Element 1.9.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Element 1.9.0 Mac

RazorSQL for Mac 是適用於 Windows,Mac OS X,MacOS,Linux 和 Solaris 的 SQL 查詢工具,數據庫瀏覽器,SQL 編輯器和數據庫管理工具。 RazorSQL 已經在 30 多個數據庫上進行了測試,可以通過 JDBC 或 ODBC 連接到數據庫,並包括對以下數據庫的支持:

Ahenhen,H2,MonetDB,Salesforce,Aurora,HSQLDB,MS SQL Server,SimpleDB,Cassandra,Informix,MySQL ,solidDB,DB2,Ingres,Netezza,SQLite,DBASE,Interbase,OpenBase,SQL Anywhere,Derby,Int.Sys。 Oracle,SQL Azure,DynamoDB,JavaDB,Paradox,Sybase(ASE),Filemaker,MariaDB,Pervasive,Sybase IQ,Firebird,Microsoft Access,PostgreSQL,Teradata,Frontbase,Mimer SQL,Redshift,Vertica,Greenplum,MongoDB.

RazorSQL for Mac 功能:


SQL Editor
編輯 SQL 腳本。運行 SQL 查詢。自動列和自動查表。使用功能強大的 EditRocket 代碼編輯器,支持 SQL,PL / SQL,TransactSQL,SQL PL,HTML,Java,XML 等 20 多種編程語言.



以各種格式導出數據,如分隔文件,XML,HTML,Excel 電子表格和 SQL 插入語句。

SQL 查詢生成器
創建選擇,插入,更新和刪除 SQL 語句。創建多表連接。    


以格式的電子表格插入,更新和刪除表格數據。查找和替換數據,預覽生成的 SQL,以及更多.

Data Compare

注意:30 天試用版.

檔案版本 Element 1.9.0
檔案名稱 Element-1.9.0-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Richardson Software
更新日期 http://www.razorsql.com/
軟體類型 2021-09-28

What's new in this version:

- Fix space keyboard shortcuts conflicting with native zoom shortcuts
- Say Joining space instead of Joining room where we know its a space
- Add warning that some spaces may not be relinked to the newly upgraded room
- Delabs Spaces, iterate some copy and move communities/space toggle to preferences
- Show "Message" in the user info panel instead of "Start chat"
- Fix space keyboard shortcuts conflicting with native zoom shortcuts- Replace plain text emoji at the end of a line
- Simplify Space Panel layout and fix some edge cases
- Show unsent message warning on Space Panel buttons
- Hide mute/unmute button in UserInfo for Spaces as it makes no sense
- Fix automatic field population in space create menu not validating
- Optimize input label transition on focus
- Adapt and re-use the RolesRoomSettingsTab for Spaces
- Deduplicate join rule management between rooms and spaces
- Add config option to turn on in-room event sending timing metrics- Improve the upgrade for restricted user experience.
- Improve tooltips on space quick actions and explore button
- Make space members and user info behave more expectedly
- hide no-op m.room.encryption events and better word param changes
- Respect m.space.parent relations if they hold valid permissions
- Space panel accessibility improvements

- Fix spacing for message composer buttons- Fix accessing field on oobData which may be undefined
- Fix reactions aria-label not being a string and thus being read as [Object object]
- Fix missing null guard in space hierarchy pagination
- Fix checks to show prompt to start new chats- Fix room list scroll jumps
- Fix various message bubble alignment issues
- Make message bubble font size consistent Contributed by robintown
- Fix edge cases around joining new room which does not belong to active space
- Fix edge case space issues around creation and initial view
- Stop spinner on space preview if the join fails
- Fix emoji picker and stickerpicker not appearing correctly when opened
- Fix autocomplete not having y-scroll
- Fix broken edge case with public space creation with no alias
- Redirect from /#/welcome to /#/home if already logged in. Contributed by aaronraimist
- Fix build issues from two conflicting PRs landing without merge conflict- Render guest settings only in public rooms/spaces. Contributed by SimonBrandner
- Fix message bubble corners being wrong in the presence of hidden events
- Debounce read marker update on scroll
- Use cursor:pointer on space panel buttons
- Fix regressed tab view buttons in space update toast1

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