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Processing for Mac 3.2.2 Mac

Processing for Mac 是一個靈活的軟件速寫和學習如何在視覺藝術的背景下編碼的語言。自 2001 年以來,Processing 已經在視覺藝術和視覺素養技術內提升了軟件素養。有成千上萬的學生,藝術家,設計師,研究人員和愛好者使用處理 Mac 版本進行學習和原型設計。

可以下載和開放源代碼具有 2D,3D 或 PDF 輸出的交互式程序 OpenGL 集成加速 2D 和 3D 對於 GNU / Linux,Mac OS X 和 Windows 超過 100 個庫擴展核心軟件有據可查,有許多書籍可用還提供:下載處理 Windows

檔案版本 Processing for Mac 3.2.2
檔案大小 111 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Ben Fry and Casey Reas
軟體類型 2016-10-31

What's new in this version:

- Find in reference for size() opens StringList.size()
- Limit rollovers on EditorStatus to the text portion. Clicking the status area when a URL was showing was problematic because it's also the separator used to adjust the relative size of the two panels.
- Switch to Java 8u111. Not using 8u112 because the build numbers are different depending on the platform, and no 112 fixes are known useful.
- Errant "Could not open the URL" when clicking on error messages
- Fix extensions handling in CFBundleDocument code from appbundler
- Update launch4j to 3.9, fixing a problem with exported applications on Windows reporting "This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0_74", when 1.8.0_101 or later were installed.
- Minor String comparison fix for Tweak mode
- Fix quoting problem in IntDict.toJSON()
- Add getRenderer() to SurfaceInfo for Andres
- Exceptions thrown in OpenGL apps when hitting the window's close box
- Add getRowMap() function to Table
- Go back to textMode(MODEL) is native font not available for textMode(SHAPE)
- NPE thrown when using textMode(SHAPE) with a .vlw font
- Add toJSON() method to the data classes (IntDict, FloatDict, StringDict, IntList, FloatList, and StringList). Returns an object of one of those six types as a JSON-formatted String. For something more like the old toString() behavior, use print().
- Simplify font situation to make it possible to use vanilla JRE trees
- Updates for ARM
- Automatic handling of screen FBOs breaks readPixels() for user-provided FBO
- PGraphicsOpenGL: camera info not updated
- Fix PShape, updateTessellation, matrix transformations
- QUAD_STRIP as child shape draws extra lines
- Remove extra glClear() calls
- PShapes do not show up in PDF with P2D renderer
- Some semi-transparent edges of sphere() meshes rendered in higher density
- P2D and P3D not stopping with empty draw() blocks
- Chinese translation updates
- Spanish translation updates
- Spanish "open sketch folder" fix
- Contribution Manager showing 'null' for PeasyCam version
- Call glGetProgramiv to retrieve program log length
- JSONObject get() method is private

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