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REAPER 6.01 Mac

REAPER for Mac 是一個完整的數字音頻製作應用程序,提供完整的多音軌音頻和 MIDI 錄音,編輯,處理,混音和母版工具集。 REAPER 支持廣泛的硬件,數字格式和插件,並且可以全面擴展,腳本化和修改.

REAPER 的全面靈活的功能集和著名的穩定性已經在數字音頻的使用中找到了家:商業和家庭工作室,廣播,位置錄音,教育,科學研究,音效設計,遊戲開發等等​​.

從任務關鍵型專業環境到學生筆記本電腦,都有一個版本的 REAPER,功能齊全,沒有任何人為的限制。您可以完整評估 REAPER for Mac 60 天。 REAPER 許可證價格實惠,無 DRM .

高效,快速加載和緊密編碼。可以從便攜式或網絡驅動器安裝和運行。功能強大的音頻和 MIDI 路由,支持多聲道。 64 位內部音頻處理。以幾乎任何比特深度和採樣率導入,記錄和呈現多種媒體格式。徹底的 MIDI 硬件和軟件支持。支持成千上萬的第三方插件效果和虛擬樂器,包括 VST,VST3,AU,DX 和 JS。用於處理音頻和 MIDI 的數百種工作室質量效果,以及用於創建新效果的內置工具。自動化,調製,分組,VCA,環繞聲,宏,OSC,腳本,控製表面,自定義外觀和佈局。注意:60 天試用版.

也可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 REAPER

檔案版本 REAPER 6.01
檔案名稱 reaper601_x86_64.dmg
檔案大小 18.51 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Cockos Incorporated
軟體類型 2019-12-08

What's new in this version:

- Accessibility: fix Windows IAccessible support for TCP/MCP
- Accessibility: fix alt-key to access menus/close app from TCP/MCP
- Accessibility: add action to view routing and I/O for master track
- Arrange: optimize drawing of offline/forced offline text on small items
- MIDI editor: fix macOS Metal Retina rendering glitch when nav lane is visible and resized
- MIDI editor: support CC envelopes for CC64
- MIDI playback: fix CC interpolation in certain cases
- Media items: fix issues with very fast vertical mouse-moves of items on multiple tracks
- Mixer: fix mouse-away detection
- Mixer: fix very-large-size display bug
- ReaScript IDE: add checkbox to disable state watchlist
- ReaScript IDE: do not run watch window continuously after script has stopped running
- ReaScript IDE: reduce watch update frequency
- ReaScript: support get/setting media item auto-stretch timebase
- ReaSurround: improve multimonitor HiDPI issues on Windows
- ReaVerb: enable ZL/LL by default for better low-latency performance
- Theme: fix slight incorrect meter expansion
- Tooltips: improve item volume tooltip at very low values

MIDI editor:
- display and edit CC/velocity as dots and lines, CCs as linear and curved envelopes, similar to track envelopes
- add note-type buttons to default toolbar
- add option to display note length in velocity lane
- add option to move bank/program change events with notes
- add preference to automatically reduce CC events when drawing
- combine note properties and event properties into one modeless dialog
- add mouse modifiers to reset CC/velocity to default values
- make default CC event and CC lane mouse modifiers more like default envelope behaviors
- repopulate raw MIDI data display window when switching active media item

- new Default 6.0 theme with theme adjuster script allowing for extensive customization of the new default theme
- layout DPI translation for HiDPI/Retina displays
- apply main window size area theme element only on mouseover
- improve theme rendering appearance when using custom UI scaling
- apply advanced preference UI scaling changes immediately
- replace tcp.dragdropchild with tcp.dragdropinfo [indent_sibling_track indent_child_track]
- add additional 8 WALTER font slots
- add support for midi_score_colormap, in addition to midi_note_colormap

Media items:
- add new "Beats (auto-stretch at tempo changes)" timebase
- add action to add stretch markers at project tempo changes
- add action to recalculate automatic stretch markers at project tempo changes
- add action to convert embedded source media transient information to transient guides
- optionally create transient guides on import for media with embedded transient information
- support calculating playback rate from user-supplied tempo or length in beats
- when copy/pasting items with stretch markers, preserve the original play rate

- add MIDI_GetCCShape, MIDI_SetCCShape
- add support for CC shapes to MIDI_Get(Set)AllEvts
- add support for setting track playback offset value and attributes
- add support for user-defined note and track notation data that is not displayed
- fix setting MIDI meta-messages via API
- add reduce_open_files() utility function for users running up against open file handle limitations

- allow embedding some plug-in UIs into track and mixer control panels
- support embedding UIs for ReaEQ, ReaXComp, ReaComp, ReaSurround, and graphical JSFX
- add preference to display FX list on right side of FX chain window
- add preference to display add/delete buttons above list in FX chain window

- Retina display arrange, ruler, MIDI editor, etc.
- use Metal display output on 10.11+ for various windows
- add options in Preferences/General/Advanced to disable Retina support, disable Retina for non-Retina theme elements
- support REX files on macOS Catalina
- work around appearance issues when user forces dark mode rendering for app (requires Metal to be enabled)

- include all options in "options and format" render presets
- optionally embed transient information into WAV or AIFF files
- support embedding tempo into AIFF files
- support rendering only selected regions in an existing region render matrix
- when enabled, embed exact tempo of rendered item/time

- enable Live FX multiprocessing by default
- enable track record monitoring on new tracks by default
- set volume envelopes to fader scaling by default

Dynamic split:
- add preset support
- overhaul and improvements to algorithm and gate handling
- retain settings after canceling the window

Media import:
- properly adjust length of imported media with embedded tempo when crossing project tempo changes
- support adjusting media based on tempo suggested by filename

Mouse modifiers:
- add double-click behaviors to reset CC value, curvature, edit properties
- add preference to draw/edit CC events immediately on mouse click

- auto-detect up to 128 threads
- increase anticipative FX hard limit to 128 threads, live FX hard limit to 64 threads
- remove old 4.x scheduler mode, non-event synchronization modes

- improve performance and reduce system resource consumption with large track counts
- add option in disk settings to periodically close excess open files
- add option to read peaks files under a certain size completely to RAM (to reduce open file count)

- added SSE2-optimized sinc calculation (from Theo Niessink)
- optimize and greatly improve quality of resampling for conversion between common rates

- actions to switch last focused toolbar will default to switching main toolbar
- improve HiDPI/Retina support (toolbar_icons/ can have 150/ and 200/ subdirs)

- support positive or negative playback time offset without affecting PDC
- add action to bypass track playback offset
- add user preference for max MIDI playback speed to catch up to negative track playback offset

- handle WAV and AIFF (Apple Loops) files containing transient information similarly to REX files

Main window:
- support positioning track control panels on right side of arrange

- very lightly refresh main file/edit/view/insert menus

Modal windows:
- remember window positions (configurable option in preferences/general/advanced to tweak behavior)

Notation editor:
- support customized staff and note context menus

- add context menu mode configuration

- add option to ignore all embedded slice and tempo information

- add track wiring view

- support plugins that export MIDI note names

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