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Psi 0.11 Mac

Psi for Mac 是為 XMPP 網絡(包括 Google Talk)設計的免費即時通訊應用程序。快速輕量,Psi 完全開放源代碼,兼容 Windows,Linux 和 Mac OS X.

通過 Psi 完整的 Unicode 支持和本地化,簡單的文件傳輸,可自定義的 iconset 以及許多其他強大功能,您將了解到為什麼用戶世界正在切換到免費的,開放的即時通訊.

無論你使用 Windows,Linux 或 Mac,Psi 在你的桌面上是正確的。從 Windows 上的系統托盤圖標到 Mac OS X 上的擴展徽章,Psi 利用每個操作系統的獨特功能和外觀,在幾乎任何一台計算機上提供一流的即時通訊體驗。由於 Psi 設計的快速,輕便從頭開始,您可以自由地享受其所有功能,而不會減慢系統的其他部分.

International citizen
由於世界各地志願者的努力,Psi 的本地化版本以近二十種不同的語言提供。由於它支持 Unicode 國際文本標準,Psi 也可以用任何語言發送和接收消息。隨便與口音,符號和從右到左的文字交談 - Psi 不會錯過任何一個中風.

Psi 的外觀是高度可定制的,所以你可以選擇最適合你的顏色,圖標和表情符號。在 Psi for Mac 社區中有許多用戶貢獻的 iconset 可以選擇,你一定會找到一個符合你的心情和個性的外觀。當然,靈活性應該不僅僅是皮膚的深度。這就是為什麼 Psi 可以讓您根據自己的喜好量身定制界面。自定義工具欄,鍵盤快捷鍵和其他選項,以便您可以按自己喜歡的方式進行聊天.

使用相同的 SSL 技術,使您可以安全地在網上購物,Psi for Mac 自動加密與兼容 IM 服務器的通信通過不受信任的網絡(如公共 WiFi 接入點)提供安全的連接。對於高級安全需求,Psi 還可以使用 OpenPGP 端對端地加密消息。引導方式
Psi 的開發人員積極參與 Jabber 社區,努力確保 Psi 完全支持像頭像,多用戶聊天(完全的管理控制),遠程客戶端控制,等等。正是這些標準讓人們能夠在 Jabber 網絡上相互交流,Psi 確保您永遠不會錯過任何一個節拍.

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檔案版本 Psi 0.11
檔案名稱 Psi-0.11.dmg
檔案大小 17.07 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Psi Team
軟體類型 2007-10-16

What's new in this version:

- Reworked account registration process (including proper support for XEP-0077 (In-band registration))
- Finished support for XEP-0004 (Data Forms) by supporting forms in messages. (thanks to Roelof Naude)
- Added support for XEP-0070 (Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP). Thanks to Maciej Niedzielski.
- Customizable shortcuts (thanks to Ephraim)
- System-wide shortcuts
- Added spell checking (thanks to Ephraim). Currently only aspell is supported.
- Added option to automatically set the resource (using the hostname)
- Added new default Stellar3 iconset
- Added support for XEP-138 (Stream Compression)
- Added support for using XEP-33 (Extended Stanza Addressing) to multicast messages to multiple users. Use option.enable-multicasting to enable it.
- Added 'Show status message' toggle. There is a hidden option to put  status messages under the nickname (at the cost of 2 extra pixels when no status message is shown)
- Support for Bookmark Storage (XEP-0048), where bookmarked conferences are auto-joined. No UI is provided for creating bookmarks (yet).
- Better error messages, including error condition mappings (XEP-0086)
- Support dynamically changing priority
- Improved PGP error messages
- Hiding the deprecated protocol selector for service discovery by default. Use to re-enable it.
- New options system (see options.xml)
- Receiving support for vCard-Based Avatars (XEP-0153)
- Support for Multi-User-Chat (XEP-0045)
- Preliminary support for User Nickname (XEP-0172)
- Preliminary support for Roster Item Exchange (XEP-0144)
- Psi now uses the Qt4(>=4.3) and QCA2 libraries, replacing the Qt3 and QCA1  requirements.
- "Privacy List" support in the account dialog.
- Support for XEP-0050 (Ad-hoc commands)
- Preliminary support for XEP-0163 (Personal Eventing Protocol)
- Preliminary support for XEP-0146 (Remote Controlling Clients)
- Large parts of the codebase have been restructured.
- Fixed a chat room bug where subject/topic changes were not shown.
- Mac OS X builds are now universal binaries, supporting the new Intel based Macs.
- Support for XEP-85 (Chat State Notifications).
- Support for XEP-0115 (Entity Capabilities).
- There is now a config.xml option to make some windows use the brushed metal theme on Mac OS X.
- Window opacity support is now present for all three supported platforms.
- Fixed Unicode URL opening bug #510
- Auto-reconnect accounts on wakeup
- Copy-pasting with emoticons now works
- Fixed issue #263 where emoticons would disappear in a reply or quote
- History index is rebuilt faster
- Configure toolbars merged into main preferences dialog
- Moving tooltips
- MingW32 compiler support (Coupled with the open source Qt4 Windows library this now allows completely free building of Psi on Windows)

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