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Printworks 2.0.6 Mac

Printworks for Mac 是一個超級直觀,通用的頁面佈局和 Mac 桌面出版應用程序。它不需要佈置和打印什麼樣的文件。從宣傳冊,日曆到 CD 標籤和美麗的專業名片,印花網絡都涵蓋了這一切。只需選擇並自定義 480 多個模板之一,或從頭開始用廣泛的桌面出版和設計工具來設計文檔!最終的設計可以打印在您的家用打印機上,或發送到打印店。

該應用程序已加載。超過 480 個傳單,小冊子,光盤,名片,標籤,日曆等模板。印花網絡處理各種頁面佈局和桌面出版文件,優雅。每種類型的文檔都具有該項目類型特有的特定功能。如 iTunes 曲目導入光盤,標籤和信封的郵件合併以及名片的 Apple Contacts 集成。該應用程序已經量身定制,以滿足您的所有設計需求,同時保持工作流程的無縫和舒適.

A 全面的設計 Arsenal
macOS 的工作原理具有您所期望的良好桌面出版軟件的所有設計工具。以及更多。它不僅僅是形狀工具,陰影,筆觸和漸變。它是一個包含超過 80 個圖像過濾器的內置照片編輯器。使用樣條繪圖工具,您可以輕鬆繪製任何需要的東西,無論您是否可以手工繪製。或者使用 2000 張高質量的剪貼畫圖像之一來幫助從頭開始構建設計。不夠?獲得超過 40,000 剪貼畫的圖像和 100 附加包的字體.


在家打印您的桌面出版文檔。該應用程序支持來自 Avery,Memorex 和 Neato 的數百種標籤和紙張版面,用於光盤,標籤或名片項目。或者將其導出為圖像格式(PDF,PNG,JPEG,TIFF 和 EPS)並將它們發送到您的本地打印 shop.

Printworks for Mac 特點:

Customizable Templates
Take 優勢超過 480 定制模板的傳單,光盤,卡片和 labels.

Over 2,000 張剪貼畫 Images
A 收集 2000 張照片,插圖等等。獲得 40000 與額外 Pack.

Extensive 設計 Toolkit
Radial 和線性漸變,繪圖工具,聰明的形狀,編輯層,和許多 more.

Flexible 文本 Tools
Circular 文本,豎排文字工具,流動文本框和全面的編輯 tools.

Customizable 文本 Styles
Set 了文本樣式任何文件只有一次,並與 mouse.

Mail 與蘋果 Contacts
Create 合併郵件列表中點擊應用它們,並自動打印標籤或卡片的所有聯繫人,在一個 batch.

Import iTunes 音樂 Tracks
Creating 音樂光盤?導入整個曲目列表直接從 iTunes 音樂 library.

Import 圖片從照片和 iPhoto
Use 照片從您的桌面出版 documents.

Unlimited 編輯 Layers
Printworks for Mac 您喜愛的照片和 iPhoto 相冊體育基於層的工作流程沒有 clutter.

Barcodes 創建複雜的設計和序列號
使用文件數據便於生成 QR 碼,UPC,Code 39,EAN,ISBN 和其他條形碼。

記住 Microsoft Word 的藝術字功能?此標題編輯器是用於文件和 Labels
Support 流行標籤生產商,包括艾利,梅莫雷克斯,和 A -One.

Note 這麼多 better.

Support:輸出文檔的演示版水印。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Printworks 2.0.6
檔案名稱 Printworks.dmg
檔案大小 343 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 BeLight Software, Ltd.
軟體類型 2019-05-02

What's new in this version:

Printworks 2.0.6
- Fixes an issue with ghost lines appearing on the screen in Mojave

Printworks 2.0.5
- In Mojave, Printworks will automatically switch between the Dark and Light mode based on the setting in System Preferences
- Google Maps integration is now working correctly
- Minor fixes and improvements

Printworks 2.0.4
- Minor fixes and improvements

Printworks 2.0.3
- Minor fixes and improvements

Printworks 2.0.2
- Memory management was optimized
- Fixed unintended scrolling of Inspector controls on High Sierra

Printworks 2.0.1
- Fixed an issue when the application would not start after upgrading to High Sierra
- Disc labels now print correctly on label paper with 2 or more labels per sheet

Printworks 2.0
- Stylish new interface
- Printworks 2 now supports Touch Bar
- Performance improvements facilitate working with large documents
- Layer management was moved to a dedicated tab in the Inspector
- New templates of magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, and forms added
- A collection of artistic 2D and 3D heading presets guarantees your documents will stand out
- Art Text 3 integration (requires purchase of Art Text 3)
- Integration with Depositphotos, an online store of over 60 million vector and raster images
- Support for Google Maps
- Spread Mode lets you see and edit two pages side-by-side
- The inner architecture of Printworks was redesigned to take full advantage of macOS High Sierra capabilities
- New Document dialog
- New grid with customizable horizontal and vertical spacing
- Pixel and pica measurement units added
- Guides can now be positioned precisely by entering exact coordinates
- New resize mode while pressing the Shift key added
- Working with text boxes has been improved: it is now possible to link and unlink existing text boxes
- Measurement units are stored in the document, making it convenient when working with different documents
- Free zones on the edges of the canvas have been added to serve as temporary storage areas for objects used in the design process
- Fixed the problem with unnecessary temporary files accumulating over time and using up disc space
- Text direction control was added for Circular Text
- Multiple other improvements and bug fixes

Printworks 1.2.2
- Several new models of Canon printers with Tray Type M are now supported.
- Minor fixes and improvements

Printworks 1.2.1
- Image search in the Internet has been fixed — it is launched in the Web browser
- New image quality setting added to PDF export setting: 72 DPI (Screen)
- Fixed scrolling in the Masks panel under El Capitan
- Barcodes based on data from text files or counters generate correctly
- Images inserted into the document from the Source panel are now centered properly
- Dynamic Fields now export to PDF correctly with the “Convert text to curves” option enabled
- The Copy/Paste commands now work for Dynamic Fields inside text boxes
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Printworks 1.2
- Adds 80 new templates and brings various other improvements

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