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Prism Video Converter for Mac 軟件是用於 macOS 的視頻文件轉換器。它可以將視頻文件從 avi,mpg,vob,wmv 等轉換為 avi,asf 或 wmv 文件。 Prism Video Converter 非常易於使用。只需將要轉換的文件添加到列表中,選擇要使用的格式,然後單擊轉換按鈕。適用於 Mac Free 的 Prism 是最穩定,功能最全面的多格式視頻轉換器,非常易於使用。免費獲取。免費版本僅可用於非商業用途。免費視頻轉換器支持較少的家用編碼格式。


Prism 可以轉換 avi,mpg,vob,asf,wmv,mp4 以及具有基於 DirectShow 編解碼器的所有視頻格式。

Prism 編碼器速率,輸出文件的分辨率和幀速率。 Prism 支持從高清到高壓縮率的所有較小文件。您甚至可以為輸出文件設置特定大小.


直接 DVD 轉換
只需添加以下內容即可從 DVD 轉換 DVD,選擇格式,然後單擊轉換。


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檔案版本 Microsoft Teams
檔案名稱 Teams_osx.pkg
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 共享軟體
作者 NCH Software
軟體類型 2021-09-24

What's new in this version:

Microsoft Teams
- Change log not available for this version

Microsoft Teams
- Change log not available for this version

Microsoft Teams
- Change log not available for this version

Microsoft Teams
- Change log not available for this version

Microsoft Teams
- Change log not available for this version

Microsoft Teams
Have small group discussions with breakout rooms:
- With teachers and meeting organizers looking for ways to encourage meaningful discussion, a need for small groups to break out into smaller group discussions. Luckily, you can get just that with breakout rooms in Teams meetings.
- Organizers can learn how to set up breakout rooms via the Windows or Mac desktop app at Use breakout rooms in Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams
Keep it secret, keep it safe:
- To provide you with even more privacy, Teams now lets you turn off message previews in your desktop notifications. Message previews are on by default. To turn them off, go to your profile picture, select Settings > Notifications > Show message preview. From here, switch the toggle to off.

Appear offline in Teams:
- You can now set your status in Teams to Appear offline, You'll still receive notifications if anyone messages you, but you'll be able to work in Teams while appearing invisible to others. Like magic!

Notification settings got a makeover:
- Check out the new, simplified organization of your notification settings. To access, go to your profile picture, select Settings > Notifications and you're there.

New industry-based team templates :
- Use team templates created specifically for your industry to help you create teams optimized for the way you work. There are also some new templates for project management, employee in-boarding, and more.

Transfer meetings between devices:
- Seamlessly switch between devices when in a Teams meeting. So if you join a meeting from your phone while making your morning cup of caffeine, you can transfer to your computer when you get to your desk and no one will be the wiser.

Microsoft Teams
Take a peek at your meetings:
- View meeting details from your calendar without opening the meeting. All you need to do is hover your cursor over the event in your calendar and a brief summary of details will pop up for you to read.

Speaker name added to Live captions :
- Live captions are now able to attribute the name of the speaker when generating captions during a meeting. Live captions is currently available in US English only.

New keyboard shortcuts:
- For improved accessibility in Teams, there are two new shortcuts. To start a new conversation, type Alt+Shift+C on PC and Opt+Shift+C on Mac. To reply to a thread, type Alt+Shift+R on PC and Opt+Shift+R on Mac.

New attendee audio option for meetings:
- Meeting organizers can now disable attendee mics to prevent them from unmuting during a meeting. In Meeting options, go to Allow attendees to unmute and switch the toggle to Yes.

Better access to meeting notes:
- Meeting notes now supports up to 100 meeting participants at a time. Participants who have access to notes will now continue to have access to meeting notes, even after the meeting ends. Also, if anyone joins your meeting after it's scheduled and doesn't have access to notes, they can now request access from the notes owner. Get the full scoop at Take meeting notes in Teams.

Share the spotlight:
- Spotlighting a video is like pinning it for everyone in the meeting. If you're an organizer or a presenter, you can choose anyone's video (including your own) to be the main video people see. Learn how to bring everyone's focus on a specific person in Spotlight someone's video in a Teams meeting.

Microsoft Teams
Push the big button:
- Introducing the updated New conversation button in channels. Confidently know you're starting a new conversation (and not replying to a thread) with the new button look. The same old keyboard shortcuts will still work for you and you can find those in Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams.
- The new button is at the bottom of the channel. Select, New conversation to open the box where you write your message. Just as before, you can type a quick message and press Enter to send, or select Format Expand button to expand the box and use your formatting tools. Select Send Send icon to send your message when in the expanded mode.

Microsoft Teams
More control in meeting options:
- Now, you have the option to make everyone—even people from your organization—wait in the meeting lobby when they join a meeting you've organized
- To access this setting, open Meeting options. Then, where is asks Who can bypass the lobby?, select Only me. Learn how to access these options at Change participant settings for a Teams meeting.

Clearer options when joining a meeting via link:
- When you join a Teams meeting via a link, you're provided three options for how you can join. If you don't have the app, but want all the meeting functionality it provides, select the first button to download the app compatible with your operating system. Want to join via web? Select Continue on this browser. And, if you already have the app, select Open your Teams app to join the meeting like you would from the Teams calendar.

Microsoft Teams
Access pinned chats and channels while offline:
- Your most recent conversations, as well as your pinned chats and channels, are now available when working offline in Teams

Customize your background:
- Whether it's outer space or your favorite cartoon living room, try out customized backgrounds in your next video call

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