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Processing for Mac 3.4 Mac

Processing for Mac 是一個靈活的軟件速寫和學習如何在視覺藝術的背景下編碼的語言。自 2001 年以來,Processing 已經在視覺藝術和視覺素養技術內提升了軟件素養。有成千上萬的學生,藝術家,設計師,研究人員和愛好者使用處理 Mac 版本進行學習和原型設計。

可以下載和開放源代碼具有 2D,3D 或 PDF 輸出的交互式程序 OpenGL 集成加速 2D 和 3D 對於 GNU / Linux,Mac OS X 和 Windows 超過 100 個庫擴展核心軟件有據可查,有許多書籍可用還提供:下載處理 Windows

檔案版本 Processing for Mac 3.4
檔案大小 121 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Ben Fry and Casey Reas
軟體類型 2018-07-27

What's new in this version:

- Show alternate error message on Windows when jnidispatch.dll or core.jar have been removed by Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. This has been a huge headache for us. We've repeatedly submitted the software and asked Microsoft for help, but haven't had any luck. If you run into this issue and would like to help, please submit the files to Microsoft here: Perhaps if there are enough reports, they'll understand this is affecting a lot of people.
- Contributed libraries/examples/etc that redirect to https URLs now working.
- It's now possible to make your own theme file for Processing. Copy the theme.txt file from inside the Processing folder to your sketchbook folder, and then edit away. For instance, to make a dark theme
- It's now possible to copy the text of the status bar. Click the clipboard icon at the right-hand side to copy the text to the clipboard. To search immediately, use shift-click. The default search engine is Google, but you can modify that by altering the 'search.format' line in preferences.txt
- Added pyde as a supported extension, so double-clicking on Python sketches will launch the PDE.
- Added Double and Long versions of the data classes. Not sure if we'll keep these, but we're trying them out.
- Also add subset(long) and subset(double) to PApplet
- Changed the internal Sort class to use int for comparisons for better accuracy, especially when working with double and long values.
- Consistently implemented write(PrintWriter) in the List and Dict classes
- Added save(File) to the List and Dict classes
- Prevent Table.sort() from throwing NullPointerException with empty cells
- Fixed up the Welcome dialog. When closing the window or hitting ESC, the "show this" selection is recorded. Also clicking that text will toggle the checkbox on/off, as users would expect.
- Redesigned the Rename window to be less ugly. Now closes when ESC is pressed, and the default action is set so hitting Enter will work properly.
- Rewrite exec() to do threads, also handle fast/excessive output cases
- Rewrite requestImage() to fix errors/slowness/concurrency problems
- Refactoring inside the completion code
- Now using Java 8u181
- Change lack of blendMode() to a warning rather than an error in PDF
- Updated the copyright and year in the launch and About screen.
- A large number of changes and fixes for ARM submitted by Gottfried, who also posted and interim releases with some of these changes already present. Now we're back on track with 3.4.
- Additional I/O improvements
- Fix regressions in
- OpenGL ES: Fix GLSL version number for 1.00
- Add ADS1X15 Analog-to-Digital converter example
- IO: pinMode() can now set pull-up and pull-down resistors on Raspbian thanks to @xranby for 64-bit help
- Several new examples
- IO: New example sketch showing how to use a MPR121 capacitive touch sensor fun tutorial by @msurguy forthcoming
- IO: New example sketch showing how to use a BME280 environmental sensor IO: New example sketch showing how to use a TSL2561 light sensor IO: New example sketch showing how to use a PCA9685 Servo & PWM controller ...all contributed by @OlivierLD
- IO: pinMode() got faster
- IO: I2C now supports talking to slower devices, such as Arduino boards
- Support for ARM Mali graphics was added to P2D/P3D Thanks to seongwook from the forums for his help during bringup
- P3D now supports up to 4 lights on Pi using their OpenGL driver
- Serial library now supports Raspbian's port naming (such as "/dev/serial0")
- Enable exporting of Windows applications on ARM
- Clarify SimpleInput example
- Various ARM-related updates
- Make P3D work on Linux SBCs using ARM Mali graphics and their ES 3.1 driver
- Updates to Japanese translation
- Added Russian translation
- Make "loadXML(String)" handle "file not found"
- Update java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError message Semi-transparent colors do not display properly in PGraphics
- Fixed a crash occuring while loading certain SVGs exported from Illustrator
- Support PShape.contains() on GROUP objects
- Improve implementation of PShape.contains() to take the CTM into account
- Make sure the editor is updated after reloading changes (from Jakub)

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