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qBittorrent 3.3.0 Mac

qBittorrent for Mac 是免費的,輕量級 BitTorrent 傳輸協議客戶端軟件。這個功能強大且易於使用的程序,可以通過其有吸引力的功能界面輕鬆管理文件共享。但是,即使此應用程序的界面簡單,其功能集也是非常廣泛的,使用戶可以通過集成搜索引擎,通過優秀的網頁界面,RSS 支持,UPnP 和 NAT-PMP 標準的端口轉發支持,IP 過濾,所有最常用的 BitTrontextensions(加密,磁鐵 / BitComet URIs,HTD,Peer Exchange 等等)遙控下載。創造新的種子,下載調度程序,等等。該軟件的界面可以切換到 35 + 支持的語言之一。

即使 qBittorrent for Mac 沒有提供在 torrent 文件的操縱領域的巨大創新,以及 torrent 的轉移整體管理,這個應用程序可以作為一個很好的替代其他類似像 Torrent 這樣的應用程序(它的另一個大的競爭對手 Vuze 比 qBittorrent 更受歡迎,但是它要求用戶安裝 Java 虛擬機,這個 C ++ 應用程序並不需要這個功能)。 qBittorrent 由天才志願者構建,對社區的願望非常反應,現在代表了通過 BitTorrent 協議共享文件的最佳軟件解決方案之一。下載 qBittorrent for Mac 今天!

qBittorrent 特點:
拋光和微型的類似 Torrent 的用戶界面良好的集成和可擴展的搜索引擎在最著名的 BitTorrent 搜索網站同步搜索每個類別的具體搜索請求(例如書籍,音樂,電影)所有 Bittorrent 擴展 DHT ,Peer Exchange,完全加密,Magnet / BitComet URI 通過 Web 用戶界面進行遠程控制與常規用戶界面幾乎完全相同,全部用於 Ajax 控制追踪器,同伴和山洪 Torrents 隊列和排序優先級 Torrent 內容選擇和優先級 UPnP / NAT-PMP 端口轉發支持支持 25 種語言(支持 Unicode)Torrent 創建工具帶有下載過濾器(包括正則表達式)的高級 RSS 支持帶寬調度 IP 過濾(與 eMule 和 PeerGuardian 兼容)兼容 IPv6 順序下載(aka“下載”大多數平台:Linux,Mac OS X,Windows,OS / 2,FreeBSD 注意:需要 64 位 p royer.

還提供:下載的 qTitlerent 的 Windows

檔案版本 qBittorrent 3.3.0
檔案名稱 qbittorrent-3.3.0.dmg
檔案大小 16.99 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 qBittorrent Team
更新日期 http://www.qbittorrent.org/
軟體類型 2015-11-30

What's new in this version:

- FEATURE: Huge core code refactoring. Problems with labels, temp folders etc should be eliminated. Smoother UI should be observed too. (glassez)
- FEATURE: Speed graph (Anton Lashkov)
- FEATURE: Add multiple peers in Peers addition dialog. Closes #1563, #2245, #3133, #1419, #3287, #1419 (ngosang)
- FEATURE: Allow to copy all peers with a keyboard shortcut (ngosang)
- FEATURE: Use GeoIP2 database, allows for country resolution of IPv6 peers. It is no longer embedded in the program but downloaded and updated monthly. (glassez)
- FEATURE: Add more "Run External Program" parameters, closes #3053, #238, #1291, #1522. (Chocobo1, glassez)
- FEATURE: Add an option to allow the use of proxies only for torrents. Closes #2701. (pmzqla)
- FEATURE: Detect network interface state changes. It should detect VPN connection resets. (Pawel Polewicz)
- FEATURE: Switch to using c++11 (glassez)
- FEATURE: Automatically add trackers to new downloads. (ngosang)
- FEATURE: You can now choose the path to download for watched folders. (dsimakov, sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Switch to Qt5 by default.
- BUGFIX: Fix progress calculation in Content tab. Closes #2639 Closes #2752 (ngosang)
- BUGFIX: Fix label filter. Closes #3429. (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Fix "Run External Program Launches too Early" issue, closes #2107. (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Don't remove torrent contents parent folder, even it is empty. Closes #2244. (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Always apply filter for manually banned IPs. Related #3988. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Fix reporting of tracker status. Closes #3101. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Don't connect to "any interface" when the configured network interface is missing. Closes #3943, #2741, #1159, #844 and #143. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Fix reordering of first column with Qt5. Closes #2835. (sledgehammer999)
- COSMETIC: Add back "qBittorrent" in program updater title, closes #3549. (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Use infinity symbol rather than -1 for nb_connections (pmzqla)
- COSMETIC: Move uTP options to it's own section (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Fix availability bar & progress bar height being too small on high DPI displays (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Fix availability label & progress label clipped on high DPI displays, closes #3237. (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Add tooltips/legend for availability bar & progress bar (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Use theme color for background in PropertiesWidget (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Replace horizontal line with border in bottom panel (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Various visual changes in the side panel. (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Use thin border for transfer list (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: Make URL in "Add Torrent File..." clickable. Closes #3928. (Chocobo1)
- COSMETIC: New view for errored torrents. (sledgehammer999)
- WEBUI: Add information in General tab (ngosang)
- WEBUI: Reorder "Super seeding mode" option in right click menu (ngosang)
- WEBUI: Clean up JavaScript code (ngosang)
- WEBUI: Added labels support. #648 (Felipe Barriga Richards, ngosnag)
- WEBUI: Fix accessing the WebUI through IPv6 (ngosang)
- WEBUI: Change selected color to differentiate from the progressbar. (Daniel Peukert, ngosang)
- SEARCH: Add "Copy description page URL" button in search tab. Closes #2371. (pmzqla)
- SEARCH: Add https_proxy env variable. This forces Python to use the HTTP proxy for HTTPS connections. (pmzqla)
- SEARCH: Detect new plugin URL from clipboard (ngosang)
- SEARCH: Update Torrentz trackers (ngosang)
- NOX: Don't ask the user questions in nox build when in non-interactive mode. Closes #3875. (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: Fixed typos, spelling correction (dartraiden)
- OTHER: Fix need for restart to enable/disable peer countries resolution. (glassez)
- OTHER: Unload the GeoIP db when disabled. (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: Reduce max value of "Disk cache size" to 1536MB for 32bit. Closes to #4028. (Chocobo1)
- OTHER: Make "Download in sequential order" and "Download first and last piece first" options independent. (glassez)

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