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PostgreSQL 8.3.23 Mac

PostgreSQL for Mac 是一個功能強大的開源對象關係數據庫系統。它擁有超過 15 年的積極開發和經過驗證的架構,在可靠性,數據完整性和正確性方面贏得了良好聲譽。它運行在所有主要操作系統上,包括 Linux,UNIX(AIX,BSD,HP-UX,SGI IRIX,Mac OS X,Solaris,Tru64)和 Windows。PostgreSQL for Mac 是 Mac OS X Server 上的默認數據庫版本 10.7。

它完全兼容 ACID,完全支持外鍵,連接,視圖,觸發器和存儲過程(使用多種語言)。它包括大多數 SQL:2008 數據類型,包括 INTEGER,NUMERIC,BOOLEAN,CHAR,VARCHAR,DATE,INTERVAL 和 TIMESTAMP。它還支持存儲二進制大對象,包括圖片,聲音或視頻。它具有用於 C / C ++,Java,.Net,Perl,Python,Ruby,Tcl,ODBC 等的原生編程接口,以及特殊的文檔(表格大小可以達到 32TB).

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檔案版本 PostgreSQL 8.3.23
檔案名稱 postgresql-8.3.23-3-osx.dmg
檔案大小 58.34 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 PostgreSQL Global Development Group
軟體類型 2013-02-07

What's new in this version:

- Prevent execution of enum_recv from SQL (Tom Lane)
- The function was misdeclared, allowing a simple SQL command to crash the server. In principle an attacker might be able to use it to examine the contents of server memory. Our thanks to Sumit Soni (via Secunia SVCRP) for reporting this issue. (CVE-2013-0255)
- Fix SQL grammar to allow subscripting or field selection from a sub-SELECT result (Tom Lane)
- Protect against race conditions when scanning pg_tablespace (Stephen Frost, Tom Lane)
- CREATE DATABASE and DROP DATABASE could misbehave if there were concurrent updates of pg_tablespace entries.
- Prevent DROP OWNED from trying to drop whole databases or tablespaces (Álvaro Herrera)
- For safety, ownership of these objects must be reassigned, not dropped.
- Prevent misbehavior when a RowExpr or XmlExpr is parse-analyzed twice (Andres Freund, Tom Lane)
- This mistake could be user-visible in contexts such as CREATE TABLE LIKE INCLUDING INDEXES.
- Improve defenses against integer overflow in hashtable sizing calculations (Jeff Davis)
- Ensure that non-ASCII prompt strings are translated to the correct code page on Windows (Alexander Law, Noah Misch)
- This bug affected psql and some other client programs.
- Fix possible crash in psql's ? command when not connected to a database (Meng Qingzhong)
- Fix one-byte buffer overrun in libpq's PQprintTuples (Xi Wang)
- This ancient function is not used anywhere by PostgreSQL itself, but it might still be used by some client code.
- Rearrange configure's tests for supplied functions so it is not fooled by bogus exports from libedit/libreadline (Christoph Berg)
- Ensure Windows build number increases over time (Magnus Hagander)
- Make pgxs build executables with the right .exe suffix when cross-compiling for Windows (Zoltan Boszormenyi)
- Add new timezone abbreviation FET (Tom Lane)
- This is now used in some eastern-European time zones.

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