Moonlight Game Streaming 3.0.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Moonlight Game Streaming 3.0.0 Mac

Prism Video Converter for Mac 軟件是用於 macOS 的視頻文件轉換器。它可以將視頻文件從 avi,mpg,vob,wmv 等轉換為 avi,asf 或 wmv 文件。 Prism Video Converter 非常易於使用。只需將要轉換的文件添加到列表中,選擇要使用的格式,然後單擊轉換按鈕。適用於 Mac Free 的 Prism 是最穩定,功能最全面的多格式視頻轉換器,非常易於使用。免費獲取。免費版本僅可用於非商業用途。免費視頻轉換器支持較少的家用編碼格式。


Prism 可以轉換 avi,mpg,vob,asf,wmv,mp4 以及具有基於 DirectShow 編解碼器的所有視頻格式。

Prism 編碼器速率,輸出文件的分辨率和幀速率。 Prism 支持從高清到高壓縮率的所有較小文件。您甚至可以為輸出文件設置特定大小.


直接 DVD 轉換
只需添加以下內容即可從 DVD 轉換 DVD,選擇格式,然後單擊轉換。


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檔案版本 Moonlight Game Streaming 3.0.0
檔案名稱 Moonlight-3.0.0.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 共享軟體
作者 NCH Software
軟體類型 2021-01-17

What's new in this version:

New features:
- Added the ability to define a custom streaming resolution using the UI
- Added the option to capture system key combinations (Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Win+Tab, etc) in fullscreen mode. This feature requires GeForce Experience v3.20 or later on your host PC
- Updated gamepad mappings are automatically downloaded each time Moonlight launches
- The performance overlay is now supported for Linux clients using VAAPI and VDPAU hardware acceleration
- Native ARM64 build for Windows (Surface Pro X, Galaxy Book S, etc). See the note in the Known Issues section below.
- Native ARM64 build for macOS (M1-based Macs). ARM64 support for macOS is currently in beta.
- Unified all Windows builds into a single installer download (x86 + x64 + ARM64)
- Added the option to enable "Direct Launch" which immediately launches the specified game when clicking on a PC
- Added the option to mute audio when the Moonlight window loses input focus
- Added the option to toggle background gamepad input
- Added the option to invert scroll direction
- Added the option to swap gamepad button layout to Nintendo-style
- Added the option to start the Moonlight UI in fullscreen mode
- The Moonlight icon on macOS has been updated to match the Big Sur style
- The failing TCP or UDP ports are now displayed when the connection fails

Behavior changes:
- The Windows installer now downloads the Microsoft C++ Runtime as needed to save space. If you don't have an Internet connection during installation, you can use the portable version or install the runtime manually from here.
- The frame pacing behavior that was previously enabled under the V-Sync option on macOS is now controlled by the frame pacing toggle instead
- Input from gamepads is now ignored while Moonlight is in the background. You can use the new settings toggle to change this behavior.
- The "Play audio on host PC" option has been changed to "Mute host PC speakers while streaming" and moved to the "Audio Settings" group to better convey the purpose of the toggle

- Fixed PS4 controllers not reading inputs during haptics in some games
- Fixed some slow decoders causing the receive time value to increase rather than the decode time
- Fixed detection of audio output device change on macOS
- Fixed a performance regression in video decoding performance on macOS Big Sur
- Native resolution options now refresh each time the settings page is opened, rather than once per launch of Moonlight
- Fixed no video or audio while streaming over Internet connections that drop packets with QoS tagging enabled
- Improved connection testing accuracy for connections with low MTUs
- Updated AppImage for compatibility with VAAPI drivers built for libva 2.9 and 2.10
- Fixed inability to open an app's context menu with a gamepad
- Fixed UI not appearing when launched from the console on RetroPie
- Fixed aspect ratio of video stream on Raspberry Pi
- Fixed drawing letterbox or pillarbox over the desktop background on Raspberry Pi
- Audio now works out of the box on Raspberry Pi with the PulseAudio Raspbian update. Users running older distros that still use ALSA may need to set PULSE_SERVER=nothing for audio to work.
- Fixed color of Discord icon in toolbar on the Raspberry Pi client

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