REAPER for Mac 5.6.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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REAPER for Mac 5.6.0 Mac

REAPER for Mac 是一個完整的數字音頻製作應用程序,提供完整的多音軌音頻和 MIDI 錄音,編輯,處理,混音和母版工具集。 REAPER 支持廣泛的硬件,數字格式和插件,並且可以全面擴展,腳本化和修改.

REAPER 的全面靈活的功能集和著名的穩定性已經在數字音頻的使用中找到了家:商業和家庭工作室,廣播,位置錄音,教育,科學研究,音效設計,遊戲開發等等​​.

從任務關鍵型專業環境到學生筆記本電腦,都有一個版本的 REAPER,功能齊全,沒有任何人為的限制。您可以完整評估 REAPER for Mac 60 天。 REAPER 許可證價格實惠,無 DRM .

高效,快速加載和緊密編碼。可以從便攜式或網絡驅動器安裝和運行。功能強大的音頻和 MIDI 路由,支持多聲道。 64 位內部音頻處理。以幾乎任何比特深度和採樣率導入,記錄和呈現多種媒體格式。徹底的 MIDI 硬件和軟件支持。支持成千上萬的第三方插件效果和虛擬樂器,包括 VST,VST3,AU,DX 和 JS。用於處理音頻和 MIDI 的數百種工作室質量效果,以及用於創建新效果的內置工具。自動化,調製,分組,VCA,環繞聲,宏,OSC,腳本,控製表面,自定義外觀和佈局。注意:60 天試用版.

也可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 REAPER

檔案版本 REAPER for Mac 5.6.0
檔案名稱 reaper560_x86_64.dmg
檔案大小 16.5 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Cockos Incorporated
軟體類型 2017-10-25

What's new in this version:

Automation items:
- add option to disable envelope outside of automation items (automation-item-only mode)
- support preview in media explorer
- support various context menu actions from media explorer
- fix potential hang when populating submenus
- add automation item double-click mouse modifier to load saved automation item

- add display settings option to rectify peaks/waveforms
- add display settings option square-root-scale peaks

Spectral editing:
- clear spectral edit selection on item click
- separate controls for fade in/out/low/high rather than just time/frequency
- shift+drag of edge adjusts fade of that edge

- add option to always create new automation item when writing automation (always enabled in automation-item-only mode)
- change bezier curve smoothness calculation so that curves are less sensitive to changes in surrounding points (existing projects are unaffected)
- add theme color for unselected automation item
- fix activating receive envelopes from envelope dialog
- fix end point behavior of action to insert four points at time selection
- generally restrict mute envelope points to on or off state
- respect "ignore mousewheel on track panel faders" for envelope control panels
- show move guides for automation item edits
- in automation-item-only mode, chase previous automation item value on seek

- improve hardware send behavior when soloed track sending to another soloed track
- improve solo-in-place behavior for receives on folder tracks
- improve solo-in-place behavior when both sides of a send are soloed
- add option for unsoloed master/parent send when a soloed-in-place track sends to another soloed track

- fix ID collision in quick-add FX/FX chains menu
- allow VST plug-ins to override escape key, spacebar via effEditKeyDown

MIDI editor:
- add actions to navigate by channel, voice, staff
- obey mouse modifier setting to select/deselect other notes when inserting note on single click

Pitch shifter/timestretch:
- add new menu system for parameter modes
- add Rubber Band Library
- support loading extrashifter.dll/.dylib for developers

- improve behavior of fade shape setting via SetMediaItemInfo_Value() with C_FADEINSHAPE, etc
- add GetUnderrunTime() API

Take FX:
- improve handling of PDC changes
- improve handling of PDC with master playspeed envelopes

- prevent storing many duplicate empty state blocks in history
- support more efficient encoding of track configurations in history (new undo histories will not be loadable by 5.50 or earlier)

Mouse modifiers:
- fix actions to set default mouse modifiers for newly-added contexts

- move various solo/mute options to Audio, Mute/Solo tab

- optimize parameter updates

- show correct tooltip when track muted due to envelope

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