAR,DATE,INTERVAL 和 TIMESTAMP。它還支持存儲二進制大對象,包括圖片,聲音或視頻。它具有用於 C / C ++,Java,.Net,Perl,Python,Ruby,Tcl,ODBC 等的原生編程接口,以及特殊的文檔(表格大小可以達到 32TB).

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檔案版本 PostgreSQL 9.5.4
檔案名稱 postgresql-9.5.4-1-osx.dmg
檔案大小 42.8 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 PostgreSQL Global Development Group
軟體類型 2016-08-11

What's new in this version:

Two security holes have been closed by this release:
- CVE-2016-5423: certain nested CASE expressions can cause the server to crash.
- CVE-2016-5424: database and role names with embedded special characters can allow code injection during administrative operations like pg_dumpall. The fix for the second issue also adds an option, -reuse-previous, to psql's connect command. pg_dumpall will also refuse to handle database and role names containing line breaks after the update. For more information on these issues and how they affect backwards-compatibility, see the Release Notes.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- This update also fixes a number of bugs reported in the last few months. Some of these issues affect only version 9.5, but many affect all supported versions
- Fix misbehaviors of IS NULL/IS NOT NULL with composite values
- Fix three areas where INSERT ... ON CONFLICT failed to work properly with other SQL features
- Make INET and CIDR data types properly reject bad IPv6 values
- Prevent crash in "point ## lseg" operator for NaN input
- Avoid possible crash in pg_get_expr()
- Fix several one-byte buffer over-reads in to_number()
- Don't needlessly plan query if WITH NO DATA is specified
- Avoid crash-unsafe state in expensive heap_update() paths
- Fix hint bit update during WAL replay of row locking operations
- Avoid unnecessary "could not serialize access" with FOR KEY SHARE
- Avoid crash in postgres -C when the specified variable is a null string
- Fix two issues with logical decoding and subtransactions
- Ensure that backends see up-to-date statistics for shared catalogs
- Prevent possible failure when vacuuming multixact IDs in an upgraded database
- When a manual ANALYZE specifies columns, don't reset changes_since_analyze
- Fix ANALYZE's overestimation of n_distinct for columns with nulls
- Fix bug in b-tree mark/restore processing
- Fix building of large (bigger than shared_buffers) hash indexes
- Prevent infinite loop in GiST index build with NaN values
- Fix possible crash during a nearest-neighbor indexscan
- Fix "PANIC: failed to add BRIN tuple" error
- Prevent possible crash during background worker shutdown
- Many fixes for issues in parallel pg_dump and pg_restore
- Make pg_basebackup accept -Z 0 as no compression
- Make regression tests safe for Danish and Welsh locales
- The libpq client library has also been updated to support future two-part PostgreSQL version numbers. This update also contains tzdata release 2016f, with updates for Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Morocco

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