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REAPER 5.980 Mac

REAPER for Mac 是一個完整的數字音頻製作應用程序,提供完整的多音軌音頻和 MIDI 錄音,編輯,處理,混音和母版工具集。 REAPER 支持廣泛的硬件,數字格式和插件,並且可以全面擴展,腳本化和修改.

REAPER 的全面靈活的功能集和著名的穩定性已經在數字音頻的使用中找到了家:商業和家庭工作室,廣播,位置錄音,教育,科學研究,音效設計,遊戲開發等等​​.

從任務關鍵型專業環境到學生筆記本電腦,都有一個版本的 REAPER,功能齊全,沒有任何人為的限制。您可以完整評估 REAPER for Mac 60 天。 REAPER 許可證價格實惠,無 DRM .

高效,快速加載和緊密編碼。可以從便攜式或網絡驅動器安裝和運行。功能強大的音頻和 MIDI 路由,支持多聲道。 64 位內部音頻處理。以幾乎任何比特深度和採樣率導入,記錄和呈現多種媒體格式。徹底的 MIDI 硬件和軟件支持。支持成千上萬的第三方插件效果和虛擬樂器,包括 VST,VST3,AU,DX 和 JS。用於處理音頻和 MIDI 的數百種工作室質量效果,以及用於創建新效果的內置工具。自動化,調製,分組,VCA,環繞聲,宏,OSC,腳本,控製表面,自定義外觀和佈局。注意:60 天試用版.

也可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 REAPER

檔案版本 REAPER 5.980
檔案名稱 reaper5980_x86_64.dmg
檔案大小 17.45 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Cockos Incorporated
軟體類型 2019-07-12

What's new in this version:

- don't preserve relative differences between points when editing via action
- fix inconsistency when loading projects with bezier envelope points
- fix time selection edits that start at the beginning of a media item
- improve UI performance when recording send volume/pan automation

- add option to render selected tracks via master
- improve use of $item wildcard when rendering project regions
- support $item and $track wildcards when rendering selected media items via master
- when rendering selected tracks or media items via master, also render children and receives

- fix potential crash on macOS/Linux when auto-switching visible FX chain
- fix ReaTune per-take FX tail issue

- fix system Services menu
- use standard Window/Help menu ordering
- add osx_max_open_files= reaper.ini tweak

MIDI editor:
- handle converting multiple selected events between 2-byte and 3-byte messages
- support copy/pasting events between CC lanes and channel pressure lane

Mouse modifiers:
- fix preference to ignore targeting media item lower half
- improve handling of empty take lanes when targeting media item lower half

Notation editor:
- fix chasing key signature changes when displaying multiple tracks
- fix chasing clef changes when media items overlap

- do not set all media online after building peaks
- fix bug in waveform drawing with some themes and settings (5.979 regression)

- improve low-latency behavior by avoiding destroying media buffers from audio threads
- fix live FX multiprocessing issue with folder tracks causing media buffer underruns
- reduce audio device underruns when pausing

- simplify display of line numbers in IDE error messages
- improve Python compatibility with unicode strings

 -limit preset dropdown to 512 presets of each type
 -improve support for VST3 MIDI program change messages

- handle ARA state load error without interfering with extension state loading

Arrange view:
- avoid excessive redraws during some mouse edits

Jump to time:
- add support for jumping to relative time in earliest selected media item

- improve alignment of various auto-resized controls when arranged in columns

Media items:
- add optional per-item ruler display

- fix slowness when opening mixer

- fix issue with calling nudge-by-settings-slot before opening nudge window

- in frame mode, display one tick mark per frame when possible

- improve automatic button images for various Set: actions

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