Element 1.9.4 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Element 1.9.4 Mac

Prepros for Mac 可以編譯幾乎所有預處理語言,例如 Sass,Less,Stylus,Cssnext,Jade / Pug,Markdown,Slim,Coffeescript 等。忘記黑屏,它充滿了數百萬個無法讀取的錯誤。每當您在代碼編輯器中保存文件時,Prepros for macOS 都會自動重新加載 Web 瀏覽器。該工具只需單擊一下即可縮小和優化 CSS,javascript 和圖像。 Prepros for Mac 可以導出準備部署的文件,也可以僅通過 FTP 或 SFTP 為您上傳所有文件。該應用程序帶有深色和淺色 UI 主題!

JS 串聯
串聯並合併 javascript 文件以減少 http 請求.





瀏覽器 Sync
Pre 專家可以跨多個設備同步瀏覽器,以便於測試。


Click Sync

Form Sync

遠程檢查 Inspect
它具有 Chrome DevTools,例如檢查器,可以遠程檢查和調試設備.
6123589 無限 PrePresent:
6123589 但它會在啟動時並以一定的時間間隔彈出一個試用對話框。

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 Prepros88988923

檔案版本 Element 1.9.4
檔案名稱 Element-1.9.4-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Subash Pathak
更新日期 https://prepros.io/
軟體類型 2021-11-09

What's new in this version:

- Improve the look of tooltips
- Improve the look of the spinner
- Polls: Creation form & start event
- Show a gray shield when encrypted by deleted session
- Make message separator more accessible
- Implement RequiresClient capability for widgets
- Respect the system high contrast setting when using system theme
- Remove redundant duplicate mimetype field which doesn't conform to spec
- Make join button on space hierarchy action in the background
- Add a high contrast theme (a variant of the light theme)
- Improve timeline message for restricted join rule changes
- Improve the appearance of the font size slider
- Improve RovingTabIndex & Room List filtering performance
- Remove outdated Spaces restricted rooms warning
- Make /msg param optional for more flexibility
- Add decoration to space hierarchy for tiles which have already been j…
- Add insert link button to the format bar
- Improve visibility of font size chooser
- Soften border-radius on selected/hovered messages
- Add a developer mode flag and use it for accessing space timelines
- Position toggle switch more clearly
- Validate email address in forgot password dialog nd
- Handle and i18n M_THREEPID_IN_USE during registration
- For space invite previews, use room summary API to get the right member count
- Simplify Space Panel notification badge layout
- Use prettier hsName during 3pid registration where possible

- Add a condition to only activate the resizer which belongs to the clicked handle
- Restore composer focus after event edit
- Don't apply message bubble visual style to media messages
- Handle no selected screen when screen-sharing
- Add history entry before completing emoji
- Add padding between controls on edit form in message bubbles
- Respect the roomState right container request for the Jitsi widget
- Fix cannot read length of undefined for room upgrades
- Cleanup re-dispatching around timelines and composers
- Fix removing a room from a Space and interaction with m.space.parent
- Fix recent css regression
- Fix ModalManager reRender racing with itself
- Fix fullscreening a call while connecting
- Allow scrolling right in reply-quoted code block
- Fix dark theme codeblock colors
- Show passphrase input label
- Always render disabled settings as disabled
- Make "Security Phrase" placeholder look consistent cross-browser
- Fix direction override characters breaking member event text direction
- Remove redundant text in verification dialogs
- Fix space panel name overflowing
- Fix conflicting CSS on syntax highlighted blocks

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